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Dior Addict Lipstick: Wild!

I couldn’t look less wild here, could I? It’s astounding. I look a bit like one of those comedy secretary virgins in the movies – the one who always gets the guy at the end because it turns out that underneath the staid exterior is a vixen clawing to get out! Or something. Note the messy tendrils of hair, the glasses, the lack of any other makeup..

I was testing out lipsticks for an autumn post and one in particular caught my attention; “Wild” from Dior. It’s part of the Golden Jungle collection (see the amazing palette here) and so it’s limited edition. It looks brown in the stock image and it looks like a medium, shimmery brown in real life too. On the lips, though, it’s sheer and juicy and shiny – a neutral with a hint of gingery shimmer. I think it’s wonderful! A little more interesting and punchier than a nude shade and so easy to wear.

It’s out already at Escentual.com with free delivery, £24

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  1. Dear Ruth,

    the perfect secretary indeed! :-) But never mind, I think you look amazing.
    One question: Could you maybe tell me where you did get your glasses? I’m admiring them whenever you post something wearing them and I had to realize that I don’t have perfect eyesight so I have to find some glasses I like … don’t know if they would suit me as well as you but I would love to hear about them! ;-)

  2. Haha I totally saw that last night when you tweeted the pictures. Add the one with the brighter lip too and it’s an instant reminder ‘damn this girl should be a model’.

    Have a great day Ruth x

  3. Not to be a pain but the Escentual.com link takes you through to the Debenhams site, where this particular shade isn’t available! But it’s very pretty and shall endeavour to track it down!

    • Sorry, did the links at 2am last night!! Should be good now? It was meant to go to Escentual as they do free delivery. And have it in stock, which helps! x

  4. Oh,Ruth…First of all let me make something clear…I LOVE YOU!I always follow all posts even if I don’t always comment and watch all videos.But when I hear you complaining about your bare face or talk of hideous blemishes which you should have covered etc…I wanna punch something!Seriously,you’re so beautiful and your skin is so perfect it makes me sad when I look in the mirror sometimes…:( No need whatsoever for you to feel insecure though…Then again,I guess if you’re so used to perfection everything seems bad…Which I’ll never know…
    Excuse me while I go cry in my bunk…

    • Ah, sorry. I am currently (genuinely) suffering from an outbreak of something that looks like severe cystic acne. All over my chin and jaw. I think it’s a product I was testing. So…hope that makes you feel better! xxx

      • o.O Oh,God!It sounds painful actually…Which doesn’t make me feel better…:( I want you to always be the bubbly beautiful Ruth we know and love!Isn’t there a way to find out if a certain problem may irritate your skin?It sounds horrible to go through that just to test a product you wouldn’t even use for yourself…Hope it gets better soon!

      • I hope you’re better too, Ruth! Sounds hormonal to me though… I get these when I eat too much spicy food.

    • I feel for you, makes you loose self-esteem especially when you look in the mirror. Now what i do is dissociate my self-esteem from my looks. I try not to look too much in the mirror, only when necessary. And when i do, i look without really seeing. That way i wont see my multiple, numerous imperfections! :(

  5. Wild! It looks like you haven’t got anything on your lips! Still looking beautiful as ever :-)

  6. I love this. It’s a bit browner than I would usually go but it looks stunning on you–I must have it!

  7. Hi! very stylish Cutler & Gross glasses! please say model number / name , thanks

  8. Love the glasses! I am looking for a new, where are yours from? Back to lipsticks, my current crush is Dior Addict Extreme in Cherie Bow, perfect pinky-peachy nude with wet finish on the lips!

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