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Bedside Beauty Snapshot: Cornwall, June 2012

The second “Bedside Beauty” snapshot: this time I’m at a hotel in Bude, Cornwall. Obviously this isn’t everything that I took with me, it’s an edit of my most favoured and most notable products. Ready for the run-down?

1) Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser. I have mentioned this cleanser so many times that I feel like singing “If you don’t know me by no-ow, you will never ever ever know me, oooh oo-oo-oo-ooooh…” It’s a brilliant all-purpose wash-off cleanser that suits just about everyone. Cleanses the whole face, doesn’t sting the eyes and doesn’t leave the skin tight or dried-out. Find it here.

2) Chanel Blush Horizon. Cute styling that makes me feel summery even when it’s grey and blustery outside. Which it was. An easy, one-size-fits-all kind of colour. It’s £46 from Selfridges.com

3) Dermalogica Multi-vitamin Power Recovery Mask. One of my first ever reviews on here was of this mask – it’s truly an old favourite! If you want to read the review then you can open it in a new window here. It’s just great for tired, hungover, worn-out skin. £28-ish instead of the RRP of £33-ish, with free delivery at LookFantastic.com

4) Dior Nail Polish in Incognito – one of my current favourites, A posh, purplish nude. If there’s ever a video and you wonder what I’m wearing on my nails, it’s usually this. £17.15 from Escentual.com (Original review and post here.)

5) Estée Lauder Time Zone SPF15. I’m testing a tiny pot of this. It doesn’t blow my mind, but it seems to be a good, solid moisturiser with adequate SPF. I’ll do a full review if anything earth-shattering happens! More info here: HouseofFraser.co.uk

6) Givenchy Blush Brush. I think that the new Givenchy brushes are very cool. Black matte handles and beautiful soft bristles that are densely packed to make for really effective buffing-in! £27 from Debenhams.com 

7) Pixi Eye Makeup Remover – this is excellent. Very, very quick and easy and removes really stubborn mascara It’s not “out” yet, I don’t think, so I’ll keep you informed as to the release date!

8) Institut Esthederm UV InCellium. I said that I’d do a full review of this water spray, and I will. But for now let me tell you that it is a thing of great beauty and convenience – a UV spray that can be worn under or over makeup, that you simply spray onto the face for a degree of protection from the sun’s rays. It’s not full-on protection, so you wouldn’t wear it to trek the Himalayas, but it’s enough for everyday wear. It’s just genius. If you ever were bothered about the whole SPF issue and how to reapply it when you’re wearing makeup, then you might want to look into this more! FeelUnique.com

9) StriVectin SD Eye Cream: see here for a full review.

10) Escentric Molecules: Molecule 01: my favourite fragrance of all time, I think. Read all about it here: Molecule 01

11) ByTerry Cover Expert Foundation. Simply one of the best, best, BEST foundations. I will repurchase this until stocks run dry, then I will weep. See my Dior Bronzer post for pics of the foundation at work: Nude Tan post

12) Finally, the Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine, a powder that gives a light and healthy glow to the skin. It looks almost like an antique gold shade rather than a bronze, it’s perfect for shaping and contouring, or if you use a very large powder brush you can lightly sweep all over for a sunkissed finish. It’s £32.50 from Debenhams.com

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  1. konstantinasamara@gmail.com

    Ahhh Ruth this is not Beaty related but I had to comment!!! I moved to Bude 4 weeks ago, I love your blog and reviews! I have been following you for 9 months and have missed lots of latest posts due to the move!looking forward catching up though! Anyway I just wanted to say xxx

  2. Love these little ‘snapshots’ of goodies – it’s like six posts for the price of one!!

    I was reading one of your older posts last night about the ‘Glossy Box’ and how thrilled you were with your first one (it had a Nars blusher in it), you were wondering if they would be able to keep that level of quality up each month. Well? Have they? Have you carried on with your subscription? I am thinking about subscribing myself, but would like to know if it’s worth it or not.

    Many Thanks

    Lisa F x

    • Oh, I got VERY bored of all these subscription boxes. I do think they’ve all kept up a good level of quality, but I just don’t need any more random things! If you’re looking for lesser-known brands then JolieBox is doing a good job of introducing those.. x

  3. I love theses kind of posts. I loved alpha h balancing cleanser so much im on the fence of buying the 500 ml bottle now.
    Btw have u tried the clarins hydraquench lotion spf15? my skin is prone to breakouts and heavy moisturizers break me out. Thought u might have an opinion on the clarins one.

    • Haven’t tried this one! Sounds lovely – I’ll look it up! x

    • Hi, sorry I just read your comment and noticed that your skin sounds like mine and I have to avoid heavy creams, but my skin gets easily dehydrated and feels tight if I don’t use anything.
      Anyway, check out Darphin’s Hydraskin light, it’s a cream/gel. It’s lovely. S x

  4. Such amazing picks–I want it all! I especially want to try that Dermalogica mask. I remember your review on that and I was meaning to get it, but I sort of forgot :P Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hi Ruth, Was just wondering which you would recommend more the By Terry Cover Expert or Sheer Expert? I’m thinking about purchasing and just can’t decide! Thank you! xx

  6. Hello Ruth,
    Thanks for your amazing posts and sharing your beauty knowledge with us I cannot tell how greatful I am everytime I see your posts I get so so soo happy!
    My question is I have freckles and I want to cover them but when I do this I need a good coverage foundation and then my skin looks like plastic or too much make up make up. Do you recommend I use creme Embryolise underneath? My skin is dry most of time time but when I put on creme it sweats..Can you recommend what to do with my awful situation? I will be so happy waiting your response!

    • Which foundation are you using? xx

      • I am using Estee Lauder longwear but it doesnt give me a dewy look. I also bought an illuminator base underneath but still I dont have that healthy dewy glow. I am 23 but with the coverage foundation I look like a mature woamn :( Do you recommend creme embryolisse underneath. My skin is dry I am using Darphin’s moisturizing cream it does moisturize good but doesnt give me a healthy radiant dewy look.. I am so desperate about looking like that. I wish I had an oily skin sometimes.

        • The longwear will probably never look “dewy” because it’s a heavy, full coverage base. Doesn’t matter what you put underneath, still won’t shine. ALTHOUGH, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer is pretty high-wattage! You could give that a go… The ByTerry Sheer-Expert is amazing for a dewy glow, as is the Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted M xx

  7. I want to get a dewy look but also I want the coverage too? Do I need a change with my foundation? Or a product underneath?

  8. Hi Ruth, would you recommend the ByTerry for oily spot prone skin?

  9. Hello,
    which of the three shades of the Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine do you own?Thank you.

  10. I’m not a fan of either Dermalogica or Estee Lauder, but I am seriously lusting over that Chanel blusher compact and the Givenchy brush! By the way, I looked up the B&B you stayed at in Cornwall. Very nice!

    Ali x

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