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Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Solution

This cleansing water is a bit of a repeat buy for me – I don’t know how many bottles I’ve had now! I think I must have just used up the dregs of my sixth or seventh bottle? I bought my first one when I was staying in Paris for model castings – along with a foaming cleanser and a cleansing milk. Goodness knows how many years ago that was. I’m still using the water quite regularly – not so much the cleansing milk, though that is lovely too. The foaming cleanser is in my gym locker (the gym I haven’t been to in over a year) and has probably sprouted legs and its own little micro-world by now.

I don’t use micellar waters for proper cleansing – I like to use them before cleansing sometimes to take off excess eye makeup or foundation, just so that when I use a hot cloth cleanser or cleansing balm I can get down to the real nitty-gritty. Micellar waters are quite powerful cleansing agents, but most of them aren’t “rinse-off” and I do believe that when you are cleansing thoroughly, you need Mr Water and Mrs WashCloth to get involved. But for convenience, for ease of use, for portability and cleansing on-the-go, you can’t beat a Micellar cleanser!

Caudalie’s Cleansing Water is a lightly fragrant fluid that does a pretty good job of removing all makeup. Perhaps not waterproof mascara, but I hate waterproof mascara anyway, so that’s no skin off my nose! You might find that you need a quick splash of water after this – that’s why I often use it as a pre-cleanse, or if I’m going to be following it with a sweep of something else. (ie, Liquid Gold!)

It’s £13.50 with free worldwide delivery at FeelUnique.com

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  1. Still, nothing does it for me like the Bioderma micellar water. Ruth I would realy like to try some Caudalie products, I haven’t ever used any. Is there anything you would suggest? Thx!

  2. Hi Ruth,

    Would you say that this is better than the bio derma that everyone raves about?

    Kate x

    • I find all of the micellars to be quite similar, if you want unfragranced and effective though, I think that Bioderma is the classic to go for! x

  3. I LOVE this stuff! I started using it almost 2 years ago–it was the first cleansing water I had tried and I’m so happy with it, I really don’t feel the need to experiment with other ones (though, knowing me, I probably will anyway :P). I use it as a pre-cleanse as well or as a post-cleanse wipe-down just to be sure I’ve gotten everything on my neck and hairline. It’s really amazing stuff

  4. I’m completely addicted to misceller waters too, Ruth – thanks to you. What I like is that if I’m just too “lazy” to wash my face, I tell myself to just do the waters bit. By the time my face gets wet, I’ve been inspired to go to Mr. Water and Mrs. Washcloth, as you so descriptively put it (how DO you come up with this hysterical stuff? Fantastic!).
    Ah! See how inspirational you are, in addition to being funny? It’s one reason I AM so addicted to AMR!

  5. Hello Ruth!
    My favourite Caudalie product is the Contouring Concentrate serum. It has done wonders for my cellulite together with the brush method I learned from you. Thank you so much!
    How do you keep flat belly without gym?I am quite thin but my stomach area doesn’t follow.
    Greetings from Greece!!!

  6. This looks & sounds like a really refreshing and lovely product for the skin, especially in the summertime! (Although, summer’s nearly over, isn’t it? Where did the time go?!??) I’ve never tried a micellar solution; it appears they aren’t as popular (or I should say not at all popular) in the US, which is where I live. But, being the obsessive skin care fanatic that I am, I’m always interested in trying new things! Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve been terribly impressed w/the few products I’ve tried from Caudalie: the Vinoperfect Radiance serum, Premier Cru Eye cream, and lip conditioner were all total busts for me (and overpriced busts at that)! At any rate, I enjoyed this post; your reviews are always so fantastic and well-written! AMR is by far my favorite blog to read. Keep it up, Ruth! :)

    • Thank you Jennifer! Oh I loved the Premier Cru eye cream, I blind-tested it on someone else, too, in a little pot and they loved it. Each to their own though, it IS very expensive! Nothing beats my StriVectin. Nothing yet, at any rate! xx

      • I was wondering Ruth, because I asked you before about your fave eye cream, and I wanted to ask what exactly is it about the StriVectin that is so good? I’ve never used it and want to save up for it. What makes it stand out from the others?

        • I don’t know, nothing I can describe. I just know that my eye area looks better when I use it than when I don’t. Sorry that’s so vague – I know some people who don’t rate it that much, so it must just be personal preference! It’s very moisturising without being greasy or heavy, though some people have found it drying, weirdly! Try and get hold of a sample sachet if you can! x

          • Thanks for replying! I just finished the l’occitane precious eye balm, but I didn’t like it, because when it dried it used to roll into little balls, don’t know how to explain it… do you know what I mean? Like it was impossible to put make up on top of it because it would roll. What do you think about the Caudalie premier cru eye cream? Or have you used the Clarins eye balm?

          • Yep, both of those are lovely! That’s weird about the l’Occitane – I know exactly what you mean though. xx

  7. I’ve been a fan of this for around a year now, and I would never use this stuff if i have makeup on, it just wouldn’t leave my face feeling as clean as a hot cloth cleanser. But i like it for when i wake up first thing in the morning when i’m wearing no makeup at all! It’s actually very good value as well!

  8. I do a full deep cleanse every night, so in the morning I would like to keep it more simple. I know that some people just splash cold water on their face in mornings. I’ve tried that and feel like I need more. Could I just use micellar for my morning routine?

  9. This looks like a lovely cleansing water! I really love bioderma and I use cleansing waters like you described in your post – as a pre cleanse! I’d really like to try some other products from Caudalie!

    Abi x

  10. Love your blog! I’m also a fan of the double cleanse. Using up a Lancome cream cleanser at the mo but I’m in the market for a micellaire water when that one runs out. Have you tried the Lancome one and if so would you recommend it? I like the fact it comes in a bumper bottle. Also, does anyone know where you can buy the Bioderma one in the UK? Thanks!

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