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My Fragrance Collection

Lots of you have been asking for a “fragrance collection” video and so I have caved in to popular demand! This isn’t a collection so much as “the bottles of perfume that have ended up on my special shelf”, but there are some firm favourites in there so I hope that you’ll find it quite interesting. I love nosing about in other people’s bathrooms, so perhaps there are a few kindred spirits out there!

Before any of you get overly worried, the lights in the perfume “alcove” are rarely on – they are for posh display purposes only, so they don’t heat up the fragrances. Ditto steam: the steam barely reaches this part of the bathroom and there’s also an extractor fan over the bath area. So the perfumes are pretty safe for the moment – don’t get all concerned like some of my more anxious-pants Youtube viewers!

Right – on with the show. Sorry about the interruption mid-way through – I’m on a bit of a vote-canvassing mission this week as I am one of Youtube’s “On the Rise” candidates. If you can spare ten seconds – literally all it takes – then please do click through to Youtube’s blog and stick a tick in the box next to A Model Recommends. (Top right hand corner of the page when it’s in full web display mode.) If all of the people reading this post spared ten seconds this morning then I would be very, very grateful. If you’re reading this after July 19th 2012 then voting has closed and you’re off the hook!

Most of the fragrances shown have dedicated reviews here on the site – if they have then the links will be shown in the information below the video pane.

Enjoy, my fragrant friends!

(Video link for those who can’t see embedded video: http://youtu.be/uRoaGNVkgL8)


  1. Hi Ruth,

    Just been into Jo Malone and managed to get my hands on the velvet rose and oud (it has sold out all over). It is an amazing fragrance, anyways just wanted to let you know that the lady I spoke to said demand had been so high that they are almost certain it will be coming back! Yay!

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Recently I bought the chole perfume and have only wore it twice and both time’s it has been commented on but in a bad way.They say it smells like a hangover. haha. So thank you for the video and the advice on the frangrances.

  3. Thank you for great video! I use Molecules 1 as well, I always get lots of nice comments. If you like Jo Malone Rose with Oud, why don’t you try Kilian Rose Oud (Harvey Nics). It is an amazing fragnance!

  4. I love to try new perfumes, but my favourite is still Chanel Coco – it’s become my ‘signature’scent. I also like Estee Lauder’s Private Collection ‘Tuberose’ – it’s almost hypnotic! Very tempted by Tom Ford’s White Patchouli though – that might be going on my birthday list!

  5. My goodness, you have such a lovely home. That little fragrance alcove is gorgeous! And those perfumes?? *dies* :P

  6. I have the chanel coco mademoiselle too! i agree that its kind of ” every where ” but i still like it. Its almost gone so its time to search for a new one! intrigued by the Tom Ford ones…… and the custom floris fragrance sounds AMAZING!! im sad i live in the ol’ US of A :(

  7. Dear Ruth,
    Another great video ! It’s always so nice to see you and listen to you !
    The entire video I was mesmerized by your fabulous ponytail: tutorial please ! How did you achieve it ? it looks chic and simple at the same time.

    By the way, I voted for you on youtube. Fingers crossed ! You deserve it. x

  8. Brilliant video, I’m emailing this to my boyfriend for future reference!
    Have you ever tried anything from the Ortiga range, Ruth? I’ve just bought the Fico D’India perfume (sold in Heals shops) which is very fig-gy and with a heavy cedar scent too. I wonder if it’s similar to that Aqua Di Parma cologne?
    P.s. your bathroom looks like awesome!

  9. I love your perfume collection – Whow.
    My favourites are Pure Tiffany by Tiffany – have you tried this? It is gorgeous. I’m also a fan of Creed Love in White and Tom Fords Oud wood and lavender palm.

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