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I Coloniali Fragrance Giveaway!

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend you lovely lot! I have FIVE gorgeous body fragrances to give away from I Coloniali. Funny that I was only talking about body mists the other week.. The scents that I have for you are: Sensual Silk, Ardent Amber, Luxurious Datura, Sexy Vanilla and Angel Musk. I’m laughing quite loudly about the one named “Sexy Vanilla” but I have smelt it and it’s very edible. (Disclaimer: not literally edible, it’s a figure of speech.)

To enter the giveaway, you must be a member of A Model Recommends: ExclusiveFree to join, an amazing newsletter every season, sign up here. Then leave me a comment below stating which of the fragrances you’d like to win – you can see descriptions of each on the Marks & Spencer website. Make sure you leave me your email address where prompted in the comment form, otherwise I can’t get hold of you to let you know that you’ve won!

All entries by the end of the Bank Holiday, please: 23.59 on the 27th August 2012.

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  1. arden amber please! my mom loves amber fragrances and I´d finally have a somewhat original present for her birthday. ;D

  2. oh Ardent Amber sounds like something I’d like to try *fingers crossed*
    thanks as always

  3. I would like to win Sensual Silk

  4. Sensual Silk, please :)

  5. Morning Ruth! I would like to try the luxurious Datura as it has top notes of cinnamon. Love a bit of spice :D x

  6. I would love to win any of them, except perhaps the Angel Musk…but I hate to be a picky beggar…xox

  7. Oh definitely the sexy vanilla!

  8. Hi Ruth,

    I love the sound of Sensual Silk – especially as it has rose notes apparently. Might have to treat myself to Mysterious Rose as well though as I can’t get enough of that scent – rather like yourself! :)

    Fingers crossed!

  9. I would love to have Sensual Silk please!

  10. Wohoo giveaway! Happy Days! I would love the Angel Musk, love musky stuff:) Thanks Ruth, have a lovely weekend!

  11. Sexy Vanilla, please! I do like smelling like food! :)

  12. I would love Ardent Amber please, thanks for hosting the giveaway, Ruth : ) xx

  13. I absolutely love your blog and youtube vids. would love to win any of them, the ardent amber sounds very nice.

  14. Hey, sensual silk if I win one please :) x

  15. I’d like to win the Sensual silk fragrance please.xxx

  16. i would love to win Sexy Vanilla, vanilla has to be my all time favourite fragrances.

  17. Oooh these look lovely! Sexy Vanilla please Ruth :)

  18. I would like to try Luxurious Datura, its description sounds great to me!

  19. Please enter me for this competition.

  20. I d love to win Sensual Silk – Sounds Fantastic <3

  21. I would like to win Angel Musk please.

  22. I love the description of I Coloniali Seductive Elixir Angel Musk, so that’s the prize I’d like (if I am lucky!) The feeling of ‘floating on a cloud’ sounds very appealing, can’t wait to try it!!

  23. I would love to win sexy vanilla :)


  24. I’d love to win the Sexy Vanilla Fragrance! Not sure I’d be able to refrain from giggling at the name, but anything with a vanilla smell is right up my alley.

  25. I would loooove sensual silk :)

  26. And aren’t the containers pretty! I think I’d like the Ardent Amber, if I should be lucky enough to win one.

    Happy Weekend Ruth,

    Ali x

  27. You’re doing a fantastic job with your blog, I love it!
    I’d like to win all of them but rules are rules;) Luxurious Datura would be great. Thank you!

  28. OOOH!!!! Please, please please ……… these look yummy!! xxxx

  29. All look lovely – would appreciate any ‘flavour’ of these xxx

  30. I love the sound of Ardent Amber :)

  31. maddalena dalton

    lovely giveaway x

  32. I think I’d like to receive the sensual silk…

  33. Oooh these look good!

    I would love to win the vanilla or rose one please, although they all sound lush!

    thank you Ruth. x

  34. I’d love to win the Sensual Silk, but any of them would be amazing! The vanilla one looks particularly lovely too :)

  35. Oh would love Ardent Amber! Thanks Ruth :)

  36. Sensual Silk! I dont think silk smells of anything but i always like the smell the perfumers translate this into :)

  37. Wow! I see your blog every day from Portugal and i love it! I would love to receive Sensual Silk :)

    Thanks Ruth!

  38. I think I’ll love every one of them, I like to be surprised!

  39. ooh the Amber one sounds lovely Ruth!

  40. They are awesome. I’d like to try Luxurious Datura.

  41. Angel Musk Please, thanks ;-)

  42. Ohhhh Ardent Amber please x

  43. I’d love to get the Sexy Vanilla one, I’ve always thought Vanilla is one of the best scents a woman can wear, anytime! Thank you for doing this kind of posts, Ruth!

