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The Handiest Sunscreen Ever?

I was more than a little sceptical about Riemann’s P20 and their claims that it was water resistant even after repeated swimming sessions. Riemann say that P20 offers up to 10 hours protection from the sun’s rays, and I quote, “even after frequent swimming”. The FAQs on their website also say that the product is effective after showering, so long as you haven’t used soap or “loofahed vigorously”. (God, I love the sound of that phrase. “Loofahed vigorously”. Wonderful.)

“Utter Tosh!” I said to Mr AMR, “there’s no way that this will stay on after swimming!” But it did. I stand corrected. It stayed on through swimming – repeated swimming sessions, in fact. The stuff is epic! It’s also really, really easy to apply and rub in, though some might find the smell a bit chemically. OK, everyone with a nose will find the smell a bit chemically. But I think that it’s well worth the few seconds of unpleasantness to gain a whole day’s worth of sun protection. If you’re the kind of person who forgets to reapply, or simply can’t be bothered, or who falls asleep in the afternoon only to find that they are no longer in the shade of the brolly, but frying alive in the direct heat; this is for you.

P20 provides protection from both UVA (ageing, cancer-causing) rays and UVB (tanning) rays, which is so important. You MUST make sure that your holiday sun products protect against UVA as well as UVB. Riemann’s sunscreen stood up to 38 degree heat in Greece and a 200ml bottle lasted both of us for four-and-a-half days. This will definitely be a holiday staple for me from now on!

The P20 Once-a-Day SPF20 costs from £12.95 with free delivery at FeelUnique.com.


  1. I have vivid memories of me as a child and my Mum and Dad rubbing this into me and the smell and it nearly always pouring all over the floor!

  2. Hi Ruth, have you also tried Ultrasun? Also fab once-a-day waterproof and various different levels of SPF-ness. Would have loved to have taken it on hols with us (as planned) though hubby helpfully packed it in his hand luggage and we had to ditch the lot in departures……..

  3. This is quite ingenious! I love the concept! X

  4. My prayers have been answered. Now we just need one that you need to apply once a week???? Thanks for the info, Ruth. (And I’m not joking about the once a week bit – unfortunately!)

  5. hey Ruth! whats the difference between their sun filter and sun protection?? it sounds like a great sunscreen though. is it greasy? because even those that say non greasy almost always leave an oil slick :S … you don’t know of any super mattifying sunscreens do you?? – would be great for my oilier skin

    • It is a little bit, and it’s strictly an “in your bikini” type of product, actually, as it can stain. Though the stains do wash out very easily.. x

  6. Define “chemically” ……… I’m such a wuss when it comes to bad/funny smells.

    Ali x

  7. Ive used this for many years while abroad. It’s not as natural as I’d like but quite simply it works! When I’m on holiday I don’t want the hassle of reapplying every 2 hours!!
    You’re right about the smell though but after a few minutes it’s gone.
    Also I avoid white clothing, even after they changed the formula I find it still stains clothes.
    I recently tried Ultrasun but burnt so switched back to this pretty quickly :)

  8. Hi!
    I have used a bottle the two last summers, and as you say, the smell is not all that pleasant.
    I just bought another bottle, but only for use in boats and on days with frequent swimming. All other days I use the Biotherm, which I love. It smells good, and protects my Scandinavian skin all day.

  9. Hi Ruth, I just looked at this product on Cult Beauty and noticed that the first ingredient is alcohol denat. Is that bad for the skin?

  10. Piz Buin do a similar thing, but it’s less greasy and doesn’t smell of alcohol! They do different SPFs too.

    • Which one? I thought I had tried all of theirs! x

      • It’s called Piz Buin 1 Day Long Lotion – feels and smells like a normal suncream, only it’s waterproof and you only have to apply once. I’ve never gone back after using this stuff! Boots and possibly Superdrug tend to do buy-one-get-one-free offers throughout the year (think there’s one on now at Boots), so it’s worth looking out for!

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