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New Romantic?

Wow. This is a bit eighties, isn’t it? It’s actually the exact look that I did for the Eye Makeup video last week, so you can see how I created it here, but it looks very different in this weird lighting. My eyebrows are almost disappearing! Do you know what, though, I have been thinking a lot about eyebrows recently. (As you do.) I know we are supposed to have perfectly arched, dark, neat eyebrows to “frame the face”, but I do think that sometimes, if you’re wearing a lot of other makeup, it can look a little bit Drag Queen. I mean, they needed to be a little darker here, for that lighting, but I wouldn’t want to have properly darkened brows – I just think it would be a bit much!

What are your feelings on eyebrows? Do you pencil them in religiously, every day? Or do you like that “bleached out” look that is so high-fashion at the moment? If you want to see how my eyebrows actually looked, ie, in normal light, you can see that video here. All the products used are listed beneath the video, too. Obviously no eyebrow pencil!


  1. I’d love to have naturally fair eyebrows because I think that they are just so pretty. Unfortunately, no matter what my hair colour is, mine always seem to be a good two shades darker! Even hairdressers have commented. Oh well! Xxx

  2. Wow–this is such a bold, dramatic look but you pull it off SO well (as you do everything else of course…). I COMPLETELY agree with you on the eyebrow thing too, Ruth! I seriously thought I was the only one because I know everyone is always harping about how darn important eyebrows are and how if there’s only ONE thing you should do ,it would be your eyebrows…but honestly, sometimes if I feel like I’m wearing more eyeshadow than my usual quick wash of color and I’ve actually lined under my eyes and created dark lashes and am wearing a bright pop of blush, I will definitely skip the eyebrow powder. I feel like it’s just way too much!

  3. I think filled in brows are the hardest thing to do, especially when photographed: I’ve seen many shameful interpretations of catwalk looks on nights out! But I love brows when they’re done well, and my makeup artist friend swears by Anastasia products :-)

  4. Hate. H A T E really done, “scouse-brow” or however you want to call them brows. I just use a brow gel from MAC to keep them in place and that’s all. But again I’m not the kind of woman who wears loads of MU… Natural(even if fake, most of the time fake) is ALWAYS the way forward! :)

  5. I usually prefer light over dark eyebrows: they’re more feminine and flattering I think – at least on me! And I love them to be perfectly groomed but still natural looking. I’ve got to fill in my eyebrows every single day, they’re so sparse! Sometimes I use an eyeshadow (wedge by mac) and I apply it with my mufe angled brush. Sometimes a pencil (dirty blonde, again by mac). Thinking about having a go with anastasia pencils, are they ok? Maybe you should do a video on eyebrows :) xx

  6. I have to “draw” in my brows but still prefer the softer eyebrow look. To me, the “new” brow look is a bit too harsh and masculine, but to each his or her own?

  7. I have been going for monthly HD brow treatments since December and I LOVE LOVE my defined brows. As an Indian girl, I had never considered tinting my brows, but wow what a difference! Looking at pics of myself as a kid, I had these bushy big brows….but actually they looked better than the over plucked uneven ones I was sporting until I started HD. So I am all for the defined dark brow! xx

  8. Fabulous look Ruth not many could pull this off !!
    I do pencil in my eyebrows now as they are a lot fairer than my red hair I’ve only started recently as up till now never found a suitable pencil I use anastasia pencil in straw burn it’s fab i woukd really recomnend it. I have done a review here if anyone wants to have a look, be warned there is abit if a scary photo of me without make up just the eyes though ! Lol! Hope your having a fab holiday xx

  9. I always pencil them in, but that’s because they’re gappy (a word, yes?). If they were neat but light I’d probably not bother every day, but it’s the gaps that I can’t stand. They’re quite dark anyway.

    Not a fan of the above look I’m afraid… it IS very 80’s! I can see the lighting might have made it look that way though.

  10. My brows are kind of a mess, really, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable doing anything to them. It just felt like a step too far… too fussy… or something. I felt like a few years ago the beauty companies realized women weren’t hardly spending anything on their eyebrows and so out came all the kits and powders and pencils… ooh, that’s all very cynical coming from yours truly who spend-spend-spends as much as anyone!! Haha. I admit that my brows and my face would probably look a lot better if I “did” something to them, but I just haven’t ever felt quite comfortable with what that would be. And whenever I’ve been tempted, I haven’t ever quite trusted anyone to not turn me into a horror show!

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