End of the Sales. Sadface.

Oh dear, it’s the end of the sales. I have that funny sick feeling you get when you’ve eaten too much chocolate. The Net-a-Porter purchases were brilliant, and I was very happy with my Donna Karan dress and DVF bikini, but as predicted the £30 T-Shirt did go back! If any of the items that I kept (see sales post here) are still there then definitely snatch them up – the J-Crew swing sweater is gorgeous!

All of the online sales are wrapping up now and I have spotted some great bargains (might have made an extra little purchase, ssshhhh) but I have also just booked my holiday, so the purse-strings are on tight-mode! However, there are a few lurkers that I’m very tempted by…

YSL Wedges (here) – not in my size, but I’m a 39 so surely 39.5 wouldn’t hurt?!

Miu Miu leather sandals (here) – which Net-a-Porter DO have in my size but I’m not sure whether they are a bit seventies?

 Splendid Cotton dress reduced to £30 (here) which I almost definitely will buy…

(UPDATE: I bought it.)

Splendid Metallic Cowl Neck Top, reduced to £67.50 from £225 (here) – looks like a very useful top to have around. Must not buy, though. Must. Not. Buy.

(UPDATE: bought this too. Ooops x 1000.)

Other sales at an end with some good bargain-basement prices are the Liberty Sale, and one of my personal favourites, the House of Fraser sale. House of Fraser always seem to have some right meaty little numbers hidden away – and they stock labels such as Whistles, Jaeger and Ralph Lauren. Always good for a bit of a rootle-tootle about!

That’s me shopped out for now, though – I haven’t even been able to wear any of my summer stuff yet and we’re halfway through July!


  1. Oh wow! Those YSL Wedges are awesome. Love’em! They don’t look real comfortable, but they will still be worth it!

  2. The YSL wedges are adorable! If it weren’t for the sad state of my finances, I could never be shopped out :)

  3. This is so funny! The Net-a-Porter sale ended last month in the US and I bought the Splendid Cotton dress and the Splendid Metallic Cowl Neck Top. You will LOVE that top!

    P.S. Thank you so much for all of your great suggestions. I’m now obsessed with the BY Terry foundations. :)

  4. Ruth- in your opinion- elongated shoes with an oval-ish toe and a small thin heel and NO platform = outdated? in black leather?
    ps- voted xx

    • Depends what you’d be wearing with – I’m falling back in love with non-platform heels… x

  5. OMG the MIU MIU sandals are just GORGEOUS!! OMG, I must have them! Don’t think they are too 70’s, there’s not such a thing!! haha :D xx

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