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The No7 Amazing Foundation Match!

Today Boots No7 launch their Foundation Match Made Service. I know that many of you will be groaning with horror at the idea of yet another overbearing sales assistant applying stripes of different foundations to your jawline, but stay with me on this one. The match service from No7 doesn’t rely on the (sometimes dubious) eye of the sales assistant, neither does it rely on your own (often dubious!) opinion of which shade you should be going for. The assistant uses a handheld device to precisely read the different colour tones in your skin and match them to the best fit from No7’s skin-true shades. No space for human error here! The device takes into account all of the different tones in your skin (it’s quite weird when the picture of your skin comes up in the little screen) and then decides on a kind of mean average, for want of a better phrase.

Does it work? Yes. The foundation picked out for me (deeper ivory) disappeared into my skin without a trace. Very, very impressive and no need to go and stand outside in the daylight trying to remember which stripe of foundation was which! I usually despair at these types of gadgets (I got quite cross with one lady in Selfridges who tried to measure my dehydration levels) but this one is so objective and clear that you can’t really argue with its usefulness.

Foundation matching is available in most Boots stores that have a No7 sales advisor – let me know how you get on if you try the service!

There a a few different foundation textures and finishes – I tried the Stay Perfect version, but I think that I like the look of the Instant Radiance better! I shall be giving that a whirl next time I’m wasting time  doing research in Boots.

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  1. Sounds great, too bad we dont have this service in the Netherlands. It sounds very similar to the Elizabeth Arden custom foundation I came across a couple of years ago at a Red Door Spa in the US. The lady used a similar device took a couple of readings , in it went into a computer and another fancy device mixed up my shade. Perfect for us olive undertoned girls.

  2. Any chance at all (any talk, that is) of the technology coming to the States??? Sounds absolutely incredible!

    • Sephora (in couple of stores to start with) has it already and it measures all the foundations they are selling. So hardly anything groundbreaking from Boots as the technology is the same with Pantone.

  3. Ooh, I’d be really interested to see what shade I get matched to. Revlon Colorstay is the only foundation at the moment which offer me a wearable shade.

  4. I’d love to try this–too bad it’s not available in the U.S (…yet??)

  5. Ooo will be checking this out! Hate trying to match myself, or having an assistant match me in weird shop lighting xx

  6. Do you know what boots are doing this? Is bluewater?

  7. Praying this will be in my local boots, it’s a large stand so I hope it will be :)
    This is going to be so helpful for finding other brands foundation matches too as you will always have your perfect match to compare it too

  8. Sounds interesting but it would need to be a very good match for me to abandon my Revlon Colourstay. Incidentally my nearest tiny Boots shop is selling off all the old No7 Make Up stock (foundations, powers etc) for half price because of this.

  9. I read on another site that boots have the rights to the machine for a year. After that who knows. It sounds brillant.

    I live right beside a large boots and only visit once a month as I was always leaving €50 after me. I was there last week and spent €46, so trying to hold off until next week.

  10. heyyy just thought i would leave a little comment on here!! loving the feedback from people as i am a no7 advisor and proud!! :) the machine is a wonderful device and the colours in the foundation are fantastic! i do hope other brands don’t get our machine because i think it makes us unique and stand out from the crowd! no7 is in target in america maybe they will get it there and i can transfer ;) x

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