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My Fragrance Collection

Lots of you have been asking for a “fragrance collection” video and so I have caved in to popular demand! This isn’t a collection so much as “the bottles of perfume that have ended up on my special shelf”, but there are some firm favourites in there so I hope that you’ll find it quite interesting. I love nosing about in other people’s bathrooms, so perhaps there are a few kindred spirits out there!

Before any of you get overly worried, the lights in the perfume “alcove” are rarely on – they are for posh display purposes only, so they don’t heat up the fragrances. Ditto steam: the steam barely reaches this part of the bathroom and there’s also an extractor fan over the bath area. So the perfumes are pretty safe for the moment – don’t get all concerned like some of my more anxious-pants Youtube viewers!

Right – on with the show. Sorry about the interruption mid-way through – I’m on a bit of a vote-canvassing mission this week as I am one of Youtube’s “On the Rise” candidates. If you can spare ten seconds – literally all it takes – then please do click through to Youtube’s blog and stick a tick in the box next to A Model Recommends. (Top right hand corner of the page when it’s in full web display mode.) If all of the people reading this post spared ten seconds this morning then I would be very, very grateful. If you’re reading this after July 19th 2012 then voting has closed and you’re off the hook!

Most of the fragrances shown have dedicated reviews here on the site – if they have then the links will be shown in the information below the video pane.

Enjoy, my fragrant friends!

(Video link for those who can’t see embedded video: http://youtu.be/uRoaGNVkgL8)


  1. I’ve voted for you on You Tube! Could you PLEASE (this is my third time asking!!)now let me know if you have ever tried Perles de Lalque??? If nit you really need to and I would love to know what you think. Its hard to get hold of but you can get it cheaply on Amazon.

    • Did the others show up? How weird! No, haven’t tried it! I’m so sorry – I’ll try to find it next time I’m in town! x

  2. Have you tried Fracas by Robert Piguet? It’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s one of those fragrances that everyone asks what it is & I’ve never meet anyone else who wears it. Jo Malone’s Tuberose is almost identical but not quite as potent & long lasting x

  3. I’m so looking forward to mooching your vid once I’m back from my writing class : ) I own over 100 bottles of perfume. I am a total scent junkie. The Taurean of all Taureans ruled by Venus when it comes to my nose : ) Tartware reigns supreme in this Castle.
    Good luck with the vote, I have just voted. It took approximately a peco-second. I hope everyone does it, you are currently in the lead, Ruth x x

  4. Mariosa de Faoite

    Voted for you.
    You’re winning at the moment.
    Good luck.

  5. Great video Ruth – found your collection very interesting and I’ll def. try an some of your recommended fragrances! At the minute my favourite is Jasmin Noir by Bvlgar, but I have just found out my Aunt wears the same one…horror!! xx

    My latest post: http://the-fashion-bandit.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/story-of-goldilocks.html

  6. Can you vote more then once?

  7. Great video, Ruth. Just watched this and then your bespoke perfume video from last year, I really, really, really want a go at the customisation now. What an amazing idea! You sounded so pleased with the service and final perfume.
    Love your collection by the way and have scribbled a few down x x x Also voted for you, you’re in the lead. Yay, hope you win as you deserve to. :)

  8. Dunno, that space painting guy is pretty awesome ;) I voted for you anyway, love your videos!

  9. Hello! This is an unrelated question, but do you mind me asking if getting signed by your first agency was hard work? Did it take awhile or were you instantly hired and booked for jobs?
    Thanks! :)

    • I was scouted by Models1 so that was easy, but building up a portfolio and getting money jobs is hard work! 1000 times harder now that there are no jobs and loads of models! x

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