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Estée Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer: Godsend

Special mention of the summer so far has to go to Estée Lauder’s Matte Perfecting Primer, which seems to be able to keep even the worst cases of shine-overload at bay. On a recent job, under very hot lights, it was the only thing that managed to make my skin look good – better even, than a top dusting of powder. My skin was so shiny, pre-primer, that I had to take off all my makeup and start again! As soon as I put the primer on, my skin was matte without looking powdery or dull, and my foundation applied smoothly and easily over the top.

I do find that repeatedly powdering my face can turn it into something resembling half-baked flaky pastry, so I much prefer mattifying my skin at an earlier stage. I have no idea how this primer works, just that it does. And well. This will now be a permanent fixture in my emergency kit – along with the Double Wear Concealer that I have trusted for so long!

Estée Lauder Matte Primer, £21.50 from HouseofFraser.co.uk

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  1. “…repeatedly powdering my face can turn it into something resembling half-baked flaky pastry…”

    And this is why i recommend reading amodelrecommends, such humor really makes my day!

  2. This post, a godsend! I was JUST about to ask you your tips for anti-shine summer products. I might go out and buy this today already :)

  3. Thanks for this recommendation Ruth, it sounds great. I will definintely be purchasing it, especially after the humidity last Thursday – my makeup was practically sliding off my face, not a good look!

  4. Wow, theway ou describe it, it really seems worthy… Great, now I have to get it, haha!

  5. I HAVE to try this. I am still on the hunt for the perfect summer primer/primer to wear to my sisters wedding. This looks promising–hopefully it will work just as well on my oily skin as it did for you!

  6. Love in a mist

    Crikey now I’m in a dilemma, this one or the Laura M one, flippin’ heck ! Xxx

  7. Wow thanks for this post! I was really on the lookout for a good primer! My sisters getting married soon so I definitely need something to keep the shine at bay! X

  8. Just wondering if you’ve tried the Lorael studio secrets mattifying primer?, I tried the tester on my hand in superdrug today, and its actually made me go Ooooo,as it felt really silky and dried matt but I didnt buy it as I was worried it contained silicones,I didnt know what any of the ingredients were and it got me thinking I wonder if you might let us know what ingredients to avoid in skincare, if you know of any?

    • I don’t mind silicones too much in my skincare, so long as the formula is good and proper. Problem is that ingredients get picked out as being “bad” and then everyone thinks they’re bad no matter what form they appear in! xx

    • Love in a mist

      I use the loreal studio primer, have done for about 6mths, and I find it to be very good, keeps foundation on very well, I’ve had no problems with it at all on my skin, really good travelling size, as it’s a small pot, don’t use it every day but it’s a good back up, I’d recommend it :-)

    • I tried that primer and it does nothing to mattify your skin! Don’t waste your money on it!

      • Love in a mist

        The one I have is the one in the glass pot the smoothing resurfacing primer, there is another one in a plastic tube with a pump that’s for mattyfying but I’ve not tried it so don’t know if it works or not.
        The resurfacing one is great at really giving a smooth soft feeling base but yes it’s not massively mattyfying on the skin But then again it’s not claiming it does lol! Xx

  9. This sounds so awesome! <3 love it hehe

  10. Heya Ruth, Beautypedia also raved about this primer and you got me curious! Alack, I must refrain from purchasing a primer, as the one I’m using is still pretty full (the Present by Philosphy if you’re wondering).

    BUT I am looking for a new matte moisturiser and I remember last year you posted about this rose from Neals Yard? For mattifying effects, how does it compare with this primer? I need a moisturiser that has SPF in it too as I’ll be heading to Asia this summer and I want adequate sun protection but also keeping my oil secretion at bay! I hope you can help me out here!

    As for this primer, I think it’s pretty decent that it’s only £21.50, will definitely buy this when I finish this current primer of mine (which is 60mls, it will take me over a lifetime to effing use it up!).

    Lots of love for you and Mr Bear ;)

    • That has a more powdery matte effect. Arid! I think I prefer this one as a primer, the other is great as an -all-in-one! x

      • Thank you Ruth, think I’ll probably buy that as I don’t want to overload my skin with different layers of products! Thank youuu xxx

  11. Hi ruth! What do you think about the estee lauder double wear foundation?? I’m looking for a new high brand foundation but i have no idea which one i want haha (too much choice) i have a slightly dry skin. Thanks heaps!

    • The coverage with DW foundation is FULL. I mean, really full! Do you need that much coverage? If not, you could go for something lighter perhaps? x

      • thanks for your advice! no i don’t really need a full coverage so I’ll have another look at other products! :) greets from Belgium XX

  12. IS this new??

  13. I have this and I love it! It’s amazing for when my skin gets oily :)

  14. Thank you for posting this. Clinique changed the formula of the product on which I had been relying. I do not like the new version that’s called Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector. The old version required no powdering and left my t-zone quite matte all day. The new product requires powdering after application and then blotting papers by midday.

  15. Make up was rubbish today and yesterday so thanks for reminding me to use primer. It does help with these type of humid days.

    Roxy the EL DW, is as Ruth said a full on foundation. It’s a HG for many people, but it’s not for everyone.

    I am mad to try the new YSL one- they are giving samples first. I wouldn’t consider buying until I sample (but I am a wise 41 year old).

    So my advise is always, always, always get a sample of high end foundations. EL are good in this regard and staff are imo fab.

  16. Hey Ruth,

    I have used Estee Lauder Double Wear- Light since I was, around the age of 16. Even when my face is covered with teenage acne, I still have people tell me my skin looks flawless. If only they saw me in the morning…. Anyways, I find that the foundation leaves me looking exuberantly white in EVERY picture. Do you find this to be the case for you?? If so, do you find the primer causes the same issue?


    • No issues with the primer, I shall have a look with the foundation! Flash photography does very strange things to makeup.. x

  17. do you use primer over or under spf?

    • It depends where my SPF “is”! If I’m just relying on the SPF in my Tinted M, then primer would go under, but to be honest, prob wouldn’t wear primer with TM, I usually wear it when I’m doing the “whole works”, in which case I’d be relying on the SPF in my skincare. Unless it’s very sunny, in which case I’d make sure that my SPF was “towards the top” in terms of product layers….phew. Complicated! x

  18. I’ve just bought this today, It will hopefully prevent me powdering during my working day, fingers crossed! I swear by the double wear concealer by EL!
    What do you think of Real Techniques brushes, i’ve been using them with my foundation & love the natural finish :) xxx

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