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Best Buy: Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment

I would never usually use the phrase “best buy”, but this hair treatment has me a little stunned. It works in under a minute (leave it on for a couple and you do see extra results) and it leaves the hair smooth, shiny but without any slimy residue or heaviness. It reminds me a lot – a lot – of SEAH’s Cashmere Mask, and I presumed that it would be sold at around the same price-point. Er, NO! It’s £6.60 on BeautyBay.com!

This Rich Repair Treatment is brilliant on slightly frazzled locks. If you have serious dryness and breakage, you might still need to go for something that stays on a little longer, but for everyone else? This is a perfect twice-weekly conditioner. It’s more a quick-fix than a long-term restructuring/repairing treatment, so if you really do have chronic hair malfunction then you might want to look to a hair repair oil or similar once a week. Ojon do a very good treatment, now that they have made the fragrance less retch-inducing: QVC


  1. Just watched your summer product video and ordered this here right after! $11!!! So excited.

  2. Sounds great. I see they do one for a sensitive scalp. Pondering trying that.

  3. OMG i bought this masque and it is soo uncredibly amazing! Before my hair was dry but afterwards it feels and looks like silk :) Thanks so much ruth for your (as always) brilliant advice ;)

  4. Activebeauty.co.uk do the whole range of 60sec treatments for £6.95.. I’m definitely going to try this stuff out :) This blog is so helpful and the range of products being reviewed is so varied, good stuff,thanks!

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