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Awapuhi Moisturizing Lather Shampoo

Does this shampoo tube not remind you of Batman? Perhaps I have Batman on the brain  – the new movie comes out this Friday and I am a big fan of the other Christian Bale episodes! Look at that shiny, sexy, sleek packaging though – fit for the most chic of bathrooms. (I’ll stop thinking about Batman now – we all know what happened when I started fantasising about James Bond being in my office…)

The Awapuhi Moisturizing Lather Shampoo from Paul Mitchell has so much going for it that it’s hard to criticise – it’s sulphate-free yet lathers unbelievably well, meaning that you don’t need to use very much product with each wash. I know that there was a bit of a “lather backlash” in recent years (a good lather does NOT mean a good shampoo, blah blah blah) but we all love a good lather. Don’t we? A shampoo that fails to lather, that just sits upon the hair like phlegm, is no fun. It’s a frustration. That might be just my personal view, but I’d put money on there being other people that secretly (or publically!) feel the same way. Who wants a shampoo that takes eight hours to massage in? And then never properly washes the hair, which means that you end up smelling like a wet dog?

The Awapuhi lathers. It lathers and it foams and it feels like a cross between a shampoo and a conditioner – silky smooth, bouncy, luscious, clean-rinsing and moisturising. This is one of my favourite shampoos for a long, long time. It lathers far more than Liz Earle’s Sulphate-free version yet it has the same gentle effect on the hair and scalp – brilliant for those with coloured or chemically treated hair and for anyone who is sensitive to SLS. I’m not in any way sensitive to sulphates, but I like the idea that SLS-free hair products might be a little kinder to my highlights and lowlights – if you’ve had a toner or semi-permanent tint put into your hair then you could find that SLS-free shampoos prolong the colour slightly.

Awapuhi Shampoo is £16.95 from www.paul-mitchell.co.uk


  1. L’Oreal’s sulfate-free shampoo, Ever Pure is good too. This type of shampoo does have foaming agents in them, just gentler ones. I wonder if we’re seeing a hair trend with sulfate-free shampoos?

    Ali x

  2. Shampoo sounds great! Christian Bale is beyond hot!!! He looked amazing at the premier in that Tom Ford suit!!

  3. This is great news! I’ve been looking for a good sulphate free shampoo! I found Arcona’s as well, but haven’t bought it yet, think I’ll give this a try instead! Thanks!

  4. Finally! A lather shampoo good for your (color-treated) hair? Be still my heart. And thanks, Ruth!

  5. I’ve used this shampoo and the lather is amazing!

    PS Didn’t voting end two days ago? I tried to add a vote with my phone yesterday and it said the voting ended the 19th.

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