Melvita Rose Micellar Water and Moisturizing Nectar

Two of my favourite beauty things in one product: roses and micellar water. It’s almost too much to comprehend, but there it is, a rose micellar water. What genius lies within Melvita HQ? The very same who brought us the Extraordinary Waters? Perhaps.

This 3-in-1 cleansing water is utterly gorgeous – really gentle on the skin (because some of these Micellar cleansers, weirdly, aren’t) and pretty effective. I would never use a micellar water for a “proper” cleanse – it’s brilliant for a quickie, so to speak, but if you’re removing tonnes of makeup then you need to be using a rinse-off cleanser. (Just my opinion – some people get on well with wet-wipes and waters and the such, but my skin plays up if it doesn’t get a proper cleanse!) I have this Eau Fraiche Micellaire on my desk and use it throughout the day if I’m testing bits and bobs out. I also use it as a fresh cleanse in the morning, and you can sweep it on after your main cleanse if you like the cool feeling of a toner.

For other Micellar Water suggestions and a “vintage” video, see here: Alternatives to Bioderma

Onwards to the Nectar de Roses moisturizing nectar – again, beautiful scent. The texture is lovely and I find that I’m reaching for this quite frequently as a before-makeup hydrator. It gives long-lasting hydration but isn’t too rich and certainly isn’t greasy. It’s possibly not ideal for combination-oily skins, more suited to dry, but I find that I can easily get away with it during the day. It gives a smooth, plump base for foundation or BB Cream or whatever it is that you want to follow up with. Beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the texture of the Naturalift, the review for which seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth! Or off the face of A Model Recommends at any rate. I’ll have to re-review it, because it’s a really nice day cream. This Nectar de Roses feels just like a rose-scented version of that cream, though I’m sure it has different properties and ingredients.

Fresh Micellar Water is £14.50 and the Moisturiser is £24, both from Melvita, or the moisturiser can also be found with free worldwide delivery at


  1. sounds great- a bt similar to the Nuxe rose range?
    Im actually really annoyed that Melvita have discontinued some of their products! They used to do an amazing Apicosma cleansing jelly but it seems to have disappeared off the UK webiste :(

  2. Thanks ! Supper Post !!

  3. OMG!! They stock Melvita at my local John Lewis – AMAZEBALLS!! *runs off into town*

  4. Rita the parachutist

    Ok, but someone, somewhere must succeed in this, because I read a few times that they are supposed to be adequate cleansers. Would work for people who wear only a breeze of powder and a whiff of mascara, I suppose.
    Thanks Ruth :-)

    • Well, yes, but still, I think that it’s good to rinse off the skin once in a while. The micellar’s aren’t being rinsed off, so I wouldn’t use them day in, day out! x

  5. Rita the parachutist

    Sounds lovely, this one..
    I’m still in quest of the perfect micellar solution, I’ve tried the La Roche Posay and the Avene, and I really liked them.. save for the fact that they never took off all of my make up (and it was not waterproof!), I had the feeling that for achieving this I would have to use about the third of the whole bottle and 30 cotton pads every time. So I always ended up taking off most of the make up with micellar water and then using a foaming cleanser for the rest afterwards.
    Where did I go wrong? Or is it due to the products? Any ideas? Please? :-)

    • I don’t think that any of them are cut out for proper cleansing. Quick pre-cleanse, or after-cleanse, or morning swoosh to freshen the skin! xx

  6. I really like their original micellar water, this one is even more incredible!

  7. Excellent :) I have mine already and although I’ve only used it once I think its the best thing since.. well the original C&P, LOL

  8. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for this review. I’ve become a little obsessed with Micellar waters just lately. I like to cleanse my face in the early evening when I get in the bath or shower but seeing as I don’t go to bed for a few hours after that and I don’t like to cleanse twice I find micellar waters to be the perfect stop gap. I just sweep my face with one and then apply my Liquid Gold or night time moisturiser at bedtime :

    Just wanted to ask will you be reviewing the new Liz Earle Rose and Lavender C&P? xx

  9. I love this, I like micellaires and I like roses. I tried the Nuxe Eau Demaquillante aux Petales de Rose but this one is definitely superior. A shame really, I usually love Nuxe stuff.

  10. Naughty Ruth for tempting me again! Just bought the micellar water which will do the trick until I can persuade the boyf to whisk me away to Paris where I can buy some bioderma! The packaging of this is so lovely. Hope you managed to get a good standing suntan today! x

  11. I’m currently constructing a beauty shopping list and I’m in need of a new moisturiser. My oily skin has started to try out and this Melvita moisturiser sounds gorgeous. Hmm, do you think BeautyMART might have it on their shelves? ;)

  12. The micellar water sounds lovely! I’ve been more and more drawn to rose-scented products lately and this one sounds like a great option. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Hi Ruth!!. Such an excellent review, again!. I think I will order these two after reading your reviews, quite frankly, but I was about to grab a Bioderma micellar water (after reading your review, too). If you had to choose between these two, which one would you get?. I’m in doubt right now!. I love the scent of roses as well… Do you use the Nectar de Roses at night, too?. I usually have tendency to get dry skin. *huggles*

    • Probably Bioderma is slightly more cost efficient, but the rose in the Melvita could be wonderful for your dryness? x

  14. Will be purchasing this as love use the ‘normal’ Melvita micellar rather a lot. Nuxe do a micellar with rose petals fyi – on sale at escentual at the min.

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