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Jo Malone London Boxes

Everything has gone a bit London crazy this year, what with the Jubilee and the Olympics. I have avoided all “Union Flag” memorabilia like the plague, but I do very much like the hand-drawn London Landmark idea at Jo Malone. From the 27th July, artists will be available in-boutique (selected dates, so check!) to customise your purchases with a lovely sketch. Free of charge, but I think, if I remember correctly, there’s a minimum spend. £60 perhaps? Not hard to do in Jo Malone, let’s be honest! I shall be in to stock up on my Red Roses reed diffuser, which is quite literally the BEST home fragrance I have tried to date. (Not tried to date, but tried so far. You know what I mean.)

Jo Malone Landmark Boxes, 27th July onwards!


  1. really love that, it’s cute!

  2. I love Joe Malone! I wish I lived in London! x Marina

  3. this looks ao nice…nedless to say I want one of these, right? ;)

  4. Hi Ruth I have a question about Jo Malone fragrances.
    I was yesterday at my local Nordstrom in DC and after trying so much of different kinds of smells I’m really not sure which one is the best for me :(
    I’m not this typical fruity-floral girl but more classic, spicy and sexy smell one. I love Chanel NO 5, Kenzo ‘Elephant’ or Tom Ford ‘Black Orchid’.
    I got yesterday some samples like ‘Red Roses’ ‘Grapefruit’ and ‘Lime, Basil and Mandarin’ colognes and I think that from all 3 I like the most ‘Red Roses’ but not 100% as I should :(
    Here is US they don’t carry all of them and COLOGNE INTENSE COLLECTION I can get only online :(
    I need your advice which one you would get in that case and which one is the best for a girl like me :-D
    Thank you already for your help and XOXO from DC ;)

  5. Chrisina Covarrubias

    That’s sweet! I’m in LA and I keep trying to find the Rose and Oud fragrance to have a sniff but is never around! Even in the big departments stores! I haven’t tried Barneys yet, but I think that’s the last place to look!


  6. Oohhh lovely, they might be on Antiques Roadshow in the future as a ‘early work’ from a then unknown artist !

  7. Adorable! I need to get some kind of scented candle or scent diffuser–I need a bit more personal touch around my environment–I spend way too much on cosmetics and skincare and not enough on anything else :/

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