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Face of the (other) Day..

Summer Model Face Urban Decay

 This was my “face of the day” the other day. Not today, not yesterday, but just on “a” day. “The” day. What a silly term this “face of the day” is! If I was talking about my true “face of the day” it would probably be brows furrowed and squinting eyes as I try for the thirtieth time to read an email on my tiny iPhone screen.

I digress. I used the above photograph as a starting point for my latest makeup video – I haven’t recreated the look exactly, but I’ve used the same Urban Decay shadow palette and BB Cream (details below the video pane). The makeup, I think, looks much nicer in natural light – I really think that I’m going to start changing the way I film my videos! It’s all a bit…well…beige at the moment.

I’ll go into more detail about BB Creams soon – for me, the jury’s still out on them to be quite honest. I like this one from Too Faced, but I’m not sure whether I like it any better than my usual tinted moisturisers!

Urban Decay Shadows in Walk of Shame, X and Snakebite: http://tidd.ly/ea28bef5

Build-your-own palette, including “Walk of Shame”: http://tidd.ly/1cf436cf

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder: http://tidd.ly/453a8b97

Stageline “Glow Up” Gloss: http://www.stageline.co.uk

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara: http://tidd.ly/4a00763e

Tom Ford Eyeliner

Too-Faced BB Cream: http://tidd.ly/4b61b3a3

Nail Polish is from Butter London, shade is Lillibet’s Jubilee: http://tinyurl.com/bulw3fu

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  1. LOVE this look Ruth–the hair and makeup and everything (but especially your hair. It’s so shiny and bouncy and pretty–pretty much everything that my hair isn’t). The makeup is really nice and neutral and highlights your natural beauty.

  2. Liza Hamilton-Smith

    Loved it!! Have you tried the smashbox bb cream?? I am wondering which one (too faced or smashbox)gives you a nicer dewy finish

    • Oooh, no! I didn’t know that they had one! xx

      • Liza Hamilton-Smith

        Yes it is new! If you happen to try it I would love to hear your comments and preference! I tried already and the MA just looked at me thinking I must be insane with half my face with one bb cream and half my face the other ( it was quite funny actually) anyway I couldn’t decide which one gives you a nicer glow

  3. I use ‘the other day’ to mean anything from ‘the day before yesterday’ to ‘two and a half years ago’. Useful phrase, that.

  4. Loved the look, love urban decay shadows! This palette is such a good idea!
    I’ve finally found two good BB creams that are good for paler skin, cliniques BB cream SPF 30, now available fom Boots online only though I think, lots of shades to choose from, very nice, and my most reacent find Ultimate BB Cream SPF25 by Iroisie, really nice, fab coveredge and lovely dewy finish on skin, abit pricy though at £29.90 for only 15ml, but it’s ingredients are superb lots of botanicals etc, I think you’d like it Ruth.
    Really looking foreward to your thoughts on BB creams :-) Xx

  5. been eye-ing up the too faced take on BB cream.. like to now your verdict on that :) i like this down to earth beauty look on you.. suits you sir ( err sorry madam )

    Priya x

  6. you should try the Omorovicza BB cream. it’s very light, does’t look you have any make up on, but the skin looks glowy and not oily at all. Doesnt clog my pores either(wich is pecular, as my pores get clogged even with water almost lol).

    i would love to see an updated summer skincare routine, where u might explain whether or not you still use glicolic, and if yes how do you handle protection and eventual weekends at the seaside…

  7. I tried Clinque’s BB cream today and so far I’m luving it. Of course it is the first BB cream I’ve ever tries but I do believe it is a step up from my normal tinted moisturizer. :)

  8. Such a pretty floral top (or jacket?) you’re wearing in the first photo – could you link please?? x

  9. right, I’ll have to track this down … even if it means getting lost in the forever21 website for, well, forever. x

  10. I love the way you do your makeup you make it seem so simple wow!!!


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