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Greek Beauty Products

A Model Recommends Ruth Crilly

Just a very quick little video showcasing some Greek beauty brands. I visit Greece almost every year and I wanted to highlight some of the products that are easily available worldwide. I’m so sorry about the sound – after the cicadas disaster of the last one, I had to do some sound tweaking and so my voice sounds slightly tinny. Such are the hazards of filming al fresco in a hot country!

Product links as always are beneath the video pane – those of you who were asking for serum recommendations to hydrate oily, sensitive skin; the Apivita might be a nice one to try!

Korres Fig Range: http://tidd.ly/bfec3424
Apivita Masks: http://tidd.ly/216db1a0
Apivita Hyaluronic Serum: http://tidd.ly/5974c2eb
Kings & Queens: http://www.powderrooms.com/brands/kings_and_queens/
Philosykos: http://tidd.ly/c2ef3bef

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  1. Hi!My name is Olga and I live in Athens.I m very happy that you visit Greece every summer,in which island didi you spend your holidays this year?

  2. Lovely products, Korres and Apivita are really great brands and very affordable. I hope I’ll visit Greece soon cause I’m absolutely in love with their little islands.

    Have you deleted your Instagram count? Your pics were great! (specially those in which appear the adorable Mr. Bear!) x

  3. Hi Ruth, great video as usual! My question is a little off subject but just need some advice regarding liquid gold. I have recently started using it but have noticed that my skin can be a little dry the next day…do you think this is just because my skin is getting used to it? I don’t really want to stop using it because other than a little dryness it is working absolute wonders for all the old red blemish marks that I have had on my face which is great! Also how do you incorporate the clarisonic into the liquid gold routine? I haven’t been using mine on my liquid gold night but do you think it could be used the morning after? Or should it just be used on the none liquid gold night? Any advice would be much appreciated!
    p.s. pretty much everything I have tried as a result of this website has worked brilliantly, you have managed to shake me out of my clinique 3 step rut and my skin looks so much more better for it!! thankyou!

    • Oh that’s so good to hear Rose, I’m pleased it’s all working for you well! I would go easy with the Clarisonic and use it only once or twice a week on the off days. In terms of dryness, I normally feel very OILY after using LG, so I will look into this. If you’re finding this a problem, you could try the LG Serum instead, which also contains Niacinamide, great for pigmentation marks. Or use your LG, wait for half an hour or so and then apply a light moisturiser… x

      • Thank you for your advice! The dryness may be from other products as I have been trying the etat pur cleanser for combination/oily skin. I’m pretty sure this was the culprit as now I have stopped using it my skin is less dry. It’s a bit too skin stripping for my liking! I’ve now started using the natural being manuka face wash which is so much better.

  4. Hey Ruth

    Great post! I’ve just come back from Lefkas and getting married in just under 3 weeks in Kefalonia -which if you haven’t visited you really must!
    Philosykos is actually inspired by Greece’s many fig trees and thats why its got a greek sounding name I only know this because I absolutely love that scent and have worn it for years! xx

  5. Thanks for posting this! Do you stock up on Greek cosmetics like some people do with French skincare?

  6. apivita masks burnt my face.

  7. Hi Ruth, I absolutely love Apivita products, in fact one of my favs is this hydrating serum, but I was told by a dermatologist that any type of acids are not suitable for the sunny summers, he recommended me to use the miraculous hyaluronic acid that this serum contains on the winter instead.

  8. I also visit greece every year, lovely country, great weather and amazing food! Infact i am off to crete tomorrow! Are these greek brands generally cheaper in greece or are they just as easy to come across here in the UK?

    • I think, what with the Euro not actually being marvellous, there wouldn’t be that much difference. Especially with FeelUnique being so bloody cheap all the time! x

  9. I have a friend visiting Greece from the U.S. what are the must have products you would recommend that I ask him to bring back for me? I have dry skin. A few wrinkles and sun spots but loss of elasticity and under eye circles are my main concerns. Any favorite cosmetics? Oils? Soaps? Hair products? Thank you!

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