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Babyliss Rollers – Amazing Hair!

Babyliss Rollers

I shot a video with Babyliss recently, showing how to use their heated rollers. The results were incredible! I did have some help from a hair stylist (Bev C), but still. I reckon I can replicate this look at home! I have had these Babyliss rollers for years -I bought them in the Boots on sale and only used them a couple of times. I’m a bit lazy with my hair, as you well know, so rollers are only brought out on very special occasions!

I do think I’ll be having a go at this look though – I love how the rollers give the hair body and volume and how the front sections of the hair have been kept quite smooth so that they frame the face. Bravo Bev, Bravo Babyliss! Don’t you think the hair in the screenshot (above) looks great? I wish I could have it like that permanently!

You can buy these rollers at Boots still, they are £29.99. Which I think is cheaper than they were when I first bought them, which is annoying! Babyliss ThermoCeramic Rollers

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gizBZcfhOA

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  1. Great video, Ruth! And your hair looked amazing at the end! I have tried several times to work with rollers but could never understand how to use them/where to place them, etc. This video makes it look so easy! I’ll definitely give it another try!

  2. Hi Ruth, I love the vid and your hair looks fantastic. I have these exact same rollers which I have also had for years, they used to work amazingly on my hair but now for some reason just don’t work as well, they still get really hot but my hair doesn’t look the same afterwards. Do you think it’s because the coating has come off or something or they’re too old now? Or could it be my hair, I do colour it very often. Just interested in your input/suggestions as this is my favourite style. Thanks x

    • Could be either of those reasons, the coating does help to keep the hair shiny and smooth! Try a heat protecting spray and see if it makes any difference! X

  3. wow, you look amazing in this video! So beautiful! Do you remember what they used for your makeup or did you do it yourself?

  4. you look amazing in this video!

  5. I bought these last Christmas but have never used them. I’m still in love with my Babyliss Big Hair :x. As I recall, you also have “The O” rollers right? How do they compare to the Babyliss? Pixiwoo has a tutorial of using “The O” and they create amazing curls.. Quite expensive though..

    • Yes, v expensive. They are brilliant, very easy to use, but I do find that the largest ones (that I use) fall out easily so I have to sit quite still when they’re in! X

  6. I’d like to try/buy rollers for the very first time, what would you recommend between theO and these?
    TheO is expensive but I don’t mind spending more for better quality.
    I don’t know if you can give a sincere answer because prob bliss payed for the vid, but still I trust your opinion :D
    Thanks and happy holiday!


    • I would always give a sincere answer whether a video was sponsored or not; I’m never under any obligation to give any opinion other than my very honest one!
      The Cloud 9 is good, but in effect, the rollers are doing exactly the same thing: heating up the hair and then letting it cool around a large object. The Cloud 9 have the advantage that there is no heating up time- just a few seconds per roller, but the Babyliss give a slightly shinier finish, I think due to the coated surface… X

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