The No7 Amazing Foundation Match!

Today Boots No7 launch their Foundation Match Made Service. I know that many of you will be groaning with horror at the idea of yet another overbearing sales assistant applying stripes of different foundations to your jawline, but stay with me on this one. The match service from No7 doesn’t rely on the (sometimes dubious) eye of the sales assistant, neither does it rely on your own (often dubious!) opinion of which shade you should be going for. The assistant uses a handheld device to precisely read the different colour tones in your skin and match them to the best fit from No7’s skin-true shades. No space for human error here! The device takes into account all of the different tones in your skin (it’s quite weird when the picture of your skin comes up in the little screen) and then decides on a kind of mean average, for want of a better phrase.

Does it work? Yes. The foundation picked out for me (deeper ivory) disappeared into my skin without a trace. Very, very impressive and no need to go and stand outside in the daylight trying to remember which stripe of foundation was which! I usually despair at these types of gadgets (I got quite cross with one lady in Selfridges who tried to measure my dehydration levels) but this one is so objective and clear that you can’t really argue with its usefulness.

Foundation matching is available in most Boots stores that have a No7 sales advisor – let me know how you get on if you try the service!

There a a few different foundation textures and finishes – I tried the Stay Perfect version, but I think that I like the look of the Instant Radiance better! I shall be giving that a whirl next time I’m wasting time  doing research in Boots.


  1. Iam a transvestite can i use the colour match in any boots store.

  2. Is it required that you buy the £16.50 foundation or could you buy the natural one in the tube (£10 I think) ?

  3. 47foundationsinmydrawer

    I’m a little late to get involved with this as I don’t live in the UK but anyway. I’ve been on accutane for the last 3 months I’ve noticed changes in the colour of my skin. It appears much redder so I asked to be matched to my neck. The colour I have comes out very dark on my face (it also looks too dark to me inside the bottle but I can be unrealistic about how pale I am I think). I blend it into my neck to smooth it out but then if I ever hold a hand to my face you notice a huge difference between hand, slightly darker neck, dark face. I don’t know if it’s my accutane causing this as I’ve found foundation matching much harder since I started but there we are, word of caution to other accutane users (and people in general maybe) take a mirror. See the foundation in day light. Leave it a couple of hours (if you can) to set into your skin before buying.

  4. Stupid question is it safe to be foundation matched while pregnant?

  5. I went today to be matched. There were two ladies who were helping women with foundation but were not using the machine. I thought my boots maybe wasn’t using it for some reason so I asked and they did use it. The woman looked a bit disappointed actually and I do wonder if they feel like it has stolen their thunder a bit… Anyway, I was matched to cool vanilla in stay perfect and I really love it. I have really cool skin and it is normally a pain to find a good match but this is great. Thanks Ruth! x

  6. Very unhappy with this new service. I am pale skinned and most high street brands don’t go pale enough so when I heard about this new service I thought it would be great but it turned out that I was completely wrong. It took the women about 10 goes before the machine match me up and with completely the wrong colour. The machine said I was the palest colour (which was not a surprise) then the women matched me up with the everyday foundation and gave me a small tester. When I got home I put in on and it looked like I was wearing an orange clay mask and it felt like it too. Not happy in any way.

  7. I’m really disappointed with the No7 foundation range. I am a light skinned black woman who finds it really hard to find a foundation with yellow tones rather than red. I was so overjoyed when i managed to find the perfect foundation in the No7 range. I had so many complements about my complexion as it matched up so well. I was nearing the end of my bottle so decided to top up again only to find that they don’t do that colour anymore. So i sat down with the assistant and this new gadget, was assured this was the colour for me, got home and compared it to my old one. 2 shades too dark, i looked ridiculous! Even too dark for my mum who is darker than me. So i have now had to start my hunt again as No7 no longer have one to suit my skin. Feel like they have taken a step back. To top it all off, when i pointed this out to an assistant a few days later, she pointed to another lady and said “well she’s about your colouring and that’s what she wears” ????

  8. How much is it please ?

  9. I have redish toned skin and have trouble finding the right tone too, was matched to cool beige colour and when she applied for me I was amazed as it covered it really well and looked great, I bought some straight away, great service

  10. Not impressed at all with no7 colour match it is completely the wrong shade and did not blend with my body it looked like i was wearing a pale clay face mask and my natural body colour is a golden beige. My mum hated it too, my mum is Italian and has a golden beige olive complexion and body colour, the no7 colour match machine said she was the palest/whitest colour on the chart and was shocked. She gave the sample a try and we burst out in fits of laughter as it looked like she was wearing a white face mask and did not blend with her neck or arms general body colour etc looked very unnatural!!!

  11. Popped to Boots to get some foundation today and WASTED over an hour of DIY blending, before I spotted this! Voila, 5 minutes later I was zapped and ready to purchase. What can i say, the skin colouring match was excellent and it blended so well. I tried all sorts of lights & mirrors as I walked around town and it did look very good. Also there was no shimmer- hate glittery foundation! Ps it was on 3 for 2 in the UK too. Saves a lot of money on foundation that looks ok in stores & pretty horrific when u apply at home!!! Enjoy :-)

  12. This is a must-try for me when I get to London later this month!! I’ve always been lemming for No 7 products ever since I started watching Lisa Eldridge.

  13. Sounds perfect. Thing is I had to move away from liquids and mousse cos of hot flushes. I am only 39! I now use mineral as its light weight. Tried so many liquids and none feel nice once I start to heat up. Mineral is must easier to touch up than sliding liquid. Does the line include a mineral?

    • They do have a mineral one, but online it only shows one shade. I’m pretty sure that it was going to be available in all shades so worth checking your nearest larger Boots! x

  14. yes, am going to go test it.

    (friends made lovely comments like “we don’t need a light on in here” etc etc)

  15. very pleased that they’ve unified the colours across the ranges – friends still laugh (at me, not with me) about my no7 orange tinted moisturiser mishap (went on fine, turned progressively more orange throughout the day until I was compared to the sun in the tellytubbies).
    I am going to try this as I am a complete fan of Lisa Eldridge. I am slightly concerned that because of some issues with redness I might be matched to a pink toned foundation when in fact I need a very pale yellow toned one to calm it down (and in fact I am a super pale yellow toned creature). We’ll see if it matches up to my nars and MUFE must haves.

  16. So exciting! I heard from Lisa Eldridge. So very awesome. It’s nice to get a report from another source as well. Sigh I wish I lived where I could try one. ;)

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