Louise Young brush review

Sunday Tittle Tattle

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Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks… 1) Amazing online beauty store Cult Beauty (above) have recently relaunched their website in a slicker, faster and easier-to-use format. I think that it looks brilliant and there are some incredible makeup and skincare brands to be [...]

Manuka Doctor Skin Repairing Cream

Giveaway! Manuka Doctor Repairing Skin Creams

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I’ve heaped praise on the Manuka Doctor Bee Venom mask, I’ve worshipped the Manuka Doctor ApiClear serum; now please be upstanding for the Manuka Doctor Repairing Skin Cream. This uses the same key ingredients as the rest of the range (bee venom and Manuka honey) to moisturise the skin and help stimulate collagen production. It’s [...]

a model recommends skincare questions

Dr Murad Q&A: 10 Top Skincare Questions

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In the summer I asked you to write down your most burning skincare questions so that I could pass them on to Dr Murad. I picked the ten that I thought would be most useful to a large number of people, so hopefully you will find this little Q&A series helpful. Some quick notes before [...]

Best New Fragrances 2012 Autumn

Three New Fragrances and Un Chat.

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I wanted to take some lovely pictures for you, I really did. But it seems that my cat, Mr Bear, has a bit of his (adopted) mother in him, and likes to get in front of the camera. I tried to coax him away with treats, violent threats and his favourite feather stick, but nothing [...]

YSL Swimming Pool

The YSL Swimming Pool Makeup Tutorial

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I first filmed this tutorial in Greece, but when I got ALL THE WAY HOME I realised that the application part hadn’t filmed properly! So it has taken me a while to get the finished video to you – some will remember the original teaser pics on Instagram. July, was it? Oh well. I actually [...]

French Pharmacy Skincare Essentials

French Pharmacy Skincare Essentials

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This month, Escentual.com have had a third off ALL of their French Pharmacy brands. I meant to bring this up before, but kept forgetting, so I thought I’d do a quick run-through of my favourite and most-used French Pharmacy products. On the whole, brands found at the Pharmacie in France are affordable and simply packaged yet provide [...]

How to pose for a photograph

How to Pose for a Photograph

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I made a quick little video the other day whilst taking some self-portraits with my new camera. I had to send some pics off for a press pack and had about fifteen minutes to take them, crop them and email them, so the pressure was on! In this video I’ve just run through some common [...]