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What I Wore to my Wedding…

It’s my wedding anniversary today, so I thought I’d tease you with some little photographs! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you might have glimpsed these already, except for the top one in which I am sporting a nervous smile and about an acre of chest. You will notice that pre-marriage I am demurely holding flowers, whereas post-marriage I have a champagne glass glued to my hand. It was actually glued.

 Hold on, before we go any further – HAVE YOU VOTED? This is the last time I’m going to be able to mention it as voting closes tonight at midnight! Takes a few seconds – you don’t have to leave an email or ANYTHING, just tick the box next to A Model Recommends in the top right hand corner. Every vote helps! You’ll miss my vote-nagging once it’s over. Promise. http://youtube-global.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/check-out-on-rise-nominees-for-july.html

Where was I? Weddings! One of my favourite subjects is harping on about my wedding, but due to the fact that there was another person involved (obviously!) I have to be respectful of privacy. Hopefully Mr AMR doesn’t read today’s Daily Fix, but if he does, I should add that he is an amazing catch – handsome, intelligent, talented, good at buying anniversary presents. (IF YOU’RE READING THIS, YOU HAD BETTER HAVE BOUGHT ME A PRESENT!) Hohoho.

I bought my wedding dresses from the Jenny Packham sample sale – both were reduced from something ridiculous (thousands) to £190 and £140 respectively. I know I like to splash some cash on my clothes, but for something that’s going to be worn once? Makes no sense to me. I still regret buying the cream Christian Louboutin sandals – the second I stepped onto the lawn they were ruined! Two wedding dresses might seem excessive, but I knew that I’d want to change into something a bit less cumbersome for the evening – the long silk number was extremely hard to wear – I had to go bra-less, for a start, as the dress was pretty much backless. That presents many problems in itself!

 The evening dress was a crystal embellished knee-length number. Really quite heavy, but that gave it a beautiful shape – and I loved the embroidery around the neckline. Both dresses are now feeding the moths in my wardrobe – I must do something with them, they’ve been there for four years now! I’ve toyed with the idea of dying them, but I’m worried that they might get ruined.

Anyway, I made an outrageously good saving on my wedding attire – the veil was something like £30 online and was exactly the same (in effect) as some of the ones I had seen for ten times the price! Mr AMR, in typical man style, left his suit-buying until the last moment and ended up getting it from Gucci. GUCCI! So that kind of negated all of my good thrift-work, but such is life. And it is a rather splendid suit.

Makeup was by a good friend of mine, Dina Catchpole – she’s a top session makeup artist (represented by Soho management) but she can be booked for weddings at D+D Makeup. Dina did my hair too – these pictures make me want to go shorter again, but it never used to look like this usually, I promise you!

Right, that’s enough of re-living the past, I’m off to canvas more votes before the deadline. Crilly for President! Crilly for President!


  1. this is gorgeous, i just stumbled apon this post of yours, usually a youtube subscriber and only been reading the blog for a few months but felt i had to comment :) you look so blissfully happy and beautiful and sultry all at once and in the perfect proportions :)

  2. You are so gorgeous! But more than that, I think you’re really smart, witty and helpful. :)

  3. You looked gorgeous! I love the dresses :)

  4. Ruth I am SOOO sorry my little brother must have gotten onto my computer. He knows how much you inspire me and that I love reading your blogs and thought he would be “funny” and ruin it for me. Again i am so so sorry it was extremely uncalled for.

    • Give him a stern look from me! LOL – I did wonder why you would ask a question and then send those….I thought it was very bizarre. But I do get some bizarre things happening here! xx

  5. Hi Ruth! I know this isn’t a blog strictly about gowns but i have a “ball” coming up and was curious if you had any recommendations on fabulous gown designers or any websites i should check out. Its coming close to deadline and i have to get my gown checked in! Please let me know of any place to find unique gowns! thanks! xx

  6. I can’t believe I almost missed this post! Although I’m a subscriber, I just discovered that gmail has been sending about 50% of your posts to my spam folder. I am mystified and I’m trying to fix it. Lovely wedding pics!

  7. Ruth, Please add a PinInterest button or a Pin it! button so that we can share your beautiful photos on PinInterest.


    • Hi Karen,
      I’m anxious to add a Pinterest button as many images of me are owned by other people. I’m not sure of the ramifications of these being shared, so I’m looking into it!

  8. yasmine choudhry

    hi ruth
    Congratulated you on twitter.
    Amazing dresses,
    i am asian and the dresses start from over £3,000, agree it is a waste to spend so much money and wear it once
    would be great if we could see your husband if he agrees

  9. LOVE the hair, make up and dresses! As a veteran of bridal shoots I can fully endorse your look as top banana!

    Did you go on a crazy wedding diet? 5 always think I’d never do that – just wear a dress with room for cake manouevre!

  10. So pretty and timeless! I bet you could do your hair that way curled and then in a kind of faux-bob with bobby pins?

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