Video Inspiration – Oh So Dolce


I was given a very lovely black lace dress by Coast recently, as they were celebrating the launch of their new Oxford Street store. It’s more of a winter dress, and I can’t find it online anywhere so I’m presuming it’s AW collection and not out yet. Anyway, I really want to do a Dolce & Gabbana-inspired video wearing the dress. I love doing my makeup to match an outfit – I may go a little heavier on the eyes than in the photograph above, but I want the same sultry look. Obviously I am going to have to stick my lips into a hole in a beehive in order to achieve lip volume anywhere near Scarlett’s, but failing that I shall try to do something clever with lipgloss.

I’m putting this picture up in order to force myself to get on with the video – it’s my new motivational tactic. Perhaps I should start posting my To-Do lists as well!

Ruth CrillyVideo Inspiration – Oh So Dolce

9 Comments on “Video Inspiration – Oh So Dolce”

  1. flick

    lovely colours on the eye (great for pale ones like me – I look undead when I do a smokey eye!)

    Can’t wait for you to do this (and want to see the Coast dress!)

  2. Robin

    Good excuse to get those babyliss rollers out too. looking forward to it. Scarlet looks brilliant in that visual (and in every other picture taken of her, ever, actually)

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