Docteur Renaud Five Vegetable Facial and Apricot BB Cream

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to keep a straight face when someone offers you a “five vegetable experience”. Especially when you’re lying on a treatment bed, trousers and top removed, draped in fluffy towels. But keep a straight face I did, even when I was offered my “Happy Welcome Massage”. There was me thinking that it was supposed to be a “Happy Ending”!  Oh, the joys of language barriers and immature innuendo.

My five veg experience was, in fact, a facial and it took place in the basement of an ancient little building on the Rue Montorgueil in Paris. I’d love to give you an in-depth analysis of the facial, but I will have to come clean and admit that I was asleep for about 89% of the time. Drooling, flinching, having leg spasms and sleep-shouting things like “no! Not the trumpet! Put it in the wheely bin if you can’t find the lobster hat!”

Docteur Renaud is a brand that was previously very hard to get hold of in the UK – it’s a French brand, mostly sold in salons – but it has now gone into the new Marks & Spencer Beauty department. (Read more about the new M&S Beauty offering here.) The products are young, fresh and fragrant – all of them based around some kind of fruit or vegetable extract. The idea is that the products are all “feel-good” – I think that the term used was Happy Cosmétologie, and the fruity scents certainly have a positive effect on the senses.

My facial ended (this bit I do remember) with the application of Docteur Renaud’s new Apricot BB Cream. Now, do not get me started on the whole BB (TINTED MOISTURISER!) thing, because I’ll never stop. This one is a slightly tinted moisturiser that leaves a healthy glow and almost a ‘blurring’ effect on the skin. It has mineral sunscreens and mineral pigment to reflect light away from imperfections and the tint is quite warm, so it gives a slightly tanned effect. Not one for very fair skins, I wouldn’t say – the light shade is spot-on for me, but I’m a fair/medium. I can’t see this BB Cream online anywhere, but it’s in the M&S Beauty spaces now priced at £24.30.

You can see the online M&S Beauty products here.


  1. Never have I been so annoyed the the words ‘BB cream’ (they are everywhere) – except maybe by the words ‘unexpected item in bagging area’!! ARGH!!!!

    Great post though. You do make me laugh Ruth!!

  2. thank you for sharing.

    As an asian i’ve used asian bb creams forever they really seem to pop up everywhere now in the western brands.

    I’ve used quite a few of those from asian brands but haven’t really tried the ones from western brands, i don’t know why probably because I’m kind of skeptic :p
    hahah well maybe i should give western brands a go

  3. haha xx

    ps ruth is there any possibility you could do a mammoth moisturiser video – im trying to figure out the perfect face/neck/body combo xx

  4. oh god I live in Argentina…none of these gorgeous brands sends products so far away!

  5. Simply hilarious!

  6. Actually, I wouldn’t mind you starting on BBs subject… I find myself quite lost there, I’m planning on getting the new Bobbi Brown BB cream SPF 35, mostly because of the SPF… So please, opinions, reviews, pros and cons much appreciated as usual!!

  7. that post´s simply hilarious!

  8. So happy you did mention the whole BB tinted moisturiser thing. I’m so suprised more youtubers and bloggeres didn’t!

    love x

    • Some of them are “more” than a TM, but lots are just very nice, glowy, slightly tinted moisturisers. Absolutely nothing wrong with that – and this one is gorgeous – but it’s the BBs everywhere! ARGH! x

  9. Wow your sleep shouts trump mine – poor Mr. AMR!

  10. Ruth, you really should write a book. Something along the lines of ‘a year in the life of a beauty blogger’ – which is a rubbish title but you get my gist. It would be hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh out loud again this morning – and I think I’ve found the lobster hat!

  11. LOL that’s how I sleep too–sudden body spasms, snoring, drooling, the whole nine yards. I’m not a “sexy” sleeper :P

    • Hahaha, I’m not either :L People have told me that I snore; other people tell me I don’t… think I might have to record myself one day (well, night)

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