  44. They all sound gorgeous! I would like to win Luxurious Datura though, if I had to choose just one :)


  45. I would like to try sensual silk. Loving your work!

  46. From the description of each I think my favorite would be sensual silk! Thanks Ruth! x

  47. Sexy Vanilla please (with that name who could say no :P)

  48. Sexy Vanilla please!! Fingers crossed!! Xxx

  49. Luxurious datura if you’re feeling generous Ruth!! Thank you!

  50. Hi Ruth, love anything Amber, so Ardent Amber would be my choice. Many thanks x

  51. Sensual Silk sounds promising…

  52. I would love the sexy vanilla. Thanks for the giveaway xxx

  53. Sensual silk please Ruth.

  54. The sensual silk one looks fab! That one, please ;)

  55. “…you lovely lot” Such a lovely way to describe us :) Well,I guess the court decision is either Sensual Silk or Sexy Vanilla…The bootles look so cute! >< Thanks Ruth!

  56. I would like to win Ardent Amber.
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  57. Sensual Silk’s description sounds incredible!

    So happy you replied to me on instagram, love your blog! x

  58. Ooo gays I love giveaways! Ardent Amber please!!

  59. They all sound lovely. I would choose sensual silk though, despite not knowing what heliotrope or roseberries are!

  60. It’s such a difficult decision because I think they all sound lovely, but I would choose Ardent Amber. Thank you for the giveaways.

  61. Hi, Ruth:) I’d love to win Sensual silk!

  62. I would love to try Ardent Amber

  63. Would love to win the Sexy Vanilla, thanks Ruth xx

  64. I would love to win Luxurious Datura! Thanks for having this contest, Ruth :)


  65. These do sound delish! I would enjoy either Sexy Vanilla or Sensuous Silk :) Thanks!

  66. I would love to win the sexy vanilla! My favorite scent! :)

  67. Ooo sexy vanilla sounds good lol

  68. Hello! I would love to get my hands on the sensual silk one. Thank you, Ruth. :)

  69. Ooh an exciting giveaway :)
    I think I will cast my entry in for a ardent Amber – could do with a little bubbly sensual unison lol

  70. Hi ruth, sexy vanilla for me :D thanks!!!!

  71. Oh la la ! Who doesn’t love giveaways!?

    Sensual silk pleeeease! :-)

  72. hope to win ardent amber

  73. hello-I would love any scent

  74. I would love to try Sexy Vanilla!

  75. I’d love to win the Sensual Silk, please Ruth x

  76. Sensual silk sounds lovely :-)

  77. Hey, Ruth! I’d love to win the ‘Sexy Vanilla’ because there’s nothing yummier-smelling than vanilla! Ooh, wait, perhaps there is… SEXY Vanilla! haha ;D

  78. I would love to win the Ardent Amber (an ode to my little girl!) ;)

    Nic x

  79. The sexy vanilla makes me wanna try~~~:)

  80. hi ruth …would love to try any i would give it to my daughter has she has just recived her exam results and im so proud has she was told not to expect much because 3 months ago she was told she has dyslexia well she did brilliant thank u dawn xx

  81. hi Ruth! ardent amber sounds nice!

  82. I am obsessed with musk scents- as soon as i see a perfume has musk in it I’m like “I must have that!” so I would love to win Angel musk! x

  83. Ooh lovely giveaway! I’d like to win the Mysterious Rose — I love rose scented products! x

  84. Hi Ruth,
    Greetings from Santorini! I would love to try Ardent Amber :)

  85. Ardent Amber sounds lovely :)

  86. Id like to try any of them but luxurious datura sounds the nicest :)

  87. Hello Ms. Crilly!! I would love to try the Angel Musk! I have never heard of this brand, but if you recommend it, I would like to try it. Good luck picking the lucky winners, and I hope I have a chance to win one. ^.^

  88. If only I could smell like Angel Musk. I bet my cats would also like it – both Mr. Bear fans by the way ;)

  89. Amber or Datura would float my boat!

  90. I would love to try the Sensual silk one. Thanks

  91. Hi Ruth, I would love to win the angel musk, pretty please? Many many thanks. Lixia

  92. “Sensual silk” sounds amazing-just like the right scent to start autumn with :-)

  93. I would like to have Sexy Vannila!

  94. Oh oh oh I would loooooooooooove to win sensual silk! I cannot get enough of clean, fresh yet feminine scents :)



  95. I’d love to try the Sensual Silk scent – thanks for the giveaway! x

  96. Hello! I’d love to win Luxurious Datura! Thank you for all these giveaways! xoxo

  97. Ardent Amber please Ruth! xx

  98. Ardent Amber sounds lovely!

  99. I would love to try Ardent Amber! I absolutely love your site. You have changed my skincare routine completely and for the better!

  100. I would love to win Sensual Silk:)

  101. Thanks for the giveaway. :)
    Id like to win lxurious datura.

  102. Would love any of them, if I was lucky enough to win! Thanks, Ruth! :-)

  103. Ardent Amber would be so lovely <3 Thank you Ruth xxx

  104. Ardent Amber. Thanks v much.

  105. Melinda Rabenstein

    Now I really want to try them all! But I guess my favorite out of this bunch would be the Ardent Amber.

