My H&M Cat Vest

Ruth Crilly

The video below shows a very quick “outfit of the day” typed thing. It’s a bit silly, really, but it does show you how I wore my cat vest on hols! The cat vest was £7.99 from H&M, if you root about there might be a few left.. I wore my Hanky Panky bandeau underneath, which was perhaps a mistake as it flattens my boobs out. I think that the cat’s head could have benefitted some boob-sculpturing beneath it! The silk skirt was from Banana Republic a few years ago. I’ve worn it so much it has started to go see-through on the bottom, which isn’t a good look. I reckon it only has one more summer left in it before it goes to the big duster heaven underneath the kitchen sink…

Lipgloss is “Reyna” by Kevyn Aucoin (see here). Beautiful texture, but the shade is a bit off on me. I love the look of Tulipina, but I have SOOOOOOOO many glosses to try out at the moment, I must resist. Nail polish is Chanel’s Holiday:

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  1. Love the catface, especially the eyelashes.
    I tend to find when my fave clothes get old they morph into nightwear if they’re cotton and suitable. I’m typing this in a brown cotton top I’ve had for almost twenty years; it’s mega comfortable, worn thin and makes the perfect cover up for those slightly chilly autumnal mornings.. x

  2. Your cat vest is simply brilliant. I’ve got a pink H&M sweater with black Scottie dogs printed all over it. Crazy animal people with their crazy animal print clothes – yay! ;-)

  3. I’ve become addicted to these videos recently,especially when I’m trying to study :) This question doesn’t relate to this post but I was just wondering where you bought the blue check shirt you’ve worn in several videos? Its really pretty so I hope its still available somewhere!

  4. Aww!!
    Cute video & lovley outfit. Lovley to hear the smile in your voice (as well as seeing it) when you talk to Mr AMR..
    Also great to put the Lilly bag with a h&m top.

  5. That’s so cute, Ruth! I bought a cat-print sweater from H&M last fall and it’s one of my favourites :)

  6. aww, well that was bit cute!

  7. Rita the parachutist

    Oh isn’t it sad when the things we love most get old and disreputable ;)
    Love the video!

  8. I also have this cat vest. Slight obsession with black cats due to the fact that I have one (previously two… RIP Billy :() but I’m so glad you gave me the heads up on this – too nice for an avid cat lady to miss out on!

  9. haha! ‘put your shoe on, I can’t take you seriously’ BRILLIANT! That gave me a proper lol on this gloomy wet morning!

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