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Estée Lauder’s Ingenious Palette

This palette from Estée Lauder really is rather great. I wouldn’t go so far as to say ingenious, because it’s a palette at the end of the day – a palette with little removable compacts. Handy, but it wouldn’t blow their socks off on Dragons’ Den. The great thing about it – better than the removable compacts, in my opinion – is that the shades are really wearable. The goldy, bronzey shadow shades are right up my street, and though the lip palette would have benefitted from a nude or two, it’s a comprehensive selection. There’s also a blush in a suits-all pink and a pressed powder as well as a mini mascara. I usually prefer mini-mascaras to their full-size friends – I find them easier to control – and this is no exception.

Unfortunately (for those who rarely fly) this is a Travel Retail edition, which means that you can only pick it up at the airport. But of you see it, then it’s definitely worth a look. It’s a little on the expensive side for one of these all-in-ones, priced at £44, but look out for special offers when you’re next jetting off somewhere nice! It would make a splendid emergency holiday palette – shimmery gold eyes with bright coral lips?

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  1. this is the palette I commented about on your travel exclusive Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette post! isn’t it gorgeous. Especially when your hand luggage is taken, it is a life saver.

  2. I bought it 2 weeks ago and love it. Even for a woman who rarly uses make up. I played around with it and tried everything out and only got compliments.

  3. Awww this is so pretty. Why is it that things are always so much more appealing when they are compact and cute?

    Currently doing a St Tropez & OPI giveaway: http://5feet10.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/st-tropez-opi-giveaway.html


  4. Hi Ruth,
    first of all I want to thank you for writing all these reviews, tips and tricks for all of us who are not as skilled in the art of cosmetics as you are. And also I love the way you write about them and about the things that arent’t necesarily beauty related too. I just wanted to ask you, hope you don’t mind, if you are concerned whether the brands you are using, and indirectly recommending, engage in animal testing. For me it has become a concern mostly in the past few years, ever since I have my very own “Mr. Bear” and I was just curious if it is for you too.
    Thanks and keep up the good work :D!

    • Thanks Adina! Yes, it is a concern for me. However I try to keep a balanced view. I know that many companies can only claim to be animal-cruelty-free because the ingredients that they use have been well documented to be safe (though at some point someone else may have had to have tested them on animals!) and the companies trialling new, cutting edge ingredients perhaps cannot make the same claims. It IS a concern, very much, but I also try to keep an open mind as to the fact that it’s not as black and white as it may first seem. Thankfully, many brands are now entirely cruelty free and I’m hoping that the remaining will be very soon. xx

  5. Aw thats a super-cute palette! Too bad it’s only available at the airports–I rarely EVER travel

  6. It looks very nice and I have just found it on Amazon for 30 pounds!!! Buying it right now! :)

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