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The No Concealer Concealer that is a Concealer. (Sigh.)

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I have absolutely no quibbles with this concealer – I think that it’s fabulous. Oh, hold on, I’ve thought of a quibble: the name. Why on earth is it called “No Concealer Concealer”? That makes no sense. It’s very much a concealer – it should, if anything, be called Yes Concealer Concealer, or just Yes Concealer, or – here’s a thought – simply Concealer.

People looking for a high quality concealer that also acts as an anti-ageing treatment and a very effective SPF, look no further. The sunscreen is mineral based and so unlikely to make your eyes sting, if SPFs usually do that to you, and the formula also contains some of Perricone’s much-raved-about miracle ingredients. (You can see other Perricone reviews here and here).

If you’re under any illusion that this concealer will be one of those sheer, wishy-washy skincare/makeup hybrids that keep popping up then let me burst that bubble for you: this is a full-coverage concealer with good staying power. There’s no “flash of radiance” reflectiveness here, it’s a functional concealer that does a great job of hiding dark undereye circles.

I’ve tried to take a photo for you on my iPhone. I know you appreciate these crappy photos that look as though a six-year-old has taken them, so I just keep on churning the suckers out! (In all seriousness, the new camera has arrived so quality is shortly to improve!) Left eye is concealed with Perricone MD’s No Concealer Concealer, and the right eye has no concealer. Not to be confused with No Concealer Concealer, which is actually a concealer and is concealing the darkness around my left eye.

See?! Ta-da! Pretty good work, don’t you think? I use it all around the eye including over the lid – it makes for quite a nice little eyeshadow primer, too, but you have to keep your lid closed for a few seconds to let the concealer set. I think anyone trying this No Concealer Concealer will be surprised at the thick texture and good coverage – I really did think that this (due to the name) would be a flimsy, watery number.

One problem: it’s a one-shade-suits-all affair, which (as we know) spells disaster for anyone who doesn’t have a fair-medium skin-tone. I’m not sure how it would look on skin darker than “medium” (and the paler end of medium, at that) so if you have tried it then do let me know in the comments below.

Perricone’s No Concealer Concealer is £37 for 9ml which is pretty expensive, but actually cheaper per ml than something like NARS’ Duo Concealer. It’s well worth the price if you’re looking for a good concealer with SPF or even a good eye cream with SPF – you could use a very light and unassuming eye cream beneath this and know that you’re getting your sunscreen and anti-ageing benefits in your makeup.

Find the Perricone concealer at Salon Skincare

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  1. Completely agree with you about the name! A girlfriend of mine works for a cosmetics shop and she said she has a hard time even getting people to use the tester for this. I’ll get her to point her customers to your blog.

  2. This concealer is looking fabulous i must buy this today..:)

  3. Oooh this looks lovely Ruth! Quite a price tag but I guess it’s one of those things which would last forever. I think concealers are the one product I have the most duplicates of in my make-up bag. You’re right, I always end up going for the ones advertising to be ‘illuminating’ or ‘radiance effect’ or ‘light-reflective’….most should be sold with a tag line of “read as..see through and watery”. Maybe I shall go and try Perricone, it certainly looks great on you!


  4. Is it on your actual left eye or on the left eye as the viewer is looking at the pic? x

  5. hey Ruth :) i read that the idea behind the name is that when you wear it, it doesnt appear as if you are wearing anything hence no concealer concealer , there is also the no foundation foundation which is very popular…i want to ask you about your hair color , what exactly is your shade ?? because i keep looking at pictures and watching videos,sometimes it looks more cool ashy color sometimes it appears to have gold warm tones,what exactly do you tell your colorist?oh and do you know what is the brand of the hair dye he uses?? thank you so much xx

    • Hi! The shade changes all the time as I have highlights and lowlights and I just match it to the season! So no one shade I’m afraid. x

  6. Hi ya hun! FIRSTLY Sorry I havn’t commented in a while (please forgive me) Now the apologies are over (well for the moment! YIKES Lol)
    It sounds really good (I have quite a few Perricone items)and looks really good on you but I am NOT going to be tempted to buy this (she says) I am really happy with my Estee Lauder double wear concealer and Estee Lauder Ideal Light (and looking forward to getting the Laura Geller Dream Creams concealer & highlighter (from a set on QVC’s TSV on 3rd Sep))
    Must admit your picture made me laugh????!!! You look as though you are about to murder someone and have crazy eyes! Lol (Oooops another apology! Lol)Ooooohhhh dear maybe that look was for me because I havn’t written anything for so long???? Lol xxxx

  7. I think it’s called ‘No Concealer, Concealer’ because it’s supposed to look natural so nobody think you’re wearing concealer :).

    Great review btw, i think i really need to buy this!

    Tahira x

  8. LOL–quite a funny yet informative review. :D

  9. hahah oh goodness, my head is tumbling after reading “No Concealer Concealer” too many times, in a very short period. but doesn’t Perricone also has a “No Foundation Foundation”? xx

  10. wow, this sounds really good!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

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