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Massive Thanks – and Apologies…

Just a quickie to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Youtube contest. Results come in (inexplicably!) on the 30th July, so I shall be on holiday when they do, but will be sure to have my laptop on and waiting!

I’m sorry to all of those who heard me banging on about the contest over and over again – those who follow on Twitter and Facebook and Youtube as well as here on the site must have wanted to press the mute button on me! So my most sincere apologies – I promise that I wouldn’t have kept repeating myself unless for a good cause. And it worked, because when voting closed I was 1,600 votes up on my nearest competitor, so here’s hoping that I win. Apparently a board of judges look at your video content and number of views, too – and lots of you watch the videos, so thanks for that as well. You lovely bunch.


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  1. Fingers and toes crossed for you, Ms Crilly. I can certainly see why you went all out, it’s a huge biggie if you win : ) And I’m sure everyone whose a part of your world realises that. I was happy to do what I could. Good luck. I have a good feeling about this. x x

  2. Voted as many times I could both from computer and iphone, I hope you win – you deserve it!
    But I don’t want you to become too popular because you’re like *MY* friend and not everyone’s -ha it’s official I’m completely psycho and I should wait those kind doctors with white suits to come and pick me up.
    Until then I’ll have a look at your new video which by the way is lovely!


  3. Shelley Bennett

    Everything crossed for you Ruth and please let us know as soon as you do. We are just as excited for you and you deserve to win big time!! xx

  4. Fingers crossed, Ruth–though I doubt you will need it!

  5. It is great how much effort you have put into your beauty posts so far. So this contest is our chance to say thank you for sharing your daily routine and more… :-)

  6. Ruth I hope you win, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and enjoy your holiday! x

  7. If you want to win, you gotta make some noise. So fingers, toes and other bits crossed. Have rubbed my lucky guinea pig for extra measure too!

  8. good luck ruth!!!
    I really wish you win this thing, you deserve it!!
    btw, well done with reminding everyone to vote, since I have the memory of a fly sometimes :)
    big hugs <3 elsa x

  9. Ahh I’ve got my fingers crossed! I voted for you! Its a shame it didn’t let you vote every day! xxx

  10. I know you will win!

  11. Aww, bless you! It will (note the PMA) be well deserved and I’m glad to have contributed :) Now, go and have a ruddy good anniversary weekend and drink wine. Wine is good. Or champers. I’ll admire my birdbath… ;) x

  12. random comment, but I am in search of a new foundation and have no idea what to pick. I am 19 yrs. and have combination skin. What would you suggest? Thanks so much and good luck on the youtube contest from Boston, USA!

  13. Goo luck. You deserve it!

  14. I voted for u & I hope u win coz u deserve too :) ur my fav YouTuber so I’ve got everything crossed for u xx

  15. Oh, Ruth! No need for apologies! U r easily one of the best beauty gurus on YouTube, giving most useful tips & U deserve many more subscibers! Voting for U was the least people could do! xx

  16. Im sure you’ve got it in the bag but if on the oh so slim chance you’ve not, I’ll be shaking my fist in anger for you!

    Well done, Ruth! :)

  17. Fingers crossed. All the best xx

  18. I’d be so happy for you if that worked out!! You really deserve it! Hope you have a great trip, I’ll be gone too xx (breaking both arms and leg attempting to windsurf for the first time in my life!)

  19. Ahhh bless ! You’re so welcome, it was no trouble at all, we want ‘our’ Ruth to win so we all made sure that you WILL win, the AMR army was rallied lol!
    Have a lovey holiday xxxx

  20. Flipping heck, don’t apologise. I’m very grateful for your posts and I have worried a few times about how much work you put in and whether you get a fair return. It’s good to have the opportunity to thank you in a way that helps you.

  21. Waiting to see you on youtube’s homepage. You deserve it Ruth so don’t worry about “harrassing” us. XX

  22. We hope you win Ruth. It’s so refreshing to watch someone on YouTube who has wonderful content to share, but who also acts natural. You have a great sense of humor! Keep doing what you do.


  23. Don’t apologise Ruth! If you hadn’t had blogged/made a video about it, I wouldn’t have never about the contest!

    Good luck x

  24. I hope you WIN WIN WIN!!! An amusing side note, I actually used to subscribe to said nearest competitor. Because deep down I’m really 30 something going on granny who likes to craft myself something woolly each winter. :p

  25. I agree with Nancy! :)

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