YSL Le Teinte Touche Éclat – Illuminating Foundation

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

Some of you may have seen me appearing here there and everywhere in a little Youtube commercial for YSL’s Teinte Touche Éclat. I’ve got the full-length version of my “section” embedded below should you want to watch it! Did anyone try the foundation when they were doing the free trials? I really like it – it’s light and healthy-looking, which is exactly what I usually look for. The colour range is pretty good, too. It’s a bit hot for foundation at the moment (I like to wear as little as possible on my skin when the weather turns saucy), but I’ll most definitely be cracking this out in the autumn!

Le Teinte Touche Éclat is £28 with free delivery from FeelUnique.com. I use shade B30, for those who need a guide. To be honest, I’d be tempted to pop to a counter and try a few before buying, just to get it right. There’s a lot of choice!

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. The video above was made for YSL in Paris for their own use and I have posted it on here for you to watch if you’d like to see it! I am under no obligation to promote it – or the foundation! Just so you know…


  1. I got a sample of it from sephora in beige rose 40. I love it. As Ruth said, it’s easy to blend with fingers. I even tried it with a stippling brush and it still blended well! Bit expensive but I don’t use much at all. It will last a long while.

  2. I really love the ysl foundation too. I’ve had 3 positive comments whilst wearing so it must be good. 

  3. *thumbs up* Love it!

  4. Ruth you are awesome, loved the video:)

  5. You are SO natural!!!!! The video was great, and you were amazing as always!

  6. ahh I have been thinking about this for ages but now I don’t know if I would rather opt for a Burberry foundation…

  7. Bought a bottle 2 weeks ago, randomly the other day my husband commented that my skin looked good!

  8. I love the street scene with the leather jacket. Super rock and roll yet glam!

  9. Your skin is beyond flawless, it is amazing!
    Loved the video and the song is really cool, could you say what song it is ? xx

  10. oh Ruth you look absolutely stunning in this vid! Honestly I was waiting for you to say something positive about this foundation – so now I’ll need to get this ASAP ha ha! X

  11. Cool video…would love to see more like this, especially in the tv :)

  12. Hey Ruth, in the video it says you used shade B20. Are you using the B30 now because of tanning?

    • I think that they got that wrong. I definitely have B30! The B20 was beautiful but just on the pale side x

  13. Ruth you are the coolest! I like you’re bouncy hair in this vid :D

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