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Best Buys from the Beauty Sales

(Due to the number of outgoing links on this page, both to specific sale items and review pages on A Model Recommends, you might want to save reading this post until you’re on your desktop computer. It is perfectly possible to read it on a handheld device, but I can imagine that all of the new windows might get slightly annoying! You have been warned…)

FeelUnique has a pretty brilliant sale on. Most of the brands have some kind of overall discount, and FeelUnique stock so many brands that you’re bound to find some of your regular favourites reduced in price! Even Lancome and YSL have a blanket discount of 15% across their ranges, which is good news if you fancy trying the new Touche Éclat Foundation (down to £23.80) or Hypnose Star Mascara (reduced to £17.85 from £21). Most things have free worldwide delivery included.

I’ve done a quick trawl through to see which of my all-time favourite products are there in the sale – if you need to stock up or fancy trying something new then now could be the time!

1) Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing System – see the review here, or find it in the sale HERE.

2) Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk Ultra Light Facial Hydrator – utterly gorgeous. Exfoliates the skin over the course of the day but also provides some antioxidant protection. Wonderful stuff – ticks a LOT of boxes! I reviewed it only recently and you can read that review here, or buy it with 20% off here. (You get a free cleanser mini with it too!)

3) Melvita Extraordinary Water (truly is extraordinary, you can read about it here) is reduced to £11.20 – a beautiful purchase for muggy summer nights. You can find that here. Their brilliant Slimming Oil also has 20% off.

Things that I’m tempted by solely due to the sheer size of the discount applied (if anyone has tried these then do let me know if they’re a sound purchase!):

1) Murad’s Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel – 70% off here


2) Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Base Coat (LOVED the treatment, haven’t tried this version) down to £7.65 here.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below – there are loads of great brands with money off.


  1. Im always in awe when you share to us your this amazing beauty sales. Unhappily i dont have a credit card(sob) boo for me but i always feel glad to read this goodies in your blog, makes me feel like i own them too! Im actualy lusting, craving after the HealGel ever since i read your review about them! :(

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