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Cooling, Firming, Mess-Free Eye Gels!

This was taken on “one of those days” – puffy, tired, sore eyes, but lots of work to do and no chance to lie down and relax for a few minutes. Hence the eye masks underneath the spectacles. You wouldn’t think that these more “solid” masks would be that effective – there’s no serum or cream touching the skin, for a start – but these do have rather a nice cooling and toning effect on the eye area. Yes, you could probably cut a couple of slices off the end of a cucumber and use those instead, and yes no doubt you could soak chamomile tea bags and sit there with brown liquid dribbling over your face, but if you want a quick (non-messy) fix then these Eye Gels from Skyn Iceland are pretty handy.

I have no idea, really, how these gel masks work – I reviewed a full-face one from Dr Lewinn’s recently and that was nice and cooling/toning too. For me, their primary benefit is that they are mess-free. I think that overall I prefer the sheet masks that are saturated in beautifying product (Institut Esthederm patches, Shu Uemura masks) but these “dry” masks are wonderful for neat, hassle-free treatment. I kept the eye patches on for an hour. AN HOUR. I just couldn’t bear to take them off, they were still cool after all of that time, but the window-man arrived to give a quote and I had to take them off. I would have reapplied again had Mr Bear not licked them!

£25 for eight pairs, Marks and Spencer Beauty

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  1. I think I’d prefer a sheet mask too. And by the way, nice specs!

    Ali x

  2. I’ve a load of these kind of gel patches for doing eyelash extentions..although, mine have collagen to release into the skin. I would’ve loved to have seen the window man’s face if you had left them on. :D xx

  3. Ruth you are absolutely stunning!

  4. You look so gorgeous in glasses! And I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about this Skyn Iceland eye mask–I must give it a try. My eyes have been so puffy and blah-looking lately from too many hours spent in front of the computer working away

  5. These masks are really great. The ingredients are inpregnated into a gel. When the mask is placed on to the face it adheres to the skin and all the lovely ingredients get pushed deep into the latyers of the skin. :) they are proper brill. Boots used to sell the most wonderful brand years ago made by a company called Spa Sciences. These eye masks transformed the under eye area. They they dissapeard :(

    • Thank you Daniel! I would love to know more about the delivery system though – surely it’s not as effective as if the ingredients were in a serum or liquid form? xx

  6. I must get these and treat my eyes.
    I know its off topic, but what are your thoughts about Marks and Spencer’s new Pure skincare range? The range is free from chemical nasties. X

  7. Can you do a post or a video on haircare for a beach holiday. i am going away and i have coloured hair and i dont want it to get damaged with the pool and sea and sun.

    Thanks xxx

  8. did it give mr. bear’s tongue a nice effect?

  9. Look quite nice . . they would be lovely to pop on before landing (long haul flight). My eyes usually get a bit red and tired looking. Not sure how id hide them, maybe hide out under an eyemask for 20 mins so poeple wouldnt know what your up to! : )

  10. Hi Ruth,

    I can’t get this in Indonesia :( although, I’m trying similar thing from Coni, i bought it when I travel to Taiwan. have u heard this brand? I tried to google it, but it was hopeless. But, I bought it in Sogo, the box says it’s french brand and collagen is on the fifth of the ingredient list. I guess, it should be pretty good, right? used them twice and love it so far

    xx :)

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