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Clever Bikinis…

Thanks so much for all of your help the other day with choosing a new bikini – I ended up choosing numbers one and two! I’ll let you know how I get on with them. As I was trawling and re-trawling, I saw some absolute beauties made by Violet Lake and it reminded me of a post that I published two years ago when my tummy was much flatter and my head less full of a million to-do lists! I really must step up the game on those ab crunches – LOOK AT MY STOMACH! I’d have to go mining with a pickaxe to find anything resembling that at the moment!

Anyway, moving on: Violet Lake bikinis. You can read the original (vintage!) post here, or see the Violet Lake items in the sales here. There are some new styles that didn’t exist when I wrote the original post and I am very, very tempted to add some to my basket. Though I am (at this moment) still waiting for the first basket’s worth to arrive, so it feels a bit wrong to be loading back up already!


  1. OMG Love it Ruth! AMazing choice as always!

  2. Gorge pics, Ruth! And, may I say, an excellent choice of bikiniage – I thought one and two as well.

    Oh, and being a mum to a one-year old and running my own business I TOTALLY get the “aaarrgh, I look like a Flump but have no time to exercise” feeling (although, I seriously doubt that you look as bad as you suggest!) Anyway, I’ve been doing these workouts from Bodyrock.tv – 12 minutes a day, interval training, they post videos near on every day and they’ve got a wicked archive. THAT has been a lifesaver to me, and a lot of people say to me that they don’t believe I’ve had a child. Deffo recommend! (I don’t work for them in case you were wondering!)

  3. Lovely ;)

  4. Just what I needed to see after stuffing a full on chicken roast into my size 16 being. Still you look amazing and my diet starts tomorrow!! xx

  5. really love those bikinis, you look amazing in them!

  6. I love the black bikini! I was searching for something similar, but I found a nice black/white bikini!
    And your stomach in my opinion it doesn’t look bad! (I have a little more stomach than you, I’m going to make something!)

  7. You could try and do pilates to change it up — http://www.blogilates.com is way fun!

  8. Hi Ruth, good recommendations with regards to the bikinis. I was wondering, since summer is here and this is a post about bikinis, do you have any recommendations for good laser hair removal clinics in London. I was browsing the internet, but I can’t find something that would be like “yes, this is a good and trusted one”. Please let me know.

    Thank you in advance and have a good week.


  9. Love the black bikini! I have been looking for a classic black bikini for ages and that might just do the trick. You look like you have a similar body to mine, so hopefully I can pull it off that good!

  10. yasmine choudhry

    Hi Ruth
    OMG What a Fab body great bikinis too so envious
    what is your current exercise regime

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