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Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser

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My love of the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser is well documented. Watch any of my skincare videos and you’re almost guaranteed to see it mentioned; it’s one of my staple beauty products and a very effective, gentle face cleanser. You can read more of my reviews and mentions by trawling through these posts, but if you want to buy it, you can get worldwide free delivery with Beauty Expert or Beauty Bay.

Recently, though, in this sticky weather, I have been hankering after something a little lighter and fresher than the creamy balancing cleanser. You may have read my review on the 111 Skin Face Wash which has a nice, fluid texture and is easy to wash off; the Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser is of a similar ilk. It’s a non-foaming gel that can be used all over the face, including the eye area, that lifts up makeup and dirt to leave the skin thoroughly cleansed. I give this a couple of goes when I’m doing a proper cleanse; it doesn’t feel quite so robust as the Balancing version. What this is amazing for, though, is skin that’s a bit oily, congested and prone to nasty breakouts. It contains the ingredient Triclosan which is a highly effective antibacterial agent*, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria – key in a product aimed at oily/combination skin. It’s very gentle, non-stripping and re-balancing, so a good option for anyone with temperamental skin who’d just like a good, no-frills, everyday cleanser.

I would say that I still prefer the Balancing Cleanser because it feels slightly better at makeup removal, but the Triple Action is an excellent choice for a morning cleanser and for a “that time of the month” kind of cleanser. I’m still waiting for an Alpha-H product that I don’t love, so this review was probably a bit of a foregone conclusion, but I’m glad that I’ve given it a good test over the last month. Those with dry skin will want to stick with the Balancing version, those with dehydrated skin (but oily underneath) will probably be delighted with the Triple Action! Those with acne, severely oily skin or problematic teen skin might like to give the Clear Skin range a try. There’s a trial kit here.

Triple Action Cleanser is on Beauty Expert, £23 for a massive 200ml. Free worldwide delivery here

*(Those asking about Triclosan controversy on twitter can see FDA safety approval here: http://www.fda.gov/forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm205999.htm.)


  1. Hi Ruth, I stumbled upon your website a week ago and I am OBSESSED. great reviews on products and you are just plain awesome. I do have one question for you. I want to try the liquid gold but my concern is that I live in Bali which basically mean sun, sun, sun. Would you still recommend me trying it. I am a click away from buying it since I have a week left in Ibiza before heading back home and this is the only way i can get a hold of this product. Thanks again for being awesome and thanks for taking the time.

  2. Hi Ruth, I’m torn between this and the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I love, but I use Liquid Gold and want to try more Alpha H. My skin is dehydrated, I get breakouts, but nothing crazy, and I have clogged pores on my forehead, do you think I’d benefit from using this?

    Thanks, Ryan

  3. I’m defiantly going to give Alpha-H a shot. My boyfriend and I live in Manhattan, and it has been taking a serious toll on our skin. He has recently become interested in taking care of his skin (simple guy version though.) Would you recommend this line for guys, or another line would be more suitable?

  4. Hi Ruth.

    I have cystic acne due to hormone imbalances. Its located on my cheeks and chin area, so I dont have the typical ‘white head’ spots; instead I have hard lumps underneath the skin which cause redness, inflammation and swelling and as a result I have lots of scarring :-(

    Im wondering whether the alpha h clear skin range would be better, or the triple action cleanser?

    Im looking for a cleanser that will remove all traces of makeup.

    My skin gets extremely oily throughout the day, so i constantly have to use blotting tissues. However, my skin is also dehyrdated tight and sore alot of the time, so would like something that doesnt strip it dry like most acne fash washes containing salycilic acids.

    Please help! I’ve spent a fortune on products that dont work x

  5. Hi Ruth
    I use a lot of Alpha H products but haven’t heard much about their moisturizers. Do you rate any of them?

    • The Essential with SPF50 is very good. I know quite a few makeup artists who rate it as a makeup primer as well as very effective suncare! x

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