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The Beauty Sales

I don’t ever think much about beauty when I trawl through the sales. I think it’s because I associate the sales with fashion, but also because there seem to be good beauty deals going on all the time, not just during the sales periods. So as I have been (virtually) searching the clothing rails with my blinkers on, there have been some fabulous beauty offers going down, and I didn’t have a clue. Thanks to the various Tweeters and Commenters who have brought them to my attention!

1) The first offer is from Pai Skincare. They are offering a free Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil with every £20 spend. (You can read my Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil Review here.) The Rosehip oil is a brilliant multitasker – it can help firm the skin and improve elasticity, but it also helps the skin to heal itself, so it’s a popular choice for people with scarring. If you want to know the best way to spend £20 at Pai, I’d say go for the Gentle Cleanser or the Echium Eye Cream, both of which are featured regularly on A Model Recommends. (Echium review here, and the Camellia and Rose Cleanser review here.) To claim your free BioRegenerate Oil, enter “ROSEHIPGIFT” at the checkout! PaiSkincare.com

2) BeautyExpert seem to have a discount on all Alpha-H products at the moment. I don’t know how long it’s set to last, and it’s not a huge amount off, but if you were running short on anything, you might want to have a look! BeautyExpert.co.uk

3) NutriBeauty have a 15% discount code to be used on any product. They stock beautiful brands such as Suti, Moroccan Natural and Spirit of Beauty. Use the code “beauty015” at checkout! NutriBeautyProducts.com


  1. Hey Ruth!

    Would the Pai Echium eye cream be good for young skin as well? (I’m 17) I know it has anti-aging ingredients in it and wasn’t sure if I was too young to use it..By the way I love your videos and website!!

  2. This is good timing on the Pai gift. I am about out of my cleanser. Here in the US the Rosehip Oil is free with $30 purchase, and the cleanser is $45.

  3. Your posts are lethal especially if I haven’t caught up for a few days >.< My toaster is broken (yes this is going somewhere) and you have to manually pop it up – I started reading, completely lost track and went back into the kitchen faced with a lot of noise from my smoke alarm and what I can best describe as a flaming cinder on my counter top. 'Burnt the toast' doesn't even beign to describe the ensuing chaos. Oh dear. Thought I'd share :P
    PS – very excited about alpha h discount as I was going to grab some anyway thanks for the tip-off :)

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