Sales Shopping Continues…

Due to a little scheduling error, all of my weekend posts got published yesterday! God Dammit! So I have had to move forward next week’s posts and shuffle it all around a bit. Please do scroll back and have a look at last week’s posts to make sure you didn’t miss any – there’s a Monthly Favourites, a new whopping great fragrance post (All Things Jasmine) and a little “aside” about the differences between men and women. Oh, and a Laura Mercier Primer review. Blimey.

I have been (almost constantly) sales shopping. I have at least two windows open in my browser, checking on all of my usual haunts (Monica & Joe, Net-a-Porter, Donna Ida, ASOS!) and every time I’ve been to town I’ve popped into little places here and there – Office, Liberty, Topshop, Selfridges. Funny thing is, I’ve bought absolutely NOTHING in store, and everything online! I love being able to search by size and then order all of the results by price or brand or what have you – it’s so much more enjoyable than scrumming through the rails with some old bat trying to elbow you in the ribs!

You can see what I got from Monica & Joe in last week’s post, but I have been back since and the prices have dropped even lower. There are some absolute bargains! I have a few things in the basket – AGAIN. I’ve bought some Paige Verdugo jeans from Donna Ida, but they weren’t in the sale. I just desperately needed new jeans! Next mission is to find a gorgeous new bikini – there are loads on Net-a-Porter at a very good price, but I just can’t decide on which to go for! Maybe I’ll do a post and put it to a vote..

Here’s the vlog I made yesterday – if you’re a nosy-parker then you’ll love the glimpse into my extremely messy office!

Monica & Joe Sale:

My Monica & Joe Style Post:

Net-a-Porter Sale:

Donna Ida Sale:


  1. Wheres the top that youre wearing in the video from? Loveit! Really liking your vids btw I only found your site today, like your style! Def following x

  2. Can you do an anti-haul video like they dis in YT?

  3. really love that blouse–so cute!

  4. I know no matter I say it wouldnt count but I just want to THANK A LOT to Ruth for her great effort and work while she is doing other jobs and has a personal private life but she is putting a lot into this job and I sometimes feel selfish checking her website all the time if she had posted something or not and wanting more and more videos and cant wait for it. She is also answering a lot of our comments both on youtube and here. We can just say Ruth is fantastic and deserves the best for everything! (sorry for my bad english.)

    • Well THANK YOU Veronica! Haha, I feel as though I should make some kind of speech! Can I thank my cat? xx

  5. I love this look!! It’s so summery and fresh x

  6. How funny! I just bought a blue blouse yesterday and it looks like your red one. Great minds!

  7. Oh I agree: Actual physical sales shopping with clothes that have gone all grubby from being thrown around and people pushing you around is a nightmare. But online sales shopping, now that’s a whole different story!

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