Babyliss Rollers

Babyliss Rollers – Amazing Hair!

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I shot a video with Babyliss recently, showing how to use their heated rollers. The results were incredible! I did have some help from a hair stylist (Bev C), but still. I reckon I can replicate this look at home! I have had these Babyliss rollers for years -I bought them in the Boots on [...]

blacksmith membership

Holiday Perks for Everyone!

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I have mentioned the Mr & Mrs Smith Blacksmith membership before, but I wanted to do a quick recap. My Silversmith membership is up for renewal and I was just doing a little stock-take of what I will get for my £40 renewal fee. Quite a lot, as it happens! Relatively large discounts at luxury [...]

A Model Recommends

Three Easy (but amazing) Makeup Looks!

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I have made a Lancome makeup video using some of their latest eye products – the Hypnose Star mascara, which is an all-singing all-dancing lash-building lash-separating mascara, and the Liner Plume, a cool little felt-tip-pen-style eyeliner. (Could I have actually used any more hyphens in that sentence?) I spent quite a few weeks practising the [...]

Champneys Tring

Champneys Tring in the Sunshine!

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I returned to Champneys Tring last weekend, just as the sun was coming out. Look at the lovely outdoor pool area – I hadn’t even noticed that when I came before! The last time I stayed I was filming some videos (you can see those posts here) and it was wintery and fr-fr-fr-freezing. I was in one [...]

institut esthederm miniatures

Sunday Tittle Tattle

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1) I know I said that I wouldn’t really mention beauty subscription boxes again – until something new happened, at least – but I was delighted to see that JolieBox had managed to get some Institut Esthederm samples included. I really do think think that Institut Esthederm make some of the best suncare going – [...]

Ruth Crilly Feet

Miss Merx’s Mobile Nails

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Last week I had my nails done AT HOME by Miss Merx. What a treat to have your nails done in the privacy of your own home! I don’t really like sitting in a salon with my feet in a washing-up bowl and quite honestly, I rarely have the time to spare to go anyway. [...]

docteur renaud bb cream

Docteur Renaud Five Vegetable Facial and Apricot BB Cream

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You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to keep a straight face when someone offers you a “five vegetable experience”. Especially when you’re lying on a treatment bed, trousers and top removed, draped in fluffy towels. But keep a straight face I did, even when I was offered my “Happy Welcome Massage”. There was me [...]

mama mio products

The Skin Test

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Last week I undertook Mama Mio’s “Skin Fit” Test which asks a series of questions about your skin, your body, your likes and dislikes. As you probably know by now, I love filling in forms and answering questions, so I was in my element! I was also forced to take stock of my overall skin [...]