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This Cannot Fail to Make You Laugh

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I want to share with you a little link to a video that NEVER fails to make me laugh. In my darkest moments I have searched for this on Youtube and it has completely and utterly cheered me up. Many of you will have seen it before and I expect that for a few of you, it will be on your own favourite “moments” list.

It is the Friends episode where Ross gets a spray tan. If you don’t know the episode I mean (but you know what Friends is, surely? Unless you have been living in a disused power station in Siberia?) then you are in for a treat. I won’t give too much away, but I’ll warn you not to watch this on public transport. If you’re anything like me, you’ll laugh out loud uncontrollably and then do a weird pig-snort.

I swear, if you ever go for a spray tan after watching this, you’ll have to bite your tongue not to shout “I’M AN EIGHT?” at the technician.

Email users, click here to watch. **update: you may ALL have to click to watch as it’s copyrighted and keeps getting removed!**


  1. No kidding, I thought about that scene today. We were putting suntan lotion on and I thought of Ross and the spray tan machine. How it would be great if they made those for SPF lotions. :) Not to miss a spot, well, sort of.

  2. This is brilliant! I love friends and this just made me laugh so much :) x

  3. LOVE IT!!! This is hands down one of my 3 fav Ross moments… The leather pants and the UNAGI episode are the other two! hahah Laughing now I though about UNAGI!! hahah xx

  4. Thank u, thank u, thank u! I was struggling with a killer deadline and the most horrid writers block. Then I saw this clip and my brain miraculously opened up! Now the only problem is how do I restrain myself from sitting down to watch the entire series on auto loop and actually get some work done!!!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this Ruth! one of my favourite episodes of Friends ever – although ‘The One Where Ross is Fine’ has to be number one!

  6. I love Friends. One moment where I died laughing was when they were trying to get a couch up a flight of stairs and they could barely fit. Every time they would come to a turn in the stairs Ross would yell “Pivot!!!” God it was soooo funny!! I’m getting out my Friends DVDs tonight :D

  7. Thank you ruth…this really cheered me up..xxx

  8. “Did you count Mississipilly” haha hilarious! best show ever!! x

  9. When I watched friends first time, real time, Chandler was my favorite. But the re shows, it’s Ross hand down.

    Another brilliant one is the leather trousers.

    Baby lotion, talc and black leather pants, there is no getting out of that one.

  10. Best line “well I like how you look, what are you?” – “Puerto Rican” hahaha

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