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The No Concealer Concealer that is a Concealer. (Sigh.)

Ruth Crilly Model Blog

I have absolutely no quibbles with this concealer – I think that it’s fabulous. Oh, hold on, I’ve thought of a quibble: the name. Why on earth is it called “No Concealer Concealer”? That makes no sense. It’s very much a concealer – it should, if anything, be called Yes Concealer Concealer, or just Yes Concealer, or – here’s a thought – simply Concealer.

People looking for a high quality concealer that also acts as an anti-ageing treatment and a very effective SPF, look no further. The sunscreen is mineral based and so unlikely to make your eyes sting, if SPFs usually do that to you, and the formula also contains some of Perricone’s much-raved-about miracle ingredients. (You can see other Perricone reviews here and here).

If you’re under any illusion that this concealer will be one of those sheer, wishy-washy skincare/makeup hybrids that keep popping up then let me burst that bubble for you: this is a full-coverage concealer with good staying power. There’s no “flash of radiance” reflectiveness here, it’s a functional concealer that does a great job of hiding dark undereye circles.

I’ve tried to take a photo for you on my iPhone. I know you appreciate these crappy photos that look as though a six-year-old has taken them, so I just keep on churning the suckers out! (In all seriousness, the new camera has arrived so quality is shortly to improve!) Left eye is concealed with Perricone MD’s No Concealer Concealer, and the right eye has no concealer. Not to be confused with No Concealer Concealer, which is actually a concealer and is concealing the darkness around my left eye.

See?! Ta-da! Pretty good work, don’t you think? I use it all around the eye including over the lid – it makes for quite a nice little eyeshadow primer, too, but you have to keep your lid closed for a few seconds to let the concealer set. I think anyone trying this No Concealer Concealer will be surprised at the thick texture and good coverage – I really did think that this (due to the name) would be a flimsy, watery number.

One problem: it’s a one-shade-suits-all affair, which (as we know) spells disaster for anyone who doesn’t have a fair-medium skin-tone. I’m not sure how it would look on skin darker than “medium” (and the paler end of medium, at that) so if you have tried it then do let me know in the comments below.

Perricone’s No Concealer Concealer is £37 for 9ml which is pretty expensive, but actually cheaper per ml than something like NARS’ Duo Concealer. It’s well worth the price if you’re looking for a good concealer with SPF or even a good eye cream with SPF – you could use a very light and unassuming eye cream beneath this and know that you’re getting your sunscreen and anti-ageing benefits in your makeup.

Find the Perricone concealer at Salon Skincare


  1. Hello Ruth! :)

    I’m 17 and a bit and have never worn make up before, so was just wondering how should I start?!
    I get spots quite often and my skin is all uneven because of past spots. I also have quite visible congested pores on my nose and on the skin next to my nose. Any idea how I can minimise the appearance of them or give them a good clearing out? :) I tried a BB cream once but it seemed to show up my pores even more, like little holes!!
    Also lastly, any idea on what to with the congested pores on the chin?

    Many thanks Ruth :) I love reading your posts and watching your videos even if I don’t use make up :P I love the skin care ones, and you seem like a lovely person :)

  2. How does it smell? The rotting fish-guts stink of the Perricone cold plasma cream incautiously applied to the back of my hand once made an otherwise pleasant day off absolutely rank, so now I tend to give Perricone products a wide berth.

  3. Sounds like something I should consider! I use powder foundation though… Will have to be careful with application.
    Update: I’ve been using Liquid Gold and the Omo-something deep cleansing mask on alternate days (gasp!!) and my skin is getting better and better. Seems like… after more than 20 years of battling with clogged pores, the civil war is coming to an end. Hooray!

  4. Christina Covarrubias

    Thanks Ruth!

    *psst-the quick links to the Perricone reviews are not yet linked! :)

  5. Completely desperate to try this now! Was eyeing it up in Sephora but bought Hylexin instead to try to get them sorted out once and for all (where do they come from? why do they exist? is there some sort of under-eye-tanning procedure I can have?). Why, I don’t know, as eyecreams are mind-bogglingly useless.

    Need to buy this immediately! You may receive flowers/gifts if this sorts me out!

  6. Sounds like a triple whammy – anti-ageing, moisturising and conceals. So what’s the texture like considering it comes out of a pump? Also, what’s the longevity like?

  7. Argh! It’s days like this when I hate being tan :( I was about to madly click and purchase before getting to the one colour suits all part…

    any alternative rec’s? I would love to get shot of the panda eye look, but hate the cakiness of traditional concealers

  8. loveely xx

  9. At least you don’t look like the back of a spoon when you take a photo of yourself – just like a 16yr old! But then we have spoken about this before – I am tempted by this but fear it is a tad on the warm salmon shade.

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