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“A Model Recommends: Exclusive” Page, Issue 1

**UPDATE: all of those worrying that they haven’t had a newsletter yet, it’s on its way! Because I’m a div, I scheduled THIS post for before the newsletter sent and so it’s sent you all into a panic! I won’t publish all of your comments about not getting it because they will clog up the page but I am so glad you’re all looking forward to it! xxx**

This page is for members of A Model Recommends: Exclusive to leave their comments and feedback on the first newsletter that went out this morning. I sincerely hope that you all liked it – sorry it was so late, I shall be far more organised for the next one! It’s quite difficult producing content for so many different things, but I have to say that I GREATLY enjoyed putting together the newsletter. It’s basically a page of my thoughts and projects – a Ruth Scrapbook!

Fire away with feedback, if you like – things you’d want to see in the next one, or regular features, anything you want to say. If you’re reading this and feeling left out, you can sign up to A Model Recommends: Exclusive by clicking through to the

sign-up page. 


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  1. Hi Ruth, I am signed up but there is no newsletter for me, cant sign up again as my email is already signed up… Can you maybe check this for me? Thanks, have been looking foreard to this… Lots of love

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Just read the newsletter and I think it’s wonderful! I’ve always enjoyed your writing and so that combined with a little exclusivity makes it a winner in my book. I look forward to Autumn! :) x

  3. Great first newsletter from you! Loving the vids and posts, keep up the good work :-) xxx

  4. Oh dear!
    i love love love your videos. I learned so much about makeup and taking care of myself…i feel so much more confindent!because I was grown in a family, where “Real Woman dont wear makeup, they have to work!and no time for that!” (make a stiff face saying this)
    so i am glad you told me some little tricks and ways. :-)
    You are great! Down to earth, honest, really you… i dont know! My favourite blogger!
    Keep on going! :-)
    Oh, and as a recommondation: Do you have an essential wardrobe, that is different to all the others? (Black pencil skirt, white blouse, lbd….Yawn…) i mean, something like…”i would die without my leather jacket?” you know?
    Thanks! And have a great day! Because you already made mine great! :-)

    • That’s a great idea, actually! I have shied away from wardrobe posts because there’s just too much to go through, but an essentials…. nice! x

  5. I got mine!!! I like it :) Was reading the Shred-piece- I did look into the dvd’s like 3 weeks ago- so funny we had the same ideas. I used to be gym person- it got boring and same-y. good luck xoxo

  6. Wooo so cool you’re doing the 30DS too! I’m just about to finish my first ever 30 day session and I really enjoyed it, started with a fitness level close to zero but now I can do the harder versions of the moves without dying! For me not so much weightloss, but some muscle and definition gained! I really recommend Jillian’s other workouts too, they are quite the challenge, and the way those three in them “abuse” eachother verbally is just hilarious!
    Have fun and keep on shredding! :)

  7. I’ve received mine and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Re: working out – I’m a complete gymophobic so tried the whole ‘working out at home’ thing with very little success. The reason being is that my 35kg American Bulldog rescue thinks its the best time to try and play with me and completely get under my feet whilst I’m trying to mimic Davina’s moves and get my groove on!

    The result? I don’t work out with the aid of a DVD but instead, let my beautiful big girl run me ragged.

    Also, I’ll be purchasing Gok Wan’s cook book too. My fella has a complete man crush on the bloke – plus he might knock up some new tasty dishes, if I’m lucky.

  8. Hi Ruth!

    I got it! Yay! Congrats on an excellent first “Exclusive” newsletter, love it! I am going to do the “Shred” for sure… :)) Alessandra

  9. Hi!
    I love Issue 1 of AMR exclusive newsletter! Keep them coming. I always love to know what skin care you are excited about, I think your skin looks amazing all the time so I put my trust in your recommendations.
    Also, will you show us before/after pictures for the Shred? Or at least after? I am really curious to find out if 30 days can make a dramatic difference.
    Love this, have I said that already?! :)

  10. Oh, and how could I forget to mention the lovely Mr Bear? I say feature him in every issue. Yes, more Mr Bear, more!

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