The Ten Second Good Deed.

British Shorthair Mr Bear

British Shorthair Mr Bear

This Youtube competition is really stressing me out! I stooped low yesterday and brought in the big guns to canvas extra votes – yes, I utilised the charms of Mr Bear! Look at his unimpressed face! I tried to make him wave a flag but he wasn’t having any of it.

I’m so sorry to keep harping on about voting, but it would mean so much to me to win this competition! If only a fraction of my readers voted then I’d be in with a chance, so PLEASE take a few seconds (I promise that’s all it is!) to tick a box. You don’t have to enter any information or email address, just click the link and tick the box next to my name at the top of the page!

I’m guessing that many people are trying to vote on a mobile device, and for that you need to go to the bottom of the Youtube blog page and click “View Web Version”. The voting boxes will then appear at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click beside “A Model Recommends” and you’re done! If you’re on a computer then you’ll see the boxes straight away. This all takes ten seconds max!

So there you go – ten seconds of your time and you could really change the future of A Model Recommends. Getting my videos onto the Youtube Homepage would be simply brilliant! OK. Ready? Got ten seconds spare?


If you want to see the video with Mr Bear, it’s here!

Ruth CrillyThe Ten Second Good Deed.

50 Comments on “The Ten Second Good Deed.”

  1. Liza

    Just voted for you again and got Mr to do the same. keep up the amazing work and congrats on your wedding anniversary!

  2. Upa

    Wow! You really COULD vote more than once! I gave it a shot just now and it worked. Good luck. I’m getting palpitations on your behalf!

  3. Erin

    Hope you win.
    I’d also be really interested in you doing a “most-used-products” post. I recently saw a photo of your cat in the sink and I looked at your shelve – I saw NUDE Cleansing Oil on there (or I thought I did) and was shocked to see in another post that you mentioned it was one of your most used products! I’d never heard you speak of it before and am always willing to try anything that Ruth Crilly (you know skincare, evidenced by how many people love your recommendations and have been saved by them) has used and loved. I had a bottle of it lurking in the back of my cabinet, can’t wait to try it! I think I also spot Dermalogica Power Firm as well as a Melvita Rose product…I just have an obsession with other people’s medicine cabinets! Little disturbing, no? I’m overobsessive about skincare.

    1. Ruth

      Yes, it’s great! Though I think it was the eye cream you saw. That’s Mr AMR’s, not that he has any clue what brands are good! Hahaha…. x

  4. Syvie

    Best stills ever. Especially that first one. Mr. Bear’s nonplussed (or should I say pussed??? Bahaha!) face next to yours, so earnest and concerned, it just cracks me up.

  5. Gem

    Ooooh I made the number 7777 – just so you know if you’re a browser fanatic, you can vote from each browser you have (I have about 6… I’m a web developer, it’s a sickness). Added to that, just deleting the cookies from each browser means you can vote again as well. Not sure if that’s strictly kosher, but hey, it all helps!

  6. Cat

    Just voted…1 day left, you have 51%…will do it from homne computer and nook color later on….Good luck!!

  7. Pia

    Hi Ruth! I absolutely love your website, you’re so much fun to follow and you give great reviews – definitely voted for you!

    I was wondering whether you had any suggestions for good makeup to use at the beach. I’m going to the seaside in about a month, and would like a nice simple look to wear whilest sunbathing. Obviously nothing too much, just maybe a nice tinted moisturizer, lip stain, and blusher combination that won’t run all over the place in the heat and water. I’m already using Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof mascara (which I love), and of course good sunscreen for the face and body, but I wondered whether you had any other product suggestions.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    1. Ruth

      Honestly? I wouldn’t wear makeup when sunbathing. I don’t know why, it just feels wrong! I’d let your skin breathe – it’s already got SPF on…. You could use the Piz Buin face SPF with shimmer, which is divine, or a BB Cream? Other than that, I’d keep it pretty bare. I’m typing this, though, and already thinking of a makeup look I could do! Oooh, you might have inspired something here! Let me have a think xxx

  8. Sakina

    I voted for you with all the notebooks,cellphones and computers we have in our home.
    Good luck, kisses from the Netherlands !!!

  9. Maria

    Between my computer, my phone, my iPad, and the two browsers I have on each device (Safari and Chrome) I have now successfully voted for you six times :P. Go team Bear!

  10. Love in a mist

    Already done yesterday :-) xx but who could resist mr bear – you have an unfair advantage now lol!
    Good luck xx

  11. Amanda


    I cleared my cookies on my iPad and I was able to vote again – that sentence sounds so strange!

    Spread the word!

      1. Ruth

        I had no idea!!!! Good job though, really, otherwise I’d be sat there pressing vote then refresh! xx

        1. Amanda

          To clear your cookies…

          1. Go to settings
          2. Click on the Safari tab
          3. Click on ‘Clear cookies and data’
          4. Vote!

          Lather, rinse and repeat :)

  12. lisa

    I seem to be able to vote every morning this week from my work computer wheres I can’t at home on my iPad…maybe it has something to do with my work laptops not having a fixed IP address?? No idea but I’ll keep voting! Best of luck – you’re currently in the lead :-)

  13. Jools

    I DID IT AGES AGO!!!!! Now getting everyone I know to vote, including people who don’t know who you are (they do now).
    Good luck honey … x

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