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What to Wear on your Summer Holidays!

I spend about 90% of my holidays wearing a bikini. I’m not sure that’s even much of an exaggeration! I have the odd floppy t-shirt or cheapo dress that I sling on to wander off for lunch, or a cool, loose dress to wear at dinner, but most of the time, if I’m somewhere hot, I’m in a bikini.

That’s a bit of a spoiler really, because it sums up exactly what’s in my suitcase in the following video: bikinis and loose-fitting cotton clothing! But you may like a little nosey into my holiday wardrobe, and there are some holiday snapshots thrown into the vid for good measure. Those of you who were interested to know how the DVF bikini shaped up, you’ll see that too, in full glorious technicolor.

The nail polish throughout is Chanel’s “Holiday” which is still available at Selfridges: http://tidd.ly/aeb2109a

Right. Sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin:

Info from below Youtube Video:

This is a quick fashion video to show you the outfits that I took on holiday with me to Greece this year. Holiday packing is always a bit of a nightmare – you either overpack or don’t take enough! I usually spend 90% of my time in a bikini, so it’s all about outfits that can be thrown together casually.

In the heat you want clothes that are quite loose-fitting and comfy – there’s nothing worse than being sweaty in tight clothing, so when you holiday pack make sure that you include lots of light, loose clothing. It’s good also to look for cotton, linen and silk as the natural fibres help to keep you cooler rather than things like polyester..

Holiday Essentials: a hat and sunglasses. If you want to keep your face looking young, then keep it in the shade! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sun, but you don’t want to be sitting out and frying in it! You can easily bronze your face with makeup, so there’s no need to “tan” it.

Most of the items shown can’t be bought now, but you can find Violet Lake bikinis (like the orange one) here: http://goo.gl/9lEJm

Chanel Nail Polish in Holiday: http://tidd.ly/aeb2109a

The Diane von Furstenberg bikini was from Net-a-Porter (see link above) but it was in the sale, so probably gone. Splendid dress was also N-a-P sale!

Cat vest from H&M was bought a few weeks ago in the Covent Garden London branch, but the rest of the clothes are older. I don’t take much designer stuff away with me because I like to just throw things on and wear them to the beach and so on!

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  1. Loved the Chanel polish. Did you use the various Institut Esthederm tanning products (reviewed a month ago, I believe) and if so, how did they work out for you?…since mine HAVE come in but I’ve been a bit of a chicken, I’m afraid, courage needed.
    And happy to see it looks as if you’re having a great time!

    • The face ones are an absolute dream. I tested them against Sisley SPF50 and they stood up to it pretty well, but they are very different. The IE ones allow your skin to colour whereas the SPF50 pretty much blocks…so it’s an interesting concept, really.. x

  2. I LOVE that DVF bikini–so cute! And I have that same Hanky Panky lacy bandeau–though I probably need another one because last summer I wore it so often that it’s a little stretched out at the bottom :P Love that thing

  3. What is the gorgeous red lip color you are wearing in the black bikini when you are in the pool? So stunning!
    Also do you still like Dior HydraTint? Love to hear a review of it if its still a favorite

    • Yes, it’s great!! Must remember to do a review. Lippie in the pool is YSL and a gloss over the top, I’ll be putting the video up soon! x

  4. Really liked this video and my goodness, the view is to die for! Hope you had a lovely time on your holiday. I’m due to fly out to Asia next week and I pretty much agree with you on the loose fitting tops, it’s going to hot and humid (granted there is air-con) but I wouldn’t want to wear a tight fitting top which A) would show all my lady lumps and bumps (which would be very much bad for your eyes) but B) that horrible sticking sensation isn’t pleasant at all! Thankfully I’ve got a fair few loose fitting tops to take on my holiday! Anyway, great video and that nail polish looks so amazing on tanned skin! :D

  5. Where in Greece are you? The view looks amazing!x

  6. I too really like the Chanel nail polish, looks like the perfect shade for summer! It would really mean a lot if you had a quick look at my blog, I am just starting out and would appreciate any feedback you have, especially since yours is so great xxx

  7. You look wonderful, hope you enjoy(ed?) your time. Was wondering quickly if you’ve ever tested the Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser…I’ve heard it is very similar to Pai.

  8. What kind of Kindle case is that? I love how simple but colorful it is.

  9. Hope you had a great holiday – your view from the apartment really is amazing! :)
    One quick question – Is the Hanky Panky lace bra padded in any way? I could use something like it but I don’t feel very comfortable, when there is no padding at all.

  10. Hi Ruth, I have a question about the IE sun products. I’ve purchased some for my face but found that the bottle says it contains oxybenzone which is a hormone disrupter and skin irritant. Do you find that it irritates your skin?

    • Hmmm. I’ve looked into this quite a lot recently, and the most up-to-date research suggests that it is safe at the strengths permitted for cosmetic use and also non-irritating. I find it to be absolutely fine – if I had expeienced any issues at all I would NEVER recommend a product. Of course, what suits me may not suit everyone! x

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