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Bikini Decisions…Your Help Needed!

I mentioned in my sales-shopping post that I was on the hunt for a bikini. I have been obsessing over the “reduced” items in the Net-a-Porter sale and have narrowed my choices down to three. I’m dilly-dallying, and all of them will probably get snapped up before I even make my decision! I could always buy all three, but I’m on a bit of a self-imposed spending-ban for the rest of the month. OK, week. OK, day.

Contestant number one, pictured above, is a cute little two-piece from Marni. Reduced from £135 to £54, which, to be honest, is probably the main appeal. I can’t resist a good price-reduction! I like the retro pattern and the flattering shades and there are no metal hoops and attachments that will heat up in the sun and brand my skin. Marni, £54, Net-a-Porter

Contestant number two, a sunny print from Diane von Furstenberg, Queen of the Wrap-Dress. Looks to be a flattering shape? Top is £42.50 down from £85, bottoms are £38.50, Net-a-Porter

The final contestant is a black crochet bikini designed by Claudia Schiffer. I think you’d have to have a good feel of this one to appreciate the crochet-ness of it, but I love the slightly high waist on the bottoms. £265 down to £79.50, Net-a-Porter.

Right. Which one? Or two? Or, indeed, three? I’m leaning towards contestants one and three, but two is bright and cheery – ARGH! Why am I so bloody indecisive?

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  1. The DVF one – definitely!

  2. Annette Thomas

    Like 1 & 3, 2 makes my eyes go funny, reminds me of those magic eye pics. However I’m positive you’ll look great on the beach whichever you choose :-)

  3. DVF and if you go for a second, then the Marni too! X

  4. The yellow one is so beautiful!! way more than the other ones, in my opinion…

  5. The first / top one is the nicest.you will look fabulous in it. I have to get my body bikini ready for my approaching (far too quickly) hols x

  6. I would totally go for number 1 and 3 :). A black bikini is always a good choice, and the 1st one is simply gorgeous. dont wait too long with your decision….xx

  7. I think 2 and 3 are the ones that stand out the most (to be honest, I’m not fond of 1’s colours, I don’t like dark blue bikinis). If I had to pick a favourite, I’d pick 2 – it’s so summer-y, and I like the cut. Number 3 would leave massive tan gaps… It’s aesthetically pleasing, but what about those tan lines?

  8. Love 1 and 3! I find yellow very hard to wear (although you probably just can wear anything!)

  9. The DVF one is gorgeous, it’s a nice print without being too loud, I reckon. Also, without wanting to sound all sorts of weird, I think that bikini top will be most flattering on your chest! x

  10. I’d go for number one. Nice pattern and flattering colours, not too bright and shocking against pale skin.

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