I Coloniali Fragrance Giveaway!

I Coloniali Fragrance Giveaway!

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend you lovely lot! I have FIVE gorgeous body fragrances to give away from I Coloniali. Funny that I was only talking about body mists the other week.. The scents that I have for you are: Sensual Silk, Ardent Amber, Luxurious Datura, Sexy Vanilla and Angel Musk. I’m laughing quite loudly about the one named “Sexy Vanilla” … Read More

Ruth CrillyI Coloniali Fragrance Giveaway!

Best Buys from the Beauty Sales

feelunique sale

(Due to the number of outgoing links on this page, both to specific sale items and review pages on A Model Recommends, you might want to save reading this post until you’re on your desktop computer. It is perfectly possible to read it on a handheld device, but I can imagine that all of the new windows might get slightly annoying! … Read More

Ruth CrillyBest Buys from the Beauty Sales

Greek Beauty Products

A Model Recommends Ruth Crilly

Just a very quick little video showcasing some Greek beauty brands. I visit Greece almost every year and I wanted to highlight some of the products that are easily available worldwide. I’m so sorry about the sound – after the cicadas disaster of the last one, I had to do some sound tweaking and so my voice sounds slightly tinny. … Read More

Ruth CrillyGreek Beauty Products

YSL Le Teinte Touche Éclat – Illuminating Foundation

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

Some of you may have seen me appearing here there and everywhere in a little Youtube commercial for YSL’s Teinte Touche Éclat. I’ve got the full-length version of my “section” embedded below should you want to watch it! Did anyone try the foundation when they were doing the free trials? I really like it – it’s light and healthy-looking, which … Read More

Ruth CrillyYSL Le Teinte Touche Éclat – Illuminating Foundation

Spa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow

spa fabulous cleanse glow

I have been testing out Neena Trehan’s Cleanse & Glow cleanser. It’s lovely. I had no idea what to expect from it as I’d never heard anyone talk about it or seen any reviews, but I quite like testing something “blind”, so to speak. There are no preconceptions or little niggles that other people might have had about a product. … Read More

Ruth CrillySpa Fabulous Cleanse & Glow

Bedside Beauty Snapshot, Greece, August 2012

a model recommends beauty reviews

This Bedside Beauty Snapshot is a special holiday edition. The products shown were my most-used when I was away in Greece and you’ll have seen a few things before – especially the Heal Gel, which I’ve harped on about loads this year. Surprise product? The disgustingly-named Snoxin. I really like it! Who the hell thought of that name, though? It’s off-putting … Read More

Ruth CrillyBedside Beauty Snapshot, Greece, August 2012

Estée Lauder’s Ingenious Palette

Estée Lauder Ingenious Palette

This palette from Estée Lauder really is rather great. I wouldn’t go so far as to say ingenious, because it’s a palette at the end of the day – a palette with little removable compacts. Handy, but it wouldn’t blow their socks off on Dragons’ Den. The great thing about it – better than the removable compacts, in my opinion – is … Read More

Ruth CrillyEstée Lauder’s Ingenious Palette

Products for an Even Skintone – Estée Lauder


There’s a lot of bandying around of the phrase “even skintone” and a lot of products claiming to be able to reduce facial hyperpigmentation and various dark-spot blemishes. I don’t suffer from hyperpigmentation, but I used to find that after every spot, I’d get a deep red mark that would sit under my skin for months and months. I say used … Read More

Ruth CrillyProducts for an Even Skintone – Estée Lauder

More Figs! Diptyque’s “Collection Voyage”

Diptyque Philosykos "Collection Voyage"

A new “Fig-Scented” thing to add to the “Fig-Scented Things” category: the Philosykos range from beautiful luxury fragrance brand Diptyque. Most famous, perhaps, for their gorgeous candles and room sprays, Diptyque also have quite a broad range of scents and body products. I had no idea that Diptyque made body products! Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to visit the store in Mayfair and discover … Read More

Ruth CrillyMore Figs! Diptyque’s “Collection Voyage”

Finito! Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream

I wouldn’t usually write about something just because I had finished it; I finish things every day and then I go out and buy new things, or dig into my bottomless pit of things that I need to test. At the moment I’m judging about a million beauty products for the Zest Smart Beauty Awards and so it’s all a … Read More

Ruth CrillyFinito! Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream