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Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser

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My love of the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser is well documented. Watch any of my skincare videos and you’re almost guaranteed to see it mentioned; it’s one of my staple beauty products and a very effective, gentle face cleanser. You can read more of my reviews and mentions by trawling through these posts, but if you want to buy it, you can get worldwide free delivery with Beauty Expert or Beauty Bay.

Recently, though, in this sticky weather, I have been hankering after something a little lighter and fresher than the creamy balancing cleanser. You may have read my review on the 111 Skin Face Wash which has a nice, fluid texture and is easy to wash off; the Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser is of a similar ilk. It’s a non-foaming gel that can be used all over the face, including the eye area, that lifts up makeup and dirt to leave the skin thoroughly cleansed. I give this a couple of goes when I’m doing a proper cleanse; it doesn’t feel quite so robust as the Balancing version. What this is amazing for, though, is skin that’s a bit oily, congested and prone to nasty breakouts. It contains the ingredient Triclosan which is a highly effective antibacterial agent*, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria – key in a product aimed at oily/combination skin. It’s very gentle, non-stripping and re-balancing, so a good option for anyone with temperamental skin who’d just like a good, no-frills, everyday cleanser.

I would say that I still prefer the Balancing Cleanser because it feels slightly better at makeup removal, but the Triple Action is an excellent choice for a morning cleanser and for a “that time of the month” kind of cleanser. I’m still waiting for an Alpha-H product that I don’t love, so this review was probably a bit of a foregone conclusion, but I’m glad that I’ve given it a good test over the last month. Those with dry skin will want to stick with the Balancing version, those with dehydrated skin (but oily underneath) will probably be delighted with the Triple Action! Those with acne, severely oily skin or problematic teen skin might like to give the Clear Skin range a try. There’s a trial kit here.

Triple Action Cleanser is on Beauty Expert, £23 for a massive 200ml. Free worldwide delivery here

*(Those asking about Triclosan controversy on twitter can see FDA safety approval here: http://www.fda.gov/forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm205999.htm.)

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  1. 15% Discount at Beauty Expert!! :)
    One quick question! I’m getting the Clarisonic next month, can these be used with it? I bought the Liquid Gold thanks to you (and love it!) I won;t be using it on the same night as the clarisonic, but do you think that use them every other night is ok??
    Thanks!!! xx

    • Yes, both of these are great with the Clarisonic. Just be careful not to overdo the Clarisonic, it’s pretty powerful! x

  2. Oh, I have been looking for a cleanser just like that, hurrah, and when I went to buy, it is discounted. Even better, it is now £19.55. Thank you xxx

  3. Hi Ruth, i’m a devoted cleansing balm user but, like you, the recent humid weather has lead me to seek out a face wash. I have ‘rediscovered’ Avene Cleanance non-soap facewash (bought it from Boots) and have been very impressed by it. The Alpha H sounds also like a very nice product. Thanks for the review xx

  4. Hey Ruth,

    well now u got me confused! After hearing such great reviews on Balancing Cleanser I was sure it would be perfect for me and I was planing on buying it one of this days. But Triple Action sounds interesting as well… Can you help me? I have normal skin, quite clear, no major concerns but I do get shiny nose and a bit of forhead thoughout the day. At the moment i’m finishing my Chanel Purete Gel and it served me well for several years altough I do find it drying so I always use toner after cleansing. I can’t use moisturser with oils in it- that breaks me out for sure. So what do you think would be better for me? Balancing or Triple action? Thank your for your help (and also amazing reviews, I love your blog!)

  5. Thanks for the review Ruth! (Ibojic) x

  6. Last night i was searching cleanser for my own use. I’ve visited many of websites but this cleanser is looking effective and it has inspired me a lot. I must buy this cleanser today…

  7. Agree, with everything you’ve said. Just like you I prefer the balancing cleanser, but yes great idea to use this one as morning cleanser. Alpha H, products seem to do as they say, and without being pricey, what more can you ask from them? xx

  8. what a shame I’m severely to Aloe Vera ;-)

  9. I still have yet to try any Alpha H products that you rave about. I will have to get on that. Have you tried anything from the Mario Badescu line? I really enjoy his Botanical Facial Gel, it’s the orange one. Really light gel texture, non-foaming, and cleanses thoroughly without drying. Not to mention it smells fabulous. It’s my holy grail cleanser!

    • Testing some stuff at the mo! The Kiwi scrub smells of puke though. x

      • Oh, that’s gross. I have tried the Glycolic cleanser (only use a couple times a week, foaming, can be drying), the Enzyme Gel Cleanser (for all skin types, has papaya and grapfruit extracts, strong fragrance), and the buttermilk moisturizer (which didn’t absorb to my liking, I gave that one away to a friend with drier skin). I think the prices are great, but so far I’m just hooked on their cleansers.

  10. I like the Triple Action cleanser, though it does leave my face feeling quite tight so I just use it when I’m feeling oilier. I have combination skin, very prone to congestion and the odd spot – been trialing the Liquid Gold for a little while as well.

    I wanted to love the Balancing Cleanser, but it really stung my eyes the few times I used it to do a proper cleanse at night! It’s nice if I keep it away from my eyes, but it’s a shame. I’m trying out the Elemis Lime Blossom cleanser which I really prefer!

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