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Manuka Yoga Wear

I was going to show you some of my Manuka yoga-wear in an upcoming video, but I have rushed this post out after seeing that everything on their site has 50% off! I don’t actually do yoga, but I love my leisurewear and their Kundalini pants with cuffs are so comfortable that I wear them all the time around the house. I also have the Kundalini awakening top which is immensely flattering, with a cross-over front that makes one’s bazoomas look massive. (Always a bonus, eh?)

The gorgeous lady in all of the photographs is a friend of mine – that’s how I found out about Manuka in the first place. Little bit of completely irrelevant information for you there.

Everything is of the highest quality, and at the prices they’ve gone down to, ridiculously affordable! I’m off to snap up some vest tops.


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  1. Hi Ruth, I have a question to ask, I’ve been reading your blog for ages and I’m just really in need to ask someone this. I’m 28 years old and I have a 2,5 y o daughter and I really want to move to the UK. I am a Polsih/Australian citizen and I just want to change something in my life because everything has gotten so boring and meaningless. Do you maybe have any idea where are some places I could look to find a job working for beauty companies? Like Estee Lauder or other brands? I have a masters degree in psychology so basically I’m fit to do anything :p I’m just really desperate and at my wit’s end. Hard to move with a small child so I need to look around and send some cvs first….. Really sorry if this message is in some way stupid, silly, offensive whatever but I just need some help. Thank you Ruth.

  2. I just ordered a few items. They look great. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Thank you for the heads up! I just got the awakening top which I have wanted ever since seeing it on you in your lipstick video! Reading your blog is quite bad for my bank account ;) but I love all your reviews and posts so and everything I have bought that you have positively reviewed I really love so it’s not a wasted purchase! Thanks again Cx

  4. Just curious, what would you recommend as some godsend products for blemishes, scars, and roughness?
    Some absolute essentials for improving those skin conditions.

  5. Manuka, like the honey? Problem with me buying that sort of gear is I use it to lounge about in. Rather than what it was intended for. LOL!

    Ali x

  6. I am in the US, so I wish I could shop, but not only I don’t know the brand, don’t know their fit (am not a model ;-( )) and don’t want to pay shipping and high price tag conversion…Ahhhhh Always the best stuff is in the UK. I looooove England! By the way I Am french. Thanks anyway!

  7. Hi Ruth, The model here is stunning. I have similar colouring to her. Do you know what makeup was used in the shoots and/or what she uses herself? I’m mainly interested in the foundation and blusher THANKS x

  8. I LOVE those Kundalini pants! But they only have an XS so I’m not sure if they will fit! How do they come up? I would have preferred a small…

    As always I love your blog Ruth!

    P.S I worked with your friend once on a little short film last year! I was chatting about my blog and told her my favourite blog was yours and it turned out she was a friend – small world!

  9. I love the top – could be dressed up too: not many sizes left now though.

    Am particularly interested in the blusher too!!

  10. I just received my order from ManukaLife, the clothes are so soft and lightweight. Do you know if they shrink at all in the wash? I bought what I thought would be my size but they seem to be cut a bit big. I’m in Canada so I wasn’t 100% sure of the UK sizing…Thanks so much for the great site!

    • Oh, I’m not sure! Mine haven’t shrunk, but you could always wash a bit hotter…. Could be risky though… x

    • Mine haven’t shrunk, I’ve had some of the pants for over 5 years and they get washed at least once a week-that’s over 200 washes!

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