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Dr Hauschka Skincare Routine

I promised my friend, Alex Byrne, that I would try her recommended skincare routine using Dr Hauschka products. Alex is a top makeup artist (you can see some of her work here) and I first worked with her about ten years ago. I’m pretty sure she was the first makeup artist to introduce me to one of Dr Hauschka’s cult products, the Rose Cream. The Rose Day Cream is a brilliant, rich cream that works wonders on dry skin – perhaps a little too rich for combination T-Zones, and definitely too rich for breakout-prone skin! (There is a lighter version, too, actually – find it here – but I still prefer the original!) It’s great, though, for prepping tired skin before makeup application. Massage it in thoroughly about fifteen to twenty minutes before you start putting on your foundation and it seems to create a smooth, plumped-up base.

Anyway, fast-forward ten years and Alex is still proclaiming the benefits of Hauschka – she wants me to give up my usual routine for a month and use the products shown in the photograph above. A rinse off cleanser (or “roll” off, actaully, as you’re supposed to roll and press the product over the skin), a toner and the Rose Day Cream. Now, you know me – I can’t live without some kind of exfoliation, and so I have a feeling that I won’t even last it out a week, but I am interested to see what such a simple routine will do for my skin. I’m especially looking forward to the little Lavender ritual that Alex has suggested – adding a few drops of the Lavender bath oil to my water so that cleansing becomes more of a luxurious treatment. Nice touch!

The Lavender Bath is here if anyone fancies trying this along with me! I’m going to be starting my testing on Monday, once all of my Zest Beauty Awards testing has finished. (I still have about fifty products to get through, though luckily I am familiar with most of them already.)

Dr Hauschka is available from BeautyBay.com with free worldwide delivery.


  1. I tried to find your follow up on this but I cant! What was the outcome? Love you blog

  2. ok – please help – why cant I see ruths final review?

  3. Did you manage to trial these items? How did you get on? I’m very interested in hearing your results.

  4. please be careful when you start a hauschka regime. you might want to be on a long holiday, or at least don’t do any beauty modelling. some of the ingredients are based on homeopathic principles, so that (same as in classic homeopathy) the skin might get extremely bad first before adjusting. even though i had good skin to begin with, when i started hauschka i had a full month of the uglies (blemishes, acne all over) before my skin settled. disgusting as it was, i think it was well worth it because my skin is lovely now.

  5. This is a great regime, which I started recently after winning it in a raffle! I’ve suffered from breakouts for over 20 years (booo) and since I started using this, my skin has cleared considerably.

    The cleansing cream was such a surprise when I first used it, as it doesn’t look like any other cleanser I’ve ever seen. Like someone else said, the scent of it is a bit unpleasant – it catches the back of my throat, especially if I use too much and also makes my eyes sting briefly. I find it does seem to exfoliate, if you rub it into your skin properly.

    The spray-on toner is lovely and refreshing. I don’t usually like using normal toner, as it seems to instantly dry out my skin and also leaves a sticky residue. It always feels like I’ve undone the good work of the cleansing process.

    I was initially wary of the cream, as it is so thick and rich and I fully expected to come out in spots overnight after applying it, but this didn’t happen. I wake up in the morning and my skin still feels rather greasy, but it’s definitely cream residue rather than my natural oils. I use a different, lighter moisturiser in the daytime, as this stuff’s just too much. It’s a great night cream though.

    I’ve only used the lavender bath product once, as it hasn’t really been bath weather recently. I thought it was just bubblebath though, not oil, so put half the bottle in! I’ll be sparing next time…

    • Thank you, nice little mini-reviews there, I should just get you to write the post! ; )

    • When are u going to start I’m dying to know how u like it I had a really bad time when I tried a product from eminence trying to go all organic …I believe I’m allergic to Shea butter anyhow this line is at whole foods and I really like the idea I just don’t wanna go through another product that wrecks my skin

  6. I’m dying to see what you think. I have been a convert for a few years. I did get bored and strayed to another range once or twice. I had to go back. Dr H was the only thing to calm and even out my combination / acne skin.

    Everyone I tell about Dr H thinks its daft. All that press and roll stuff cracks them up. I’m all over that shit though.

    And for anyone looking to save he pennies, you can buy it direct from Germany for cheaper

  7. No matter, whatever season you are passing through just uses natural beauty products and care yourself in a simple way. Choose easy way to clean yourself.

  8. I thought the cleansing cream was exfoliating! Maybe this is where I’ve been going wrong, although it’s the only cleanser that seems to work on my (oily/combination) skin and I’ve tried the Liz Earle and the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser.
    If you do have oily/combination/breakout-prone skin I would recommend the Clarifying Toner and the Melissa Day Cream, as I find even the lighter Rose Cream makes me break out.
    You can get Dr.Hauschka from belladonna-naturkosmetik.de very cheap- they have a ridiculously high shipping fee, but the discounts and free samples are worth it.
    Whew, that’s a really long first post!

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