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New Romantic?

Wow. This is a bit eighties, isn’t it? It’s actually the exact look that I did for the Eye Makeup video last week, so you can see how I created it here, but it looks very different in this weird lighting. My eyebrows are almost disappearing! Do you know what, though, I have been thinking a lot about eyebrows recently. (As you do.) I know we are supposed to have perfectly arched, dark, neat eyebrows to “frame the face”, but I do think that sometimes, if you’re wearing a lot of other makeup, it can look a little bit Drag Queen. I mean, they needed to be a little darker here, for that lighting, but I wouldn’t want to have properly darkened brows – I just think it would be a bit much!

What are your feelings on eyebrows? Do you pencil them in religiously, every day? Or do you like that “bleached out” look that is so high-fashion at the moment? If you want to see how my eyebrows actually looked, ie, in normal light, you can see that video here. All the products used are listed beneath the video, too. Obviously no eyebrow pencil!


  1. Christina Covarrubias

    To really pull off this look, you have to be a model! ahaha! Love ya Ruth! I just watched your Lancome vid! Aww, you seemed a bit nervous (just a bit!). Great job! You can (kinda) tell they wanted you to cut out most of your (lovely) chatter (boo). Much love!


  2. I think slightly darker brows are more youthful if you’re over 40. But shape seems most important. Nothing worse then those super thin, exaggerated arches with a blob in the center. Why would any woman want her eyebrows to look like sperm?

  3. Thanks so much ladies, I’m off to make a few purchases! Xxxx

  4. Shavarta or anastasia do the stencils, shavers from qvc anastasia from cult beauty x

  5. I some how got missed when god was dishing out eyebrows, I have a 1cm long but barely visabe in width line in place of eyebrows. This means I’m forced to draw them on everyday if only to cover up the lack of! Also being super pale doesn’t help one little bit either as everything just looks so ‘drawn on!’
    Despite 20 years practice I still struggle to draw them evenly as there is absolutely no eyebrow shape to follow! Any suggestions? Xxx

    • What about those eyebrow guides you can get? Like stencils?! I haven’t tried but I know people who have used them successfully… Am on hols but remind me to look up the name of them! X

  6. Apart from plucking into a neat, but still fairly substantial shape and putting some clear gel on I’m too scared to do anything to my eyebrows.

    Sometimes I think that maybe they might look a bit better filled in slightly, but I just can’t bring myself to try even a shadow as any make-up looks heavy/dramatic on my pasty little face. I really enjoy watching the pixiwoo girls pencil theirs in though…I haven’t got a weird fetish (I promise!), it’s just impressive how brows can change a look/face!

  7. Wow! Wish I could pull that off!

    On the eyebrows: I totally over plucked
    when younger so have no choice but
    to colour ’em in (with HD Brows palette)

  8. That was some weird lighting! Your brows are normally.. well.. there..

    I have light and sparse brows but hate the drawn-on look. I’ve tried many things and have found my HG products: Shu Uemura hard pencil and Laura Mercier brow definer. The Shu pencil is not like any other brow pencils, it’s very light. I normally find brow pencil to be too pigmented, like an eyeliner pencil. With Shu pencil I can build up the color to my desire for a very natural and subtle look.

  9. I have very pale eyebrows naturally and feel a bit weird when I do pencil them in. I occasionally use a pale greige eyeshadow and that feels better. (very very pleased to hear that bleached out brows are in!)

  10. Being pale and blonde, my eyebrows are almost white. For years I was paranoid about them and jealous of all my darker haired friends. I once got them dyed brown and it was so horrendous I sat with Pantene on them for hours to fade them (it worked!. It has taken me years to find the right product, one that darkens them but still flatters my skin tone. However, I now quite like my Scandinavian look and only darken them slightly if I want to look ‘made-up’.

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