The Dancing Cat

Cat Dancing

Cat Dancing

Just a little light comic relief for you all on this fine September Saturday. As I stab myself repeatedly in the eye with a biro (essay hell, don’t ask) you can watch my cat dancing with a feather on a stick. Don’t say I never give you anything.

PS: Mr AMR is cross that I haven’t set this video to music. Feel free to sing a little ditty as you watch, or perhaps play some music on your ghetto blaster. Whatever floats your boat.

Ruth CrillyThe Dancing Cat

16 Comments on “The Dancing Cat”

  1. Cat

    As a crazy cat lady (I have 12 inside! and feed about 10 outside) I can certify Mr. Bear is indeed adorable. I thought the voice thng was cute…we talk for ours, voices are different for each. I am married (unlike stereotypical crazy cat ladies) and luckily my hubby is as crazy for our cats as I. We also have 3 dogs, 3 kids, a chinchilla and a psychotic cockatiel (who lures new cats to the cage to then try and kill them.)

  2. judelovesthis

    Ahhh he is so good! I KNOW this is weird, but have you ever thought about what kind of voice Mr Bear would have if he could talk? My sister and I decided that one of her BSH’s wouldd have quite a camp, nervous voice (Frank Spencer?) and the other would be more posh-monocle-wearing-old-man. That does sound weird now I have typed it. Perhaps not something I should be sharing with the real world!

  3. Sara

    That video gave me the best 13 seconds of the day. Now back to structural geology exam… OR I can play the video repeatedly for the next 15 minutes, good thought.
    P.S. I’ve recently discovered the website and I love it! Good job :)

  4. Jen Mackay

    Heh, heh. I think I like the photo best – the outstretched arms, the intensity in the eyes, his little teeth…

    I’ll just watch it one more time before I do some work…

    Good luck with your essay!

  5. Maggie

    Ah, so good of Mr Bear to step in to entertain and impress us while you are slaving over your essay. His coat looks lovely and shiny – he could do a furcare video. Good luck with the essay today, Ruth. It would be good weather wouldn’t it! Typical.

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