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I Need Your Help…

Your help needed, my video-loving readers! I have been selected as one of Youtube’s “on the rise” people – Youtubers who have seen a significant growth in subscribers but haven’t yet reached the 100,000 mark. I’m honoured! There are four “on the rise” Youtubers and the one with the most votes this month gets featured on the Youtube homepage, which is a massive deal!

I would be so grateful if you’d take five seconds to vote for me – you just need to tick the box next to “A Model Recommends” that’s in the top right hand corner of their blog page. It doesn’t matter whether you’re subscribed, following, whatever – anyone can vote! If you like, you can spread the word and give this a little tweet. I find it all a bit embarrassing asking for votes, but having my videos on the front page of Youtube would be so amazing!

Link to the Youtube Blog Voting Page

Thank you thank you times a thousand!

PS: if you’re viewing the voting page on a mobile device, you’ll need to change it to classic view to see the voting boxes in the right corner – to change to classic view, scroll to the bottom of the page and there should be a link!

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  1. Also done! Good luck, you deserve the most votes. LOVE the blog and the vids, you’re so funny!!

  2. already done, darling :) good luck!!

  3. Voted and you’re in the lead with 36%!

    What do we get in return, eh!?

  4. I just voted!!! WOO! Good luck Ruth, hope all your hard work pays off and I must say this (gosh sounds like politican): your videos do brighten up my day and your effort in making them never goes unnoticed! I really do hope that you’ll keep making videos(and updating the blog)of many years to come :D

  5. Oh wow, how exciting! Just voted for you :)

  6. Done! Good luck :-)

  7. Congrats just voted…. Can we do it more than once?

  8. Doing it right now…you´re by far my favourite youtuber out there. ;)

  9. I voted! I have only just discovered your YouTube page but I am slowly working my way through all of your videos, I love ’em ;) xx

  10. Done… and much deserved!

    Sarah x

  11. Done! Hope you win! You deserve it as you work so hard! Best of luck! Xxxxx

  12. Voted :) Hope you will be the lucky winner

  13. Currently 45%. Let’s make it an X Factor 110%. Jx

  14. Done! And sent the link to a friend who also watches your videos :) Have to agree with Helen! You really make the effort to keep the videos interesting and you show us so many different things! Not just another smokey eye with a different shade of black for the 10th time (like some others on YT).
    Thank you and keep up the amazing work! Xx

  15. I wish I could vote for you more than once <:)

  16. Done!!!
    Congrats Ruth!!!
    Have a wonderful day

  17. Done! :) I love your makeup tutorials and you look gorgeous in every one of them!! :D

    Katie from LovePassionMU

  18. Done! :)))

  19. You’ve got my vote!

  20. Done!! :) dont need to ask twice! Good luck!

  21. done! good luck! you totally deserve it!

  22. done, good luck!! :)

  23. Done and done ;)
    You’re in the lead missy!

  24. Chrisina Covarrubias

    Yay! Done!

  25. and clicked…you’re leading at 52%xx

  26. Done :)
    and good luck!

  27. I voted for you Ruth! Good luck!!! :D You are definitely a rising star :D

  28. Done… Good luck you funny girl :) xox

  29. Done :) btw- you´re leading!! Wish you luck.

  30. So exciting, Ruth! And much deserved! I went ahead and voted, and noticed that you are leading the pack. Way to go :)

  31. Done.. good luck Ruth!!

  32. wohoo!! just voted for you Ruth! I hope you win!!! xx

  33. Done :) Best of luck with it!

  34. I voted so many times…is it cheating if I erased my input history in order to do so? I’d better keep that to myself.

  35. All done! Love your blog so much!

  36. Also Done. You’re at % 57! Good luck Ruth!

  37. Done. You’re in the lead with 57%! I love your blog and videos, there are so many products I have bought and loved on your recommendation!

  38. Done! All things being equal, you will smash it and be crowned the most worthy and spectacular winner! xx

  39. Looking good at 56%! Yeehaaaaa! xx

  40. I just voted. You’re leading with 599 votes, 57%!!!

  41. Done! fingers crossed for you x

  42. Done – you’re romping ahead! Fingers crossed, you deserve it; my workmates and friends laugh at me ’cause I’m forever wittering on about what Ruth told me about most recently!

  43. Done with pleasure, love your blog and videos. You’re way ahead incidentally! x

  44. I’ve been a long time subbie and luvvv your vids, so you definitely got my vote Ruth ;)

  45. done :) your winning with 57% you’ve got it in the bag :D xx

  46. Done! Good luck, you’re amazing!

  47. Voted, you are in the lead, well deserved!xx

  48. Voted!! Your way ahead well done. X

  49. Damn, I was almost reluctant to vote. Didn’t want to share you with the whole wide world :'(

  50. Just dropped my vote!!!Good luck Ruth!You deserve it!!

  51. Done! You’re way ahead of the pack, but taking nothing for granted, everybody vote for Ruth!

  52. Aww, your posts cheer up my mornings. Happy to vote for you!

  53. Done:D Best of luck

  54. Doubtless highly deserved: my vote is for you.

  55. Just voted. Ruth, you’re at 57%!! Woo hoo!
    Love everything you do. Keep up the great work…
    Anita in US.

  56. I voted for you, and it looks like you’re winning! Which I totally think you deserve. You’re fantastic.

  57. Done! I am surprised you aren’t already way over 100,000. You do such an awesome variety of videos and I honestly have never been able to visit a blog everyday and find something new before following amodelrecommends!! You are awesome and your dedication shows!!

  58. Done. You are WAY ahead. It’s in the (make-up/ Mulberry Bayswater) bag, Ruth. Ha ha.

  59. done! good luck xx

  60. Voted for u, ur my fav YouTuber! good luck u deserve to win :) x

  61. Done :) Well deserved for all your hard work lovely. You are my favourite youtuber and your videos and posts always brighten my day :) xxx

  62. Done and keeping my fingers crossed for you. Right now it looks like you will make it havong 53% of the votes. :)

  63. Just voted – you’re winning at the mo. x

  64. Done! You have 54% of the votes :D
    I really hope you get the most votes. You deserve it :)

  65. Done!! good luck! xx

  66. All done :-) You’re way out front baby girl, so go you!

  67. Done! You truly deserve to win x


  69. voted! I’m sure you’ll win :) you’re fab x

  70. Done! Good luck!!!

  71. Chloe Elizabeth

    My vote’s in, fingers crossed for you x

  72. Hey Ruth,

    I voted for you and you’re in the lead with 55% and the runner up is mikkeyssmail with 33%! You are definitly going to win ;) xxx

  73. voted! i gotta say tho, i’m surprised more ppl dont know about you. i thought u had a million subscribers lol. u deserve it. hopefully you’ll win and get you videos on the front page so more ppl see u, yay :)

  74. By the way! You’re on an intro video advert on youtube for Yves Saint Laurent! You look so gorgeous! xx

  75. of course! voted!! as of when i voted you’re ahead! woohooo

  76. All DONE!
    It’s looking good Ruth.
    Good luck!

  77. ann-sofie eklöv

    Voted and you’re in the lead with 47%!!!!!!!!

  78. Done! 47%, you’re leading Ruth! I’m so happy for you and hope you will be featured on youtube’s homepage not because you need to get more subscribers but because they need to discover you! Everytime I stumble upon a new blog or youtuber I always compare their work to yours and wonder how you manage to do it all. In my mind there’s the “Ruth standard” to evaluate them. ;)
    Fingers crossed and if I can cheat a bit by voting on different computers, well I’ll do it!
    Big hugs from the south of France… XX

  79. Done & dusted…hope you win, you deserve it!! X

  80. Rita the parachutist

    No need to be a bit embarassed Ruth, I’m glad you asked for it because otherwise I wouldn’t even have noticed that I could vote for you somewhere — which I gladly did :)
    Good luck! x

  81. Done :) i hope you win!

  82. just voted for u and u seem to be in the lead so far. Love ur blog and your videos. Hope u win.

  83. I asked my friends to vote on their ipod (when we were hanging out :P) Good luck!

  84. Done! Let the best person win, which has got to be you! Great vids xxxx

  85. Good luck! You deserve it, you do fantastic work. Your a lifesaver

  86. Voted! Good luck, love your videos! xx

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