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“A Model Recommends: Exclusive” Page, Issue 1

**UPDATE: all of those worrying that they haven’t had a newsletter yet, it’s on its way! Because I’m a div, I scheduled THIS post for before the newsletter sent and so it’s sent you all into a panic! I won’t publish all of your comments about not getting it because they will clog up the page but I am so glad you’re all looking forward to it! xxx**

This page is for members of A Model Recommends: Exclusive to leave their comments and feedback on the first newsletter that went out this morning. I sincerely hope that you all liked it – sorry it was so late, I shall be far more organised for the next one! It’s quite difficult producing content for so many different things, but I have to say that I GREATLY enjoyed putting together the newsletter. It’s basically a page of my thoughts and projects – a Ruth Scrapbook!

Fire away with feedback, if you like – things you’d want to see in the next one, or regular features, anything you want to say. If you’re reading this and feeling left out, you can sign up to A Model Recommends: Exclusive by clicking through to the

sign-up page. 



  1. Bah humbug, and here I was thinking the Exclusive WAS the daily fix. *rubs paws together* Can’t wait for my first gander of the real exclusive!

  2. Loved receiving the newsletter. Your videos are always excellent, and I enjoyed seeing Mr. Bear. xo

  3. Hi Ruth, loving the exclusive newsletter – I don’t know how you find the time! Quick question about the 30DS: how much space does it require? I have a great Tracy Anderson DVD but you practically need a ballroom to do it in – well, unless you want to impale yourself on household furniture. Is there much side to side movement in the 30DS? Thanks, Mxox

    • I do it in the space in front of my sofa with the coffee table pushed forward! All cardio is “on the spot”, so biggest move is the lunge, or sit-up! x

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