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Scented Drawers?

No I’m not talking about your knickers, silly! Drawers! Although if you popped one of these beautiful l’Occitane sachets into your lingerie drawer then you would have scented knickers. Or panties, if you’re from the US. Or drawers, if you’re from the 18th Century.

I adore finding subtle and pretty ways to scent my home – I don’t particularly like to have one scent pervading through the entire house, I prefer hidden little sachets and soaps wrapped in paper. I have a rose-scented soap in my tights drawer that has been there since I bought my house (six years ago, I think?) and my wardrobe smells vaguely of something floral. Iris perhaps? I have some drawers in there that are lined with scented paper. It all adds up, I tell you!

These beautiful perfumed sachets from l’Occitane are a gorgeous way of keeping linens and clothes smelling fresh. I think that they’re too pretty to hide away – I love the rustic styling – but they are perfect for popping in with winter clothes when you pack them away for the summer, and summer clothes when you…you get the drift. Travel tip: pack one into your suitcase and your clothes will smell great when you unpack them at your destination! I recommend Verbena for holiday travel and Lavender for business trips. Don’t know why, just do.

The sachets are available in Lavender or the fresh, citrussy Verbena. The smell of a divine French summer! £7 each from L’Occitane

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  1. Great travel tip…thanks!

  2. I got given a lavender one of these as a present and it smells wonderful hanging in my wardrobe – I think it’s meant to keep the moths away too.

  3. Love in a mist

    Ohh loovverrly! The verbena one sounds fab, pity they don’t do a rose one? Or do they?? Lol!
    Scented drawer liners, there’s a thing you don’t see anymore, or at least I haven’t.
    Love the idea of little secret soaps and other goodies squirrelled away – to be rediscovered when you have a good rummage trying to find that elusive missing sock!
    Right, now back to the random magazine freebies this month, just been to Tesco and got abit over excited in the magazine aisle!
    Marie Claire free AVON mascara, choice of three
    TATLER free NEOM Rose Handcream
    RED free REN skincare set in travel pouch
    GLAMOUR free Balance Me skincare choice of four ( already mentioned this though)
    COSMOPOLITAN free Misguided nail varnish
    Phew think that’s it!

    • Bloody hell! That’s a lot of reading! ; )

      • And Elle has a mini but still decent sized St Tropez gradual tanner this month! Love your blog Ruth, I made your prawn and spinach curry the other day and it was lovely. So good my boyfriend did not realise it was a healthy curry, and not a lardy one ;-)

  4. Oooh, I didn’t know that l’Occitane did scented sachets … another purchase I shall be making! I too love to have subtle scents around the house. I’m spending a small fortune after reading your blog this week … fab!

  5. I’m an aromatherapist, so my essential oils box is a great source of gorgeous scents to use in different ways. I also cut and dry my own lavender so I can make sachets. I like French grown lavender, but prefer the old fashioned scent of English lavender. That’s just me though.

    Keep in mind girls, lavender works both ways; it can help with sleep, but too much will keep you awake.


    • Are you? I didn’t know that! Yes, I heard about lavender, that it can be a stimulant. Don’t the different “types” do different things, or have I made that up?! xx

  6. Spotted drawer liners at TKMaxx more than once, so try there – also a great place to find discounted fragranced quality soaps, handwash, shower gels, blah-blah-blah… xxx

  7. I LOVE sachets! I have oodles of them. I didn’t know L’Occitane made them though…I’ll have to check them out!

  8. Still read you every day, and still my favourite blogger, Ruth! Just not been feeling as gobby as usual- Been ill and had a few crises, including laptop death, sob! xxx

  9. The lavender is out of stock! Boo. So I bought the verbena for now. Thanks for the rec!

  10. I come to this website to read British English! I only wish for more. n_n

  11. I’ve been looking for something like the perfumed sachets, so thanks for that:)

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