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Miaow! Cool Cat H&M Vest!

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I found this little top in H&M the other day – cute or what? £7.99! As you well know, I usually buy garments that are somewhat on the expensive side (see recent fashion posts!) but for something fun and flirty then I do turn to the high street. This little top attracted my attention instantly (I wonder why, miaow) and I bought it without trying it on. The only one left on the rail was a size 10 – what luck!

These pics are from Instagram – if you want to follow me on there (lots of cat pictures, for those who love Mr Bear) then look for Ruth Crilly.

PS: have you voted? On all available devices?! Voting closes tomorrow – I need your help! http://youtube-global.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/check-out-on-rise-nominees-for-july.html Sorry for those that have, but I know some will have missed my 1,276 begging letters!


  1. Aahhh Ruth, you look adorable in this tank. So YOU! :P

  2. Aww want want want! xx

  3. very pretty top! I love it – H&M always have such good bargins.

  4. very cute! And good luck with the comp!!!

  5. Just got the vest today:) and it was the only one left haha in the size 10!I couldn’t believe ;p

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