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The Difference Between Men and Women.

A Model Recommends Ruth Crilly

 This is my beside table at the hotel we stayed in last weekend. I haven’t checked this photo extensively, so I’m hoping that there’s nothing weird/rude/untoward going on. I’m pretty sure that I left the bondage gear and nipple tassles at home… But just take note of the amount of different things I have managed to cram onto such a small table – water, tissues, a whole makeup bag, headache tablets, powders, hairbrush, perfume….

And then take a look at Mr AMR’s side table:

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  1. I absolutely love your humor(: xx
    I think I also left my nipple tassels at home once, oh the horror! Haha, i quite enjoyed this post. Probably more than I should have. :D

  2. Oh my god. Thank you so much for the 8 AM laugh.

  3. The amount of effort we ladies go through, just to look presentable. Sigh. Men are definitely luckier than us in this department.

  4. My husbands bedside table resembles that, except he would also have packet of twiglets or pork scratchings for urgent, healthy conscious midnight snacking

  5. Haha, hilarious! Exactly, women across the land will be nodding in agreement!
    This is pretty much what my dressing table looks like ( but more products and more messy!) by Monday even though it has a tidy up and I put everything away every Sunday lol!
    My hubbie would ( and has in the past) wash his face and whole body in fairy liquid if given half a chance lol! Bless him!

  6. I get no end of dirty looks about the size and weight of “our” toiletries bag whenever we travel :-S
    At home…he has a small bedside cabinet that’s surface looks like your husbands…
    I…on the other hand,have the entire top of a rather large chest of drawers…and all the bathroom cabinet…
    and the bottom drawer of said chest of drawers…but that one’s a secret…shhh!
    I wish there were tiny miniatures of every single product!

  7. Oh, but we need much more stuff!

  8. Oh my goodness, that does look extremely familiar! Do I dare say that that looks like my dressing table at home on a regular basis? I can just pile up so much at a time, let alone at a hotel! I spot some very similar items on your table like I have on mine such as the Dior bronzer, Dior lipstick, headache pills and water and cotton buds… oh the list goes on! On my husband’s side I only see his watch and the telephone charger… It must be some skills that us ladies “acquire”!

  9. Love it :D
    It’s almost eerie!

  10. There really is a huge difference. Its hilarious. Does heever ask about ‘all’ your stuff?

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