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Posh Compacts: Estée Lauder Golden Alligator

I thought that this wonderful compact was a limited edition, but I spotted it in stock on Boots.com recently so I thought I’d revisit it. The Golden Alligator Compact is so, so chic; I purchased it on looks alone. The translucent powder inside is perfectly good and blots away shine quickly and easily, but it’s the casing that steals the show. I love taking it out to check my makeup in the mirror – it always gets a few admiring glances!

If you want to see more details, it’s here on Boots.com for £38 or 3,800 of your hard-earned Advantage points.


  1. Both Estee Lauder and Dior have the packaging down, don’t they. The contents are gorgeous too, but the outside is always so elegant.


  2. Wow the case is very pretty, drooling in here at 3am!

  3. Haha, sounds familiar! My skin is very very dry, and the last thing it needs is powder, but that didn’t stop me from purchasing the absolutely beautiful Rouge Bunny Rouge powder compact! I use it as my handbag mirror <3

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