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A Model Recommends Ruth Crilly

 This is my beside table at the hotel we stayed in last weekend. I haven’t checked this photo extensively, so I’m hoping that there’s nothing weird/rude/untoward going on. I’m pretty sure that I left the bondage gear and nipple tassles at home… But just take note of the amount of different things I have managed to cram onto such a small table – water, tissues, a whole makeup bag, headache tablets, powders, hairbrush, perfume….

And then take a look at Mr AMR’s side table:


  1. Ha ha! What is that white thing on Mystery AMR’s side?

  2. Hilarious, Ruth! …and so true! “All of this” doesn’t just happen by itself! :) Love it! XO

  3. Ah yes I have a bureau in my “office” for my “office things”, which is (secretly) completely stacked with containers of cosmetics. There is a book on top of the bureau however (the perfect crime!).

  4. haha, that’s always the case!

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  5. Oh my goodness, this is so funny! Your bedside table resembles mine in my house and in a hotel room.

  6. Haha I love it! Hilarious! It’s all the more funny since you’ve let the last picture speaking for itself ;)

  7. Ruth :D Made me laugh! Are you ever going to tell us anything about Mr AMR? Is he a “normal” bloke or is he someone known like you? I’ve been following your e-mails and blog practically ever since you started and I think you’re doing a great job! Maybe I won’t be buying a swimsuit from net a porter (more from the likes of h&m) but it’s always cool to read about such beautiful places, hotels, clothes, skin care etc that I can’t afford you know, just to see what’s out there. Maybe in 10 years… I’m 26 now, my girl is going to kindergarten in September so hopefully I’ll be able to get a job finally and start pampering myself a little. Anyway. Thanks! :)

    • It’s not that Mr AMR is “secret” so to speak, but he works with lots of celebrities and very famous people, and it’s just easier to keep him separate! Maybe one day I’ll force him to appear in a video!!!! x

  8. Thank you for making me feel better about my nightstand, especially compared to my husband’s! He thinks I’m alone in putting so many things next to me in bed…and I keep telling him that it’s normal. LOL! Validation from you and your readers are so sweet!
    And yes, Maria, always a book or two, WITH the kindle! :)

  9. Perfect!! And so true. My husband and I each have our own bathrooms where we keep our respective products. Mine is so full (overflowing) and his so empty that I have begun storing some of my stuff in his cabinets :)

  10. That’s very funny
    Although my poor partner does not even own a bed side table as it never even crossed my mind that he might need one
    A touch megan I’m thinking
    But maybe true !! X

  11. Ruth I love your messy side table!! lol at the fanta can, such a massive difference:D

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