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Bedside Beauty Snapshot: Cornwall, June 2012

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The second “Bedside Beauty” snapshot: this time I’m at a hotel in Bude, Cornwall. Obviously this isn’t everything that I took with me, it’s an edit of my most favoured and most notable products. Ready for the run-down? 1) Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser. I have mentioned this cleanser so many times that I feel like singing “If you [...]


Neom Giveaway: Feel Amazing Treats! *CLOSED*

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**UPDATE: randomised winner of the NEOM set is Ella Kohn! Well done Ella, thank you (all of you) for grovelling at my feet. I’m still laughing about it…** NEOM Luxury Organics have launched a gorgeous new range for soon-to-be Mums. The Feel Amazing treats set contains three products from the aptly-named Cocooning range; a smart travel candle, a beautifully [...]

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Face of the (other) Day..

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 This was my “face of the day” the other day. Not today, not yesterday, but just on “a” day. “The” day. What a silly term this “face of the day” is! If I was talking about my true “face of the day” it would probably be brows furrowed and squinting eyes as I try for [...]

Butter London Nail Polish Lillibet's Jubilee

Butter London Nail Polish Lillibet’s Jubilee

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Lots of people asking about the polish that I’m wearing in the Teen Skincare Guide video; it’s Lillibet’s Jubilee from Butter London. Not a shade I would usually go for, admittedly, but I wanted to jazz up my very boring outfit that day! The silvery polish (no real trace of lilac, though it looks lilac [...]

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Urban Decay Build-Your-Own Palette

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I love the idea behind this palette. It’s not the sleekest thing in the world, but it allows you to take your favourite Urban Decay shades and create your own bespoke eyeshadow selection. Yes you could just keep the shadows separate, but there’s definitely an element of convenience to having them all in the same place. The [...]

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The L’Eau-down on Colognes

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See what I did there? With the title? The “l’eau-down”? Get it? Let me just dodge the huge tumbleweed that’s rolling towards me and then I’ll get on with the post. Colognes! What does that word make you think of? Beautiful orange and lemon groves and crumbling old villas next to the mediterranean? Or a [...]

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Wet and Windy Weekend Vlog!

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It was very wet and windy in Cornwall on Saturday and so I recorded a little “outfit of the day” video. Mostly because I was trying to prolong the amount of time I could spend indoors – it was blowing an absolute gale outside! More outfit details can be found in the info below the video pane, [...]