  106. Sexy vanilla please! Thank you for the giveaway

  107. Ooh that sounds lovely!
    The ardent Amber seems to best for my taste (and for the majority of others too, it seems!).
    I love the bottles :)

  108. ardent amber all the way :)

  109. Sensual silk… or maybe Ardent amber :)

  110. Ardent amber for me, please. Thank you, Ruth!

  111. ooh im sure id love any of them, but ardent amber seems really nice!! fingers crossed!

  112. I’d love to win Ardent Amber. Keeping my fingers crossed, and thank you for the opportunity! The fact that you stay in touch with us (your fans) speaks high volumes of you! We love you, xoxo

  113. Uhhhmm all please? They all look so divine & the packaging is to die for. I really dont understand all those top & base notes (sorry) So i cant say which one is right up in my alley but the I Coloniali Ardent Amber sounds promising. Honestly, anything will do, if im lucky enough that is but if not i still love your blog!

  114. sexy vanilla sounds like fun.

  115. Ardent Amber sounds quite yummy! That would be my pick. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  116. sexy vanilla x

  117. Hi Ruth

    Great giveaway! I would love to win any of the body mists but the sexy vanilla sounds lovely!

    Have a good bank holiday :)
    Shelley xx

  118. Hi! Sexy vanilla, please!

  119. Mysterious Rose definitely sounds my favourite :-)

  120. I would love to win the Angel Musk body spray

  121. Ardent Amber sounds cool!

  122. Hey, I’d love to try the Sensual Silk or Luxurious Datura.

  123. sexy vanilla please x

  124. Hi Ruth,
    Another fab prize from you great
    if i win i would like the sexy vanilla or the musk one please
    i know you said one but just wondered if the vanilla was to sweet like if so i would go for the musk
    loved your beauty budget video i agree that some low end products are better than some high end brands
    what were your favourite finds in the zest testing
    i would So love to be a tester best job in the world for this Beauty Junkie lol

  125. Would love to try Ardent Amber…

  126. Would love to win sexy vanilla – vanilla allready sounds sooo nice, but sexy vanilla? well now i must try that ! :D

  127. If I win I would like the Angel Musk!
    Thanks for the giveaway >.<
    I love your blog and youtube vids especially the makeup tutorials!

  128. Hi Ruth!
    I would prefer to win Ardent Amber.Thanks for the giveaway and lots of love from Greece…


  129. I think luxurious datura sounds lovely. I am not picky though! :)

  130. Sensual silk please….because…

    1) Sibilance is my favourite grammatical tool, second to alliteration.
    2) Silk is my favourite material
    3) I’m sure it smells nicer than Kilburn, where I am currently sat.


  131. I would love to win the Ardent Amber Fragrance! xx

  132. I’d love Sensual Silk :)

  133. sexy vanilla pretty please :)

  134. What a fab giveaway If I won my choice would be
    Angel Musk ;-)

  135. I’d love to try the Datura!

  136. Hi Ruth, I’d like to win Sensual Silk!

  137. I would love to win Sensual Silk. Thanks!
    Love you!

  138. I would love to have sensual silk. Thanks for the giveaway! :) i love all your recommendations they are spot on

  139. Thanks for the fab giveaway as always!
    Love the sound of “sexy Vanilla”;)

  140. I would like to win the Sensual Silk, but of course, any of them will do! Thanks :)

  141. I would love to win Sexy Vanilla :P

  142. sexy vanilla please. Thanks, Ruth! :)

  143. Sensual Silk :)

  144. I’d love to win Sexy Vanilla.thanks a lot Ruth

  145. This is so kind of you! I would love to win Angel Musk :)

  146. Ardent Amber definitely :)

  147. The luxurious datura sounds amazing… Thank you as always!
    Hope you’ve had a good weekend x

  148. would love to win Ardent Amber, thanks for the give aways

  149. Angel Musk! Sounds amazing Ruth thanks for the giveaway xx

  150. I used to use these products all the time and loved their subtlem, interesting fragrances. Thanks so much for pointing out to me that M&S stocks them!

    They all sound gorgeous, but my favourite – from the words alone – is Sensual Silk. A combination of rose and spice sounds delicious!

  151. What no Animal Oud?? :(
    I’ll grab the amber then, I’m in desperate need for something to smell animalistic during the fall. You know.. being locked up in a room with someone and every inch of you is focused on seduction? That in a bottle please! So amber it is.

  152. I’d love to try Sexy Vanilla, not just because of its ridiculous name..!

  153. Sensual silk please :)

  154. I would loooooooove to win anyone of the I Coloniali scents, i know this brand from years gone by, their soap is AMAZING a woody sexy November bomfire day kinda smell, xxxx

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