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This is my roundup of some great budget beauty buys for skin, body and hair. Some of these are real gems! I’ve tried to include new products and not repeat myself too much – you can see a previous “budget buys” edition here: My Cheapest Beauty Tricks. (See also the “back to school” video that I made last year.) Rather than re-word everything that I wrote to go with the video, I’m pasting in the Youtube blurb that I did! It has all of the product links and a couple of mini-reviews, so make sure you have a read. I’m popping that down below the video box.

Watch the makeup video here: http://youtu.be/rQfoayPlQhs

This is a follow-on to the budget makeup video. I’m sorry there’s none of the “everything for a dollar” type stuff, none of it really made the cut! As always, I only talk about beauty products that I have tested and that I actually USE. There are thousands of products that COULD go into a video like this, but if I wouldn’t use them and then I wouldn’t recommend them to others either.

The two face creams here are lovely; the Soap & Glory Clear here is one that I have used for a couple of years now on oily days. The Vichy Normaderm is GREAT for skin that is showing signs of ageing but that is also acne-prone or tends to break out into spots and blemishes at a certain time of the month.

The gradual tanner from Dove is a nice one, I’m going to do a Gradual Tanner video soon as I rely on them a lot and don’t really like proper tanners.
The Sheer Blonde products are great. The ones that lighten are definitely not for me – I spend too much on my salon visits! – but the highlight enhancing version is great. It’s like a clarifying shampoo, kind of, that lets highlights shine through by removing product build-up.

OK, enjoy, Make sure you subscribe, too! I’m at the Notting Hill Carnival so comments may take a little time to appear and for me to answer! xxx

Product Links:

Melvita Mask: http://tidd.ly/b682ed89 – this is actually double the price I thought it was. My mistake! Still a brilliant investment though! xx

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Activating Products: http://tidd.ly/82005cdb

Tresemme Serum: http://tidd.ly/9bd1b20e

Goldwell Mask: http://tidd.ly/267f824

Dove Gradual Tanner: http://tidd.ly/8d008176

Tisserand T-Tree Wash: http://tidd.ly/757e8c13

Klorane Eye Makeup Remover: http://tidd.ly/ad620d61

Champneys Eye Makeup Remover: http://tidd.ly/e320f495

La Roche Posay Cicaplast: http://tidd.ly/5dbddd11

Vichy Normaderm: http://tidd.ly/49fde212

Bourjois Polish Remover: http://tidd.ly/adefce38

Bourjois 1 seconde polish in Shade 3: http://tidd.ly/8d273bb3

Soap & Glory Clear Here Moisturiser: http://tidd.ly/e43bb4a3

Neutrogena Moisturiser SPF25: http://tidd.ly/2661f05b

Murad Blemish Treatment: http://tidd.ly/782ca58e – no longer as discounted as it was. They must have heard me. : (


  1. Sweetie pls do a review on the new Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Rose and Lavender Special Edition! Perfect for you because it’s rose scented!

  2. I see you used primer, then tinted moisturizer. If there’s spf in the moisturizer, shouldn’t the application been reversed?

  3. the natural make up vid is the only one showing

  4. Will definitely be trying some of these products!
    Thank you for the tips,
    I love my budget buys so this post was perfect :)

    Rae x


  5. Love the tutorial, but i can’t test on counter because there’s none. I’m thinking of buying tinted moisturizer online, do you have any tips how buy the right shade?

    • TM is more forgiving because it tends to sheer out.. It depends on which brand you’re after, really! I can try to help. x

  6. Love the vid….but I’m confused about the product links…..they weren’t used in the vid right?

  7. Love the look that you have created i’ll be doing this neutral look with the products that you have used as an everyday routine. Thanks for the tutorial! xxx

  8. Hi Ruth! My hair is so awful that I always tune out whatever is said about hair products, anywhere at all, knowing it’s all quite hopeless. Yet I do spend a bloody fortune getting highlights, lowlights, etc., for extremely short hair (“think “pixie”?) and I go to great lengths (ha!) to get to my “Master Colorist” who has quite a reputation and has had a long career – thus the mucho bucks! She’s the only person who’s ever been able to work some sort of magic.
    Well, congrats, you caught my attention! Thanks
    for the info on helping me protect that insane expense, which goes awry too quickly, as it’s not maintained enough – because I lose hope, but also b/c getting to that stylist/colorist is so difficult and I need to maximize the life of the colorist’s work. HUGE thanks!

    BTW: I’ve never commented on this before…. I wanted you to know that your videos are so very worth all the time and energy you put into them. The step-by-step demos are so detailed that even an old bat like me can learn the “new ways” and can adapt so many techniques as I get older and want/need to look age-appropriate, yet not too matronly, but not too monstrous mutton-dressed-as-lamb either. It’s quite the balancing act. So, fantastic job! I go back to these tutorials over and over again, each time seeing some detail that really works. Again, thanks! Hugely!

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