Best Buy: Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment

I would never usually use the phrase “best buy”, but this hair treatment has me a little stunned. It works in under a minute (leave it on for a couple and you do see extra results) and it leaves the hair smooth, shiny but without any slimy residue or heaviness. It reminds me a lot – a lot – of SEAH’s Cashmere Mask, and I presumed that it would be sold at around the same price-point. Er, NO! It’s £6.60 on!

This Rich Repair Treatment is brilliant on slightly frazzled locks. If you have serious dryness and breakage, you might still need to go for something that stays on a little longer, but for everyone else? This is a perfect twice-weekly conditioner. It’s more a quick-fix than a long-term restructuring/repairing treatment, so if you really do have chronic hair malfunction then you might want to look to a hair repair oil or similar once a week. Ojon do a very good treatment, now that they have made the fragrance less retch-inducing: QVC


  1. Just watched your summer product video and ordered this here right after! $11!!! So excited.

  2. Sounds great. I see they do one for a sensitive scalp. Pondering trying that.

  3. OMG i bought this masque and it is soo uncredibly amazing! Before my hair was dry but afterwards it feels and looks like silk :) Thanks so much ruth for your (as always) brilliant advice ;)

  4. do the whole range of 60sec treatments for £6.95.. I’m definitely going to try this stuff out :) This blog is so helpful and the range of products being reviewed is so varied, good stuff,thanks!

  5. i read this post and immediately bought it!! that is a first for me!! expecting big things from it :-)

  6. I have this!!! And it has made miracles to my hair :)

  7. Hey Ruth) i have question i have oily skin that cause some blemish and i cant find a moisturizer or serum do you know good products??? Please reply back)))

  8. Oh my God Ruth and girls!! nothing to do with this post really. But I need to tell you guys I have been done a salycilic acid tratement and my face is burning like hell!! Please please please be carefull with that !! d my skin is folling out of my face right now. Is anybody sufered this too? xo.

  9. Sounds really promising- and at a great price! I tried samples of Goldwell’s moisturizing shampoo and conditioner lately and was really impressed! Extra motivation to try out this treatment :)

  10. Seems the powers that be at Beauty Bay cottoned on, the price has been upped to 8.60. GGGrrr. However, it’s £8 at feelunique, so have nabbed one from there;p

  11. My hairdresser uses Goldwell products and I am always impressed with how they leave my hair and you can’t beat the price point :)

  12. Oooh, I was waiting for your opinion on this!
    I actually bought the one for coloured hair last week after dying my tresses red on a whim, it’s lovely. Only used it once but my hair was left super soft and conditioned, very surprised! :)
    Will have to try this one next when mine runs out – which won’t take long, what a bargain! :)


    Hi Ruth
    Another great post
    what a Bargain price shame my hair is oily any recommendations for my hair
    thank you

  14. This sounds great! I thought I wasn’t spending a lot of time in the sun this summer, but inevitably my hair is starting to show signs of dryness and damage. Definitely need to get my hands on nice hydrating mask.

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