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The Ten Second Good Deed.

British Shorthair Mr Bear

This Youtube competition is really stressing me out! I stooped low yesterday and brought in the big guns to canvas extra votes – yes, I utilised the charms of Mr Bear! Look at his unimpressed face! I tried to make him wave a flag but he wasn’t having any of it.

I’m so sorry to keep harping on about voting, but it would mean so much to me to win this competition! If only a fraction of my readers voted then I’d be in with a chance, so PLEASE take a few seconds (I promise that’s all it is!) to tick a box. You don’t have to enter any information or email address, just click the link and tick the box next to my name at the top of the page!

I’m guessing that many people are trying to vote on a mobile device, and for that you need to go to the bottom of the Youtube blog page and click “View Web Version”. The voting boxes will then appear at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click beside “A Model Recommends” and you’re done! If you’re on a computer then you’ll see the boxes straight away. This all takes ten seconds max!

So there you go – ten seconds of your time and you could really change the future of A Model Recommends. Getting my videos onto the Youtube Homepage would be simply brilliant! OK. Ready? Got ten seconds spare?



If you want to see the video with Mr Bear, it’s here!

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  1. You know what’s not cool? You can only vote once! I voted from every computer I have access too but I wish we could vote once a day or something like that :(

  2. I DID IT AGES AGO!!!!! Now getting everyone I know to vote, including people who don’t know who you are (they do now).
    Good luck honey … x

  3. I seem to be able to vote every morning this week from my work computer wheres I can’t at home on my iPad…maybe it has something to do with my work laptops not having a fixed IP address?? No idea but I’ll keep voting! Best of luck – you’re currently in the lead :-)

  4. Voted on everything I have access to. Good luck!

  5. Voted – again! Good luck, hope you beat the crochet guy!

  6. Ruth!

    I cleared my cookies on my iPad and I was able to vote again – that sentence sounds so strange!

    Spread the word!

  7. Done – from x2 devices! Good luck Ruth xx

  8. Already done yesterday :-) xx but who could resist mr bear – you have an unfair advantage now lol!
    Good luck xx

  9. Done and done.

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