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blacksmith membership

I have mentioned the Mr & Mrs Smith Blacksmith membership before, but I wanted to do a quick recap. My Silversmith membership is up for renewal and I was just doing a little stock-take of what I will get for my £40 renewal fee. Quite a lot, as it happens! Relatively large discounts at luxury retailers (including but not limited to: Becca, Bliss, Liberty and FeelUnique), money back on every booking, free perks and upgrades and lovely “extra” gifts when you arrive at your hotel. (I have had champagne on ice, cocktails, beauty products, cheese platters!)

The most amazing thing about all of these benefits is that the entry-level membership, Blacksmith, is absolutely free. So, you get amazing discounts when you’re shopping and brilliant perks when you book a hotel, yet it costs you nothing. This has surely got to be the best deal around! It’s not even a deal, it’s just…free! I’m sticking with my Silversmith – I’m tempted to bump up to Goldsmith with its airport lounge access and full concierge service (as well as  5% money back on every booking) but it’s £400 a year. I need to have a quick look at my expenses tally before I can take that plunge!


Ruth CrillyHoliday Perks for Everyone!

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  2. Helen

    LOL, basically you’re in it for the free booze!! ;) Naughty naughty Ruth, but have a lovely time in Greece, I just booked my tickets to humid spot in Asia, can’t wait to get of this never ending spell of autumn!

  3. Charlotte

    I actually just got back from holiday in a Mrandmrssmith approved hotel in Mallorca, and it was amazing ! Great atmosphere, great staff, great food. Mrandmrssmith are great at finding hotels that offer all the luxury you could dream of while maintaining a relaxed vibe. Unfortunately we couldn’t book through the site because their rooms were all booked so we booked directly via the hotel website, but next time I will definitely try to book via mrandmrssmith.

  4. Hannah Green

    We’ve stayed ay the Brew House in Tunbridge Wells a few times and we adore it! We found it via Mrs and Mrs Smith and if this is the quality of all their hotels i highly recommend it! x